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Sperm Milking

Alexa lies on her tummy

The following explanation and instructions were sent to me by a client, who seems to have translated them from the original Hungarian. He was not medically trained, but he mapped out the basics in a way the average American driver might comprehend. Please supplement this text with your own research.

Anatomy: To know how we can milk out the sperm we have to look at the way the sperm acts before and during an ejaculation and what the final product consists of.

The sperm cells are made in the testicles and are stored for a short period of time in the Bi testicles. From here they travel up to the Seminal vesicles through the sperm pipe.

The main content in the seminal vesicles is sperm cells but they contain also a large amount of liquid energy to feed the cells. This liquid energy consists mainly of sugar. It is thick, alkaline and clear liquid and composes about 60% of the final product.

The seminal vesicles are actually 2 seminal vesicles located between the urine bladder and rectum. They are about 5 centimeters in length, and the bottom of these bladders is at the top of the prostate.

The prostate is a gland. It is located beneath the seminal vesicles and on top of the ampulla. The prostate delivers milky looking liquid; this too, according to some books, is some sort of food for the sperm cells.

The last gland in the process is the Ampulla. It adds some slime and a neutralizing urine like substance.

The Seminal vesicles are trapped in between the Urine bladder and the Rectum. The prostate gland is trapped in between the rectum and the pelvis bone.

The official explanation of how it all works:

During sexual excitement the sperm cells move up to the seminal vesicles. The production of various liquids is accelerated and increased. During an ejaculation sperm cells are passing through the ejaculatory ducts where they are mixed with the liquid from the prostate and the seminal vesicles. Then they pass through the urethra and are mixed with the liquid from the ampulla. Then they are forced out of the penis by muscle contractions around the urethra.

A typical ejaculation consists of about 2 to 5 ml of sperm, depending on the state of arousal and the time between ejaculations. If a long period of time has passed since an ejaculation (about 2 weeks), a 'wet dream' may result. This happens when the seminal vesicles empty themselves out and renew their liquid content, usually during sleep.

How to milk (based on my experience)

Find the spot

First you have to ensure that the Milkman is able to take 2 fingers up his anus, or at least a hard dildo with a diameter of 3 cm.

Next you must find out if you can reach the top of his urine bladder with your fingers. This is best done when he is lying on his back with his knees up aside his breast. You can slide your finger up inside his rectum feeling the front of it. You should wear a thin rubber glove and use lots of lubricant.

You can feel his prostate as a round relatively hard ball the size of a ping pong ball. When you can feel the top of his Prostate you will have to get at least 5 cm longer inside him to feel the top of the seminal vesicles. It is not enough that you can feel his bladder with your finger tips, because you will have to make a pressure along and across both seminal vesicles at the same time. Some pressure on his stomach just below his ribs can force the bladder a bit down, so it is easier to reach. If you can't reach this, you will have to use some tools to milk him.

I can not reach high enough and I am 1,78 meter tall and weigh about 80 kg. I need to get 11 cm in to reach the top of my seminal vesicles, and my longest finger is 8 cm.

Sperm milking

The aneros is designed for the specific purpose of prostate milking. We've mentioned it several times in our erotic blog. To order, go to ________.

You can also use a hard dildo. It works because the end of it goes in between the 2 seminal vesicles and that way makes a pressure on both at the same time. Because of the smooth surface on the dildo, I could stop using the rubber to decrease the friction.

If he is not used to inserting anything up his rectum you will see some vague trace of blood on the tool when you pull it out. That is because so far inside the rectum the blood vessel are very close to the surface and the skin is very thin. One way to prevent too much friction to the rectum is to add some heavy lubricant (heavy duty Vaseline) into his rectum before inserting the tool. That way the tool will catch up some of the lube when it passes through it, and it will decrease the friction against the inside of rectum.

