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Mistress Alexa Introduces Her Houseboy to a Voluptuous Transexual with a Huge Cock. A story custom written for Alexa by one of her very creative houseboys.

A s Alexa approached from across the lawn I saw that she was now wearing a skintight red rubber cat suit that flowed seamlessly right down to her 6” heels. Her neckline plunged to within an inch of her pussy lips clearly visible by the gossamer thinness of the rubber. Backless, as well, this garment revealed clearly the upper half of her magnificent round ass cheeks. ‘Michael, I’m so glad you could make it. Did you have any trouble finding us in the dark?’ ‘No, your direction were excellent.’ ‘Did you have to park far away?’ ‘Just a couple houses.’ ‘Why, that can be a half mile in this neighborhood. ‘Come up to the house, I want to introduce you to someone.’ But I just stood there as if struck dumb. ‘You’ll make a woman blush with that stare.’ And I felt my face burn. ‘Don’t get all embarrassed. You don’t think I put this little old thing on to be subtle. Now come on.’

I could see into the brightly lit foyer where maybe fifteen of the most macabre people I had ever seen were milling about in conversation groups. Male, female, transsex; leather, rubber, latex, in black and intense, reds, greens, purples; collars, leashes, chains, whips, handcuffs, genitalia in all manner of exposure from wrapped in a second skin of latex or rubber to totally exposed, but embroidered with all of the above. It was like Carnival in Rio on steroids and Spanish fly. We slithered through the crowd and into a huge ballroom where the cover band was appropriately playing, Hurt So Good. The crowd more of the same, just more people with some dancing, seemed to part just in advance of Alexa’s footsteps.

‘Judy, I want you to meet my new friend.’

A blond woman, maybe six feet tall in bare feet, and much taller in her platform boots with their gigantic spikes she was wearing, turned to greet us. An attractive, voluptuous woman, she showed it all in a gossamer fitted cocktail dress barely long enough to cover her panties, if indeed she had any on. Looking at me as if I were a steak to be devoured, ‘And who is this innocent?’ Alexa smiled and responded by pulling me by my belt buckle closer to both of them and releasing the belt, unsnapping my jeans, and unzipping my fly in one choreographed even movement. How the hell she knew, I don’t. My pink boy cut ruffled panties visible to Judy and anyone else who cared to glance our way.

‘Looks can be deceiving, hun.’

Then she pulled the waistband of my panties out and down showing all that my genitals were well and truly waxed smooth. ‘O darling, you are teasing me!’ Judy exclaimed, ecstatic. ‘Not at all, if he doesn’t object, he’s your pet for the evening.’ ‘O hun, I will take good care of you.’ I was in this far, ‘I’m sure you will.’ I replied with trepidation and excitement. And I smiled. ‘O we’re going to have such fun.’ And then to Alexa, ‘You know what I’ll need.’ ‘Of course, its all prepared, I’ll bring it to you shortly.’ Then Judy looked at Alexa, ‘You are the devil, aren’t you.’ ‘No, just her Mistress.’ And we laughed. ‘We’ll be on the loveseat by the French windows.’ Judy informed Alexa. Then, Alexa, melted back into the crowd that parted and closed for her like she was a well lubricated cock entering and withdrawing from a warm pussy.

Judy expertly guided me to the French windows across the huge ballroom. Whispering to the two BDSM lovebirds occupying our designated seating when we arrived, Judy thanked them when they got up giggling into their hands and left without protest. As we sat, she turned to me and said, ‘Why don’t you lift your arms over your head we need to get rid of that silly muscle “T”.’ And she expertly slid it off me. A waiter came by. “What kind of Martini do you prefer?’ she asked. ‘Pardon, I usually drink beer.’ ‘Beer, sissies don’t drink beer; besides, it’s bad for your figure.’ Without bothering to ask again, ‘Two Vodka Martini’s. Make them doubles and make them dry.’ Then turning to me, ‘Now the tenni’s and jeans.’ I must have looked at her wide eyed, because she next commented, ‘Come on, you know you’d rather be sitting here in nothing but panties, than looking like some leather guy or macho man.’ I took my jeans and shoes off. Our Martini’s arrived and we sat on the sofa chatting. No one seemed the least bit interested in us. ‘How long have you been dressing?’ ‘All my life.’ ‘Even as a baby?’ she said sarcastically. ‘Actually, yes, my mother dressed me as a woman often from the time I was born.’ ‘Really!’ She was actually surprised. The waiter passed and she ordered two more Martini’s, ‘Drink up woman, seconds are on the way.’ I don’t drink much and I was a little buzzed already, someone passed a joint and when I passed on it Judy spoke up, ‘Don’t be a prig, take a drag.’ And when I accepted, ‘Now suck on that bit like it’s the last cock you’ll ever see!’

