Let me start by saying that I love my husband , and that I became his strap-on mistress after we began to swap roles in the bedroom. At first it was just a game, and he immediately reclaimed his dominant position after sex.

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It was obvious to me that he was embarrassed at his own enjoyment of the woman's role. He loved it when I forced him to lie down underneath me, when I sat on top of him, when I tied him up, cuffed him, or blindfolded him. It was only later, much later, that he began to submit to me afterwards, and outside the bedroom. .. Thus began a full year of dressing him up, forcing him to wear panties and stockings and even breast forms... at first only at night, and then during the day, too, and finally, from the minute he stepped in the door. Now he is adorable in his apron and his super high heels, wobbling around the kitchen, baking pies for our company tonight. ... If he's good, he will get his strap-on insert right after the guests leave. If he's very very good, he will get it tomorrow morning too!

My friends found out about my sissy husband and asked me how I managed him so well. I told them about the strap on and the sissy clothes and they have been practicing on their husbands, too. This is my next door neighbor's story:

Fred was always going next door and hanging out at my next door neighbor's house, and this was becoming more and more annoying because every time he came back he would go into his office, shut the door, and stay in there for hours. Finally I called up Beffany next door and asked her what Fred was doing over there. That was when she told me about her sissified husband, Angel. Angel (formerly Angelo), she explained, was sissified and Fred seems to be fascinated by the transformation of his best friend.


Angel, she said, had become more and more feminine over the past few months, and now his legs are waxed weekly, his face is softened and made up pretty, his cock is locked up in a chastity belt, and indeed his entire demeanour has changed dramatically. Angel does all the cooking and cleaning, he loves to bake, and insists on treating me to endless foot massages and pony rides...


Needless to say, by the time I got off the phone I was livid. When Fred came home that day, I told him that I knew everything. Fred never said a word, he just stood there with his head down and a sad pathetic look on his face. I slapped him and hit him and let out my anger for over an hour. Then after taking a few pictures of him in my bra and panties and even some with my vibrator in his ass I informed him that from now on things would be my way. We sort of made up that night in that I began to accept my husbands behavior and decided to make use of it. Over the next few months my control over him became more and more and he seemed perfectly happy with it.



I bought my first strap-on during this time and began to fuck my sissy husbands ass regularly. I'll never forget the first time I wore it and the look on his face. He looked so dumb like what are you going to do with that? Duh, I was going to fuck him in the ass. What did he think? And I did just that! Greased him up and just forced it in. He squealed like a girl which I found very amusing!

Today our relationship is quite different from what it was when we first married. I am the mistress of the house and there are a few rules now. He is always required to wear panties and a bra around the house which I now find amusing. He is required to perform oral sex on me whenever I desire. He submits to my strap-on regularly. He is rarely allowed to have intercourse with me. I have a boyfriend for that! Oh didn't I mention my boyfriend? Much to my sissy husbands disapproval I have a boyfriend who is a real man (unlike my husband) and knows how to take a woman sexually. I see my boyfriend two or three times a week.

On my date nights my sissy husband serves as the maid (fully dressed) and waits on me and my boyfriend hand and foot. I enjoy making him sit on the floor and watch us while my boyfriend and I kiss, feel and strip each other. When we have sex I make my husband stand in the corner so he can only hear us and not see us. He gives my boyfriend blowjobs and submits to my strap-on in front of him.

Now, whenever my husband gets out of line or starts whining about something, I bend him over, grease him up and fuck him long, hard and fast. My strap-on has such a submissive effect on him. He always falls right back in line!