You will need something to catch up his Sperm too. I find it very difficult to measure how much sperm there is in a rubber during the milking process also a rubber tends to build up some pressure as the sperm gets out. It is much easier if I am using a small cup or saucer. I can then let the Penis be untouched during the process and just let it drip out the sperm. Much more degrading for him‰ To get an eye for the quantity of sperm. You can measure out about 5 ml of thick liquid into the saucer. Just to get a good idea of how it looks.


If he is doing it to him self:

The best position will be on his knees with a small Saucer under his Penis to catch the Sperm. One hand can handle the tool while the other hand can add some outside pressure on his stomach or it can help the Semen to pass out of his urethra .

If it is done by another person:

The best position will be with the Milkman lying on his stomach on a relatively hard surface. His lower abdomen and penis free of the surface and him resting on his spreaded knees with the Saucer placed on something right under his penis.

When the tool is placed long enough inside him and is well lubricated. You will have to get a firm grip on the handle and push the inside end of the tool against his bladder. Then you slowly pull it 4 to 4 1/2 cm out of him. He can feel it as a pressure against his urine bladder. If you pull the tool too much out of him, it will slide over the bottom of the seminal vesicles with a small hump. If you can, stop just before that happens and then keep the pressure on his bladder for a while.

The trick is to move the contents of the seminal vesicles down against the valve in the bottom of the bladder and then extend the pressure a little so the valve has to open and let the content out. If this happens the milkman will suddenly feel the urge to empty his urethra . Therefore his muscles will tighten to try to do so. He will feel nothing else but this. No orgasm or excitement. Just the urge to empty his urethra and you pressing on his urine bladder. When he does so, some of the content of the seminal vesicles will spurt out into the urethra .

You can feel this if you place your free hand in the area between his anus and his penis. Release the pressure and press the tool gently back in, to the top of his seminal vesicles. Do not touch his penis yet. Repeat this process 8 to 10 times or until you feel that you can't get more out of it. If you want to help the semen out of him. You can do so by placing 3 fingers just below his anus and press along his urethra towards his penis. Some lubricant may be required.

Then you can try, to squeeze more out by massaging his prostate with the tool or your fingers. Anyway you can always secure that his Urethra is emptying by letting the tool slide from the top and along one side of his prostate to the bottom of his rectum. But this will produce some feelings similar to an orgasm and it will only produce a little more semen. When you decide that it is enough. Pull out the tool, and continue to massage the area between his legs. From his anus towards his penis, by pressing when you move forward and don't when you move your hand back again. Do it 4 - 5 times and then when your hand is at the rod of his penis keep it there and keep up the pressure. with your other hand you take his penis between 2 fingers at the rod and squeeze them tight together while you pull out towards his penis head, to empty it. Do not do this more than one or two times. He could get some ideas, if you do it too much.

The more skilled you get and the more he is getting used to this treatment the better is the result. This was about emptying his seminal vesicles but what about his prostate? If you look carefully in the saucer you will see that the content is milky and thick. It doesn't taste exactly like semen but pretty close to. This is, I think, because it is very difficult to milk out the content of the Ampulla or perhaps it has something to do with what happens during a normal sexual excitement, hormonal or other vice. I don't know. But if the liquid is milky his prostate has emptied itself during the process, else it would be clear with small lumps in it. What I know is, that it is possible to milk out about 90 % of the amount of semen from a normal masturbated orgasm. Without any amount of sexual excitement. That's pretty good I think

How often

In the beginning and until his rectum gets used to this treatment, not more than once every week. Especially not if you get traces of blood on your tool, during the first times. And that is almost unavoidable. When he is more accustomed to it, you can do it more often. However I have never gotten any results doing it more than 4 to 5 times a week. I think that about 48 hours between every milking is a good choice, if he is not wearing a chastity belt. If he is using chastity device, once a week will do the trick. If the purpose of this is to prevent him from having any orgasm, a chastity device is necessary. The milking can't prevent this in itself. I have had orgasm with ejaculation after an effective milking. But it can reduce the urge for ejaculation and therefore reduce the pressure to have an orgasm.

That is about it.

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