Alexa stopped by with a huge handbag just as our second drinks arrived. I reached for my drink and then back to Alexa, but she had disappeared like a vapor. Judy sat next to the bag and you could see the schoolwoman pleated skirt and black patent leather six inch heeled slut pumps on top. Judy reached into the bag, she seemed to know where things were, and retrieved a make-up kit; very expensive stuff, I know. ‘Now face me, darling.’ And things really took off. First white make up on my eyes, then shadow, liner, white & dark, twenty minutes minimum to work prepping the eyes, then base, wait to dry, another martini, a joint for the two of us. Powder, highlighter, back to the eyes, liquid liner, mascara, false eyelashes, liner again, brush and blend and primp, rouge, above the eyebrows and down to cheekbone. Blend and brush, eyes, cheeks, forehead, highlighter, cheeks, eyes, and eyebrows, and blend some more, with fingers and brush, so gentle yet so sure, Judy worked with deep concentration now, no time for banter, no drinking. Finally the lips with brushes only; line the lips, paint them, highlight and blend. All the time in nothing but my panties. A crowd was beginning to take notice now. When she was done with the make-up she placed a wild multi-colored spiky wig on my head that only a drag queen would wear. The small crowd applauded approvingly. I had no idea what I looked like.

Now it was on to the cloths, but first, ‘Why don’t you finish my Martini.’ She wasn’t asking and it was more like starting at a brand new Martini. I already had a good buzz on. She handed me a pair of Wolford black seamed stockings and said, ‘I’m confident you know how to keep the seams straight.’ I rolled the stockings and put them on, they had elastic in the top, no need for garters. A white waist cincher, took me in four inches, I don’t carry much fat. It had a faux schoolwoman starched white collar at the top and the front looked like a schoolwoman shirt except for the little bit of belly peeking out. The back looked like a corset. When I finished putting on the micro mini plaid pleated dress and the pumps I must have looked like a Catholic schoolwoman street hooker.

People were applauding when Alexa reappeared. ‘O darling, Judy has outdone herself.’ She paused, ‘Oops, my manners, Todd this is Michel, Michel this is Todd.’ The square jawed six-footer in jeans and a muscle shirt leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while I tried not to recoil. ‘Todd was wondering if you would dance with him, and I told him you would be delighted!’ and Alexa nearly thrust me into his arms. ‘Michel,’ Looking at me with that pamper me princess pout, ‘Todd is one of my dearest friends, I’m sure you’ll do all in your power to make him happy. After all, he asked you to dance.’ A slow waltz and he held me very close. One time around the dance floor and I could feel his arousal and he mine. ‘Would you like a taste?’ He wanted me to suck him off, here on the dance floor. ‘Here?!’ ‘What are you prudish?! In that outfit! Yes, of course, HERE!’ He sounded annoyed and I remembered Alexa’s last words. I merely dropped to my knees and he undid his belt and unzipped his fly, he wore no underwear and when his member sprung out I kissed it then encased the head in my mouth and then slid it all the way down, deep in my throat. I worked hard on making love to that cock and he came quickly. When I withdrew there was a circle around me smiling and some catcalls. Many of those standing close to me, men and women, had there genital exposed. How many pussies or cocks I licked and sucked, who knows; but I was making love to every single one of them. When I was exhausted, Alexa came up next to me, ‘You did real good, darling.’ Then I felt the needle prick, the plunger pushing into the syringe and sleep.

* * * *

I slept, woke, and slept again. Was it day, was it night, I could not tell. Was wakefulness hours, minutes, days, or just dreaming. Terrible pain, gone, back again, gone, or was it ever there. Needle in my arm, there all the time, but was it real. Nothing was it seemed. And words in my brain, ‘Take a d…e…e…p breath. Hold it.’ Pause, ‘Now let it out.’ ‘I’m going to count down from ten to one, with each number you’re going to go deeper, deeper….’ And ‘Darling’ the word ‘Darling’ over and over again, ‘Your word.’ the voice said. But then was the voice real at all. Dreams: sitting in a office with Alexa talking and talking; walking in strange shoes, walking funny, being told how to walk; dancing, being told how to dance more provocatively. Was anything real? Never fully awake, what seemed like endless sleep and endless dreaming. Where I slept, unknown; inside or outside, unknown; day or night, unknown; time unknowable.

