Privacy Policy

Confidential, private play for men

houseboys.net/ began to make itself loved in 1999. This small and happy service, attuned itself to the fascinations and perversions of the users who spoke to Alexa and other mistresses.

The phone service is still focused on giving callers an original, spontaneous, erotic encounter.

houseboys.net/ has kept its longstanding commitment to simple, sensible privacy. This means:

You will not receive email or snail-mail or ANY THING AT ALL after visiting our site.

Only one person has access to your credit card information. This information is used exclusively to collect a one-time payment for services rendered. It is processed by phone and/or over a secure gateway with the credit card company and otherwise shared with noone.

An off-line record of your name, address, and cc number is kept for the convenience our long-term users. If you prefer that NO information is kept after your credit card company processes the fee, please e-mail or telephone the administrator at 888-411-1230. We will gladly comply with your request.

Servers provide tracking information for all domains, including the IP address of all persons who visit houseboys.net/. Such information is used, if at all, to evaluate the success of advertising efforts. It is not used to identify specific individuals, or monitor individual behavior.

houseboys.net does not have any special business relationships with any companies that collect demographic data or personal information about individuals who frequent our site.

houseboys.net does not have a chat room, a message board or news group. It does not have a mailing list. It does not sell names to any mailing lists, or reveal any other data about visitors to any known being.

Links to other sites: houseboys.net is not littered with ads. There are a handful of special links to friendly sites on the bottom of our index page. Although houseboys.net/ is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of Web sites to which it is linked, it will stop linking to sites shown to engage in suspect practices.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, or the practices of this site, you may phone the administrator at 888-411-1230.

Please e-mail houseboys.net/ your comments, suggestions and reactions in confidence.