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Addicted To Her Voice


While he had been addicted to her voice for years, he realized that Alexa’s power was starting to scare him. He issued her a challenge, that if he could resist her hypnotic ways in person, she would completely reverse any conditioning she implanted in his mind over the years. But, if he couldn’t, he agreed to allow her to completely brainwash him.

Alexa loved the thought of his challenge, realizing she was far too powerful and he didn’t realize it. She smiled to herself. This would be EASY. She would soon add another fixture to her collection. A cruel smile crossed across her beautiful lips. She knew his mind was open to her powerful; her hypnotic powers should be capable of overwhelming quickly. “Then I'll see if he makes a good slave," she said, with a chortle.

As the tall, muscular young man walked further around her private pool he finally spied Alexa, reclining on a towel at the far end. She was beautiful, covered in oil, and the skimpiest pink bikini ever made. She waved at him, beckoning him closer with a graceful curl of her index finger. The trap was set.

“I know that none of guys you’ve come across before have been able to resist you, but I am a MAN. You will not have me, Alexa." And then to a snicker from the hypnotic goddess, he struck one of those dumb looking hero poses, with his hands doubled up into fists, resting firmly on his hips.

The gorgeous hypnotuese slowly, sensuously, rose to her feet and stared directly into his eyes.

She focused all her mesmerizing power on this man and whispered words with her magical voice that she knew would penetrate deep into his vulnerable mind.

"Look at me... NOW ... you can hear MY thoughts in your mind and cannot stop them from penetrating deep into your weak brain ... thoughts of me will fill your mind ...look deep into my eyes .... you cannot resist the power of my eyes ... you cannot resist my thoughts .... all the resistance in your mind is fading away ... your will is being erased .... everything is spinning ... you are so dizzy ... looking into my hypnotic eyes makes you sooooo dizzy .... try as you will, you are unable to resist Alexa .... you are dizzy ... you are feeling so confused ... too weak to even hold your head up ....."

The man's head lolled forward, then, quickly, he again stood erect and regained his steady, powerful gaze. “That’s just a simple mind trick and will have no affect on me. I can resist your magic and I am leaving of my own free will, there is nothing you can do to stop me."

Alexa nodded at the young man, in recognition of his ability to resist her first onslaught. Then she refocused her mind and attacked once more.

"Oh I think there MAY be something I can do . .. you WERE able to resist me for just a moment .... but you ARE a man .... just a man .. and there are other ways into your simple male mind... look at me... look at me..."

He turned around and looked at her as she waved her hand in a graceful, hypnotic gesture and spoke again, " My eyes are hypnotic ... my voice is hypnotic ... my entire body has the power to hypnotize and entrance ...

She untied her little bikini top revealing her perfect perky breasts and erect nipples.

“Look at my breasts. Look right into my nipples, not around the nipples but in the nipples. Good…that’s right. Relax, sink deeper for me. Look! Look!”

As he gazed at the vision of loveliness that was Alexa he immediately flashed on the fact that her physical beauty of her body was as fascinatingly compelling as her voice, and her eyes.

Look into my nipples and relax. Relax, sink deeper down. Your eyes are heavy, but you want to keep them open. Watch me circle my breasts round and around and around as you stare into my nipples, don’t close your eyes, too heavy, you have to close your eyes. My breasts are too much for your weakening mind you cannot resist.... I am sending you into a deep ... helpless ... hopeless ... hypnotic trance... and you will have to succumb to my hypnotic powers ....” His eyes took in every inch of her gorgeous breasts, every detail of her beautiful face. He was captured by her breasts, her face, and her eyes.... his breath stopped. His heart raced.

Alexa smiled as she sensed the he was slipping into her hypnotic control. “So sleepy now my pet ... dizzy ... weak ... wanting to close your eyes ... needing to close your eyes ... but so fascinated by my beauty your eyes must stay open to gaze at me ... so enthralled by my beauty ... lusting after my body ...and you know you must keep staring at me no matter how deep your trance becomes ... poor little boy .... sinking deeper under my spell ... every word pulling you deeper ... every moment more lost in the sound of my voice and your desire to drink in my beauty ... your mistress can help you ... all you need to do is look .. and listen ... and go deeper and deeper into trance for me...."

He was frozen, in fact, fear had crept into his thoughts and, had he been able, he'd have escaped by running away. He raised his hand to his forehead as if to wipe away the salacious thoughts that were IN his mind, then, slowly he moved his hand down the front of his shorts and softly touched his own swelling, male member. “No .... mustn't ..." he moaned quietly.

"Oh yes .... you MUST," Alexa retorted, " you're cock is so uncomfortable now ... cock throbbing ...growing ... engorging ... but constricted by those tight shorts ... thank goodness you are strong enough to tear them off so you can free your cock... expose your cock for me ... take it out ... let Alexa see it NEEDS to be free "

Swaying, as if some constantly changing wind was moving his body, he reached down and ripped open the crotch of his shorts then pulled out his enormous cock. “As you stare at my luscious body I want you to touch your cock ... to rub it ... to massage it ... look at me and we will masturbate ... won't we... masturbate ... thinking of my body ... listening to my voice... you are already enthralled by me and now each stroke of your hand ... each warm touch of your own fingers ... brings you deeper under my control... deeper into my hypnotic trance... deeper ... deeper.."