Then one morning sunlight, real sunlight in the window and flowers, unmistakably real. Someone, stroking my head, which lay, in her lap. I watched. It seemed real. ‘Who are you? Why are you touching me like that?’ ‘Rest right now Michel, you’re waking up for the first time in quite a while.’ ‘Who are you? .... Quite a while?’ ‘I’m Diamond, I’m your day nurse.’ ‘How long have I been here?’ The needle prick and sleep. The widow had turned into a black mirror when I awoke again, the flowers in dark silhouette; but, hospital lights shown like mode lighting in the room, casting long shadows. Someone stood in the room with me. ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Just the nurse.’ ‘Diamond?’ ‘No, I’m Arora, the night nurse, but it’s good you remembered Diamond. Diamond’s off until morning now.’ ‘Where am I?’ ‘Your in the Valentine Transformation Clinic.’ My mind, transform what, what’s a transformation clinic? ‘The what?’ ‘Valentine Transformation Clinic. We’re a small hospital just outside the city.’ ‘Why am I in a hospital? How long have I been here?’ ‘Slow down Michel. One question at a time. You’ve been here several months.’ ‘Months?!’ ‘Yes, you needed some very painful and difficult surgery; we had to induce a coma like state.’ ‘Coma, what’s happened to me.’ ‘Why don’t we let the doctor explain that tomorrow.’ ‘Because, because I have a right to know.’ ‘Yes, tomorrow will be soon enough. I don’t want to give you a sedative, but I will.’

‘O God, I’ve got to go to the bathroom.’ ‘OK, take it easy, you can do it. We’ve had you up walking; it will be no problem.’ And, in fact, I found I could walk. When, I saw my shadow in the mirror I was shocked, bandages from forehead to toe, and my hair was so full. My walk was funny too. ‘I think you better sit down for this.’ and I did. When I peed it came out of a plastic tube protruding out of the bandages, but it felt like I was peeing straight out of myself. ‘Why am I all bandaged up.’ ‘Just a precaution, darling.’ I felt a twinge in my sex, and then it passed. ‘You’re really quite healed up. The doctor will explain everything tomorrow. Now, you can watch a little TV and go to sleep naturally, or I can give you a sedative, but either way, no more twenty questions, darling.’ Again the twinge and a sense of obedience, ‘OK, TV’ Soon I slept again with no sedative needed.

‘Good morning, Michel. I’m Dr. Emerson, but I would really prefer if you would just call me Beth. In a few moments we’re going to take you downstairs and show you what a good job we have done putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. I’m very confident you’ll be pleased. Now if you don’t mind would you stand up and then sit in the wheel chair Brad has waiting for you here. I know you can walk just fine, but some things are protocol. Don’t worry, we’ll have you back in time for breakfast.’ Believe me when I say, breakfast was not on my mind. ‘What happened to me?’ ‘I think this will be better explained downstairs. Believe me this is the best way. I’ve dealt with many patients with your exact problem, and the way to explain is to show them. You’ll be far less frightened when you already know everything is all right. OK?’ She offered me little choice and I acquiesced more from impatient to get on with it than satisfaction with the answer, but my heart raced far ahead of the chair being wheeled to the elevator.

Off the elevator, we turned and immediately stood in front of a pair of pale green metal double doors that opened by pushing in the red button on the right. Then they wheeled me into the strangest room I ever saw. The room measured about 15 by 15, but looked much, much larger because three sides of the room and the ceiling and floor were covered with mirrors. Even the backs of the green door were mirrored. Floor to ceiling glass and drawn back vertical blinds made up the forth wall. Several people in hospital garb looked in from the left side of a pair of double doors of glass cut into that wall, as if waiting for some event to occur. Placed in the middle of the room was an exam table, although it appeared much to low for its intended purpose; and a chrome metal doctors stool. As they pushed my chair toward the exam table I realized how truly bizarre the entire scene was. Our reflections and those of the objects in the room reflected ever smaller and smaller into infinity. The moment made one feel as if he or she was living inside a kaleidoscope. I felt I would get dizzy or sick, but did not. When we got to the center of the room, the doctor asked me to stand next to the stool. I did with Diamond and Brad close on each side. The doctor positioned herself on the stool.

‘Now darling, I’m going to remove the bandages. I would appreciated it if you would close your eyes until they are completely removed, darling. That is until I tell you to open them again, darling. You may feel some unusual sensations from your body, but you will ignore these until I tell you to open your eyes. Do you understand, darling?’ For some reason I now felt completely at ease and closed my eyes while the doctor expertly, gently, and quickly removed the bandages. I heard some whispering and someone taking the bandages and wheelchair away and when the room was again quiet Dr. Beth said, ‘Now open your eyes.’ I stood frozen in space, me, a totally new me! Standing, seeing every side of myself, front, back, side, up and down cascading away into infinity, and the people in the window wide eyed. I went light headed and Beth steadied me as Brad and Diamond prevented me from falling. I regained my legs. But I could not get away from the reflections. ‘Wha….?’ ‘Are you OK now?’ But I could not respond.