"Rub it gently ... gently ... it's so relaxing and soothing to rub your cock while your new mistress watches....and speaks to your mind ... and body ..."

He blinked his eyes quickly, immediately trying to resist her spell when Alexa used the term MISTRESS.

The sexy hypnotist saw his attempt to fight her mesmerizing power and started to speak softly to her prey, "Don't fight me .... just keep rubbing ... very soon you will become deeply hypnotized ... because as you look at me you know you cannot resist my power ... my seductive, hypnotic voice ... my powerful, hypnotic eyes ... my sultry, hypnotic body ... no resistance ... powerless .... falling under my spell and so unable to fight it ... helpless .... helpless....." She reached up and cupped her firm, perky breasts. "My breasts hold you in their power... look at me ..."

He tried to focus his mind enough to continue his struggle, but as he listened to that wonderful mesmerizing voice, his hand gently played with his cock, and he felt himself slipping away."

"My body is so hypnotic ... if you wish, my pet, you may look away from my breasts and look at my body ... or my ass ... poor baby ... you don't know where to look do you ... but you know you must listen to my powerful voice ... obey my hypnotic voice ... concentrate on my hypnotic voice .... and my mesmerizing body..."

As his eyes involuntarily lowered to her perfect pink bikini bottoms, his prick became even more engorged. "No ...please ...please.... "he moaned.

"Oh my poor little pet," Alexa taunted,” No or please? Stop or go? Which are you begging for, freedom or slavery? "

“Ahhh .... i .... i ...." The man moaned, once more unable to speak as lust filled his mind.

"You will listen ONLY to the sound of my voice ... no other sounds matter ... and every word pulls you deeper under my power ... my control ... every word ... deeper and deeper are being entranced ... controlled ... hypnotized ... by my voice and my body and your desire for me grows with every word you hear ... you can't resist .... your desire for me growing every second... rub your cock for me now..... a little faster .... my body is so exciting .... my voice so irresistible .... unable to fight any more ... falling deeper and deeper under my spell......mine to control now .... helpless ... powerless... rub your cock for Alexa ..."

"ohhhh," another moan, a weak, helpless response from the mesmerized man.

"Grasp that cock fully now my pet... and move your hand faster... Watch as I circle my breasts round and around, it makes you stroke your cock up and down… round and round… up and down…my voice is dominating your thoughts ... you can think only thoughts I give you.... you can see only sights I allow you to see.... only my voice echoing in your mind.... you are helpless ...under my control.... my voice guiding your hand ... stroke your cock.... round and round up and down… you feel your own hand exciting you .... You feel my voice rubbing your cock.... unable to fight me.... helpless ....powerless..."

His knees were starting to buckle. Now it was Alexa who walked closer as she sensed his eminent surrender. And with each step she felt her control over her newest conquest grow. "That's it my pet ... keep obeying my commands and stroking your cock ... a little quicker now ...." She walked around the helpless man; his powerful body was almost motionless, as he masturbated, moving his hand up and down in cadence, his rigid shaft, jutting straight out through the tear in his shorts. Your poor cock is so deeply under my spell now ... so deeply hypnotized ... your cock will follow my every commend... your mind and body so obedient ... hand to cock ... rubbing harder ... faster ... cock and hand under my erotic spell ..."

The irresistible woman rubbed her hand gently up and down his smooth face, “Faster now pet .... because when you cum ... when I ALLOW you to cum ... you will be totally under my control. Totally under my spell... my slave.... just as others have before you.... totally mine...see ... now even your cock is hypnotized ... it can only cum when Alexa allows it to cum ... and then you will be mine.... my obedient slave ... stroke it for me, pet ... or should I call you SLAVE...." "Iaaayahhh..." he screamed, lost in lust and unable to reach orgasm. Every second bringing him deeper under Alexa's spell. "Faster slave .... faster..." "Even harder and faster ..."

"Helpless ... Faster ...under my power ... faster ... hypnotizing your cock .... faster... I command you, faster.

The man moved his hand faster and faster, up and down his engorged cock, groaning with lust, obeying every command from the villainous vixen who was now moving her fingers gently, in tiny hypnotic circles on his temples.

She was close enough, now, to whisper in his ear, "Can’t stop.... stroke faster ... wait for my command....what will you be when you cum? Tell me...." "slave ... Slave ...SLAVE..." he screamed at the top of his lungs, breathing labored, sweat pouring down his face. A laugh now escaped Alexa's beautiful lips, “Who’s slave...tell me...say it...." "YOUR SLAVE. GODDESS ALEXA'S SLAVE. YOURS! YOURS! YOURS…” "Good slave boy," the hypnoteuse spoke, “Now... you ... may... CUM! Cum for me Now Slave and be mine forever" And with that, the hypnotized man spurted a huge stream of cum across the pool deck and he fell to his knees, exhausted.

Alexa entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled his face up to hers and kissed him. “Good slave boy. Who do you belong to?” "To YOU my Goddess Alexa, " the man whispered, and leaned down to kiss her bare feet. She reached into her beach bag and Alexa produced a pair of pink satin panties with “Alexa’s Slave” sewn in gold, and then told him to put them on. She playfully stroke his cock through the shiny panties and then commanded him to crawl behind her as she took him inside to completely drain him of all of his cum and any further resistance he may have had left.


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