My face was that of a sensual woman, not so much beautiful as wanton. My breasts, milk white and huge, large firm nipples protruding from their mass each decorated with 00 rings. My stomach, not so much flat as just enough roundness, my waist a mere twenty two inches, my butt like Jolo’s, my hips wide and voluptuous, and my genitals…! I had a penis, but when I lifted it with my ruby red long fingernails to see if my testicles remained, nothing but smoothness and then labia. Labia! Dumbfounded, this is a dream I thought, wake up, wake up. ‘Oh you are not dreaming, Michel.’ Alexa! Walking across the floor toward me, I had not seen her. ‘Did you see the rings?’ ‘In my nipples?’ I gasped, she made this happen. That night at her house. ‘No, not the nipples!

Mistress Alexa by Toolips

Let me show you.’ And she first tapped the one piercing in the left labia with a fingernail, next the right, and finally she gently tugged the one piercing my clit brushing the tip with her fingernail ever so lightly. I swooned. ‘Not so bad, huh.’ ‘But, I’m a freak!’ ‘Well, we didn’t want you to forget where you came from, and we did think that if you thought of leaving the people who know your little secret….’ And as she said the word secret she began playing with my clit and labia rings again. ‘But we know you wouldn’t do that, don’t we darling!’ Then she placed my hand between my legs and I stood there masturbating myself in front of whoever. I was incapable of stopping. I loved it, I craved it, screaming, begging for climax, shuddering, at the edge, but not going over. Please, please, please, release me.

‘Would you like a real man in your pussy, darling?’ I knew as she said it the climax I sought could be had only on the end of a COCK!!! ‘Yes, yes, y…e…s!’ I screamed it out so all could hear, I wanted the whole hospital to know. ‘Lay on the table, darling.’ I was down in an instant, pulled my penis away so it would not interfere, spread my legs and grabbed my ankles. ‘Maybe you should get him hard first’ Alexa whispered sweetly. Brad walked toward my face, now naked, I lunged at his cock, and Diamond had to keep me from falling from the exam table. While I worshiped his member with my mouth, Diamond lubricated my pussy. Then he placed himself between my legs and entered. The heavens opened. As he pumped in and out, penetrating me to his full length again and again, pounding into me, Alexa gently tugged at my clit ring. Diamond had to keep me on the table as I grabbed Brad’s ass and tried desperately to pull him more deeply inside me. Diamond finally called for help and two others joined her keeping me on the table. ‘Would you like to suck on my clit, darling?’ Alexa asked. How I heard these wonderful words I will never know, but I rasped out, ‘O yes, yes, my Goddess.’ And when she mounted my face she did not lower herself but made me lift my head to reach her mound, but I did not mind, I would have stretched my neck out of its moorings to get to that beautiful nub. Her beautiful creamy thighs, closing on my head then releasing, cock in my pussy, slamming into me, and I pushing back. I sucked on Alexa’s pussy like a babe to the tit; and I fucked Brad’s cock like a horny spinster on her honeymoon. And when they released me, I begged, I pleaded, ‘Please, o please, Alexa, please.’ ‘Please what darling?’ ‘More cock, more pussy, please, o God, please’ ‘Hmmm, any cock, any pussy?’ ‘Yes, yes, please, I must have it.’ Like any addict to their pusher. ‘Not now, darling. Soon, darling, very soon. Now you rest, darling.’ It was not a request, but a command, and yet I found it easy and even joyous to obey though the craving was intense. I lay there legs shaking, shamelessly spread open, with no energy to cover even if I wished to; but my only want was more of the same.

Mistress Alexa trains a houseboy

Alexa stepped away from the table and took out her cell and tapped a speed dial key. ‘Kayla, how are you? …. Yes, the merchandise is ready. …. Why, of course, we tried it out. She’s pretty much a nymphomaniac with a little penis. She’ll fuck or suck anything with a cock or pussy. I’ll email you the cam of it. …. Take a look anyway, you’ll enjoy it. She’ll do any sexual thing even your sick mind can think of. …. The usual money transfer? …. Fine. …. Yeah, sure, we can get her on a plane for Berlin tonight. But, make sure you have your hypnotherapist with you when you pick her up, just to make sure. …. You’ve already received the scripts we’ve been using and the trigger words, but I can email them again if you wish. … No problem. I can expect to see that in my account by tomorrow morning NY time? …. Very good. Have a nice night at the club, Kayla. I know you will.’