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Sissy Maid Training Manual

All my laundry and housework are done by maids personally trained by me in old-fashioned domestic science. I expect the kind of cleanliness you would find in a Swiss nunnery or a German kitchen. Performance of your chores is only part of your sissy training and discipline

S issies need to meet some simple, yet humiliating, requirements if they want to become sissy maids.

Buttplugs are to be worn at all times. This serves the dual purpose of stretching sissies out for easier penetration and as a constant reminder of your status.

Chastity Belts are to be worn at All times when you are not in dresses or skirts. This includes work, shopping, etc..When dressed you may use the toilet, but you must sit to pee. This will help break you of your silly male pride.

Underwear worn by Sissies in training is of course frilly and female -- You must wear panties throughout the day. Sissies in need of extra discipline will be strapped into a tight fitting corset. Sluts must wear stockings or pantyhose as well as extra tight panties or corsets.

You will begin to replace your male clothing, bit by bit, with appropriate attire. This is why we require a full wardrobe list.

sissy maid rules

Practice with a dildo nightly, both front and rear. Sissies need to be ready to service their Mistress at all times, so you should be prepared to wear your dildo and butt plug while you are cleaning, polishing, scrubbing, ironing and otherwise serving your mistress.

Corner-masturbation is used to discipline all maids and sluts, both new and experienced. Occasionally, Sissy-sluts are in need of extra discipline, they are sent to Mr Leslie for a session of corporal punishment. They are usually cured after one or two sessions.

There is nothing more enjoyable for a Mistress than dressing up a sissy and watching the submission and humiliation processs that prepares the male for Sissy Maid service.

First of all I throw away all of the clothes you wore when you were a free male. Then, you are shaved by other slaves and bathed, scented, and coiffed: your hair colored and cut, your make up done, your breasts pumped up by a special corset and your nipples dyed, your penis tucked back and tucked in so that it does not interfere with your smooth, feminine profile.

Once you are looking your feminine best, smelling of my favorite perfume, and dressed in a pretty white frock, I tell you to show me your cock: "Show!" is one of the commands you must learn and means that you are to masturbate until your penis is extended to full length.

I like to see it the first time sticking up and out from underneath your dress. Exact measurements are made of its width at all points, digital photos are taken, and a clay mold is made. All these are sent to a special friend of mine from whom I order restraining straps, steel boned bras and, most importantly, male chastity devices with customized locks.... I have been using these devices to tame and monitor my sissies for years; some of my maids are fitted with permanent chastity belts, others are permitted to serve me with their teeny cocks neatly tied back a pretty bow.

Next you have a chance to show your Mistress what a big 'woman' you are. Go to the corner and kneel down, facing the corner. Take your little sissycock in your hand and SHOW your mistress how womanly you can be! Good.

Now bend over and lift your ass slightly. That's it. Spread your cheeks out as wide as possible and let me measure your anus for your dildo and butt plug. That's it. I want you to take this eight-inch dildo up your ass with out a word. That's it. Right up. I want to see the whole thing disappear into that big cunt-hole. No need to be shy -- we both know that you fantasize about being fucked up the ass. And there are plenty of dildos that your ass will learn to accommodate in the course of your maidly duties....

I am sure you will gradually learn to cherish these duties; you will thank me for them daily while you are spanked, pumped, and plugged. Before you are sent back to your wife or womanfriend or aunt, you will have a new maid, a new set of values, and an urgent desire to serve as a sissy maid, to clean, iron, wash, launder, sweep, scrub, cook..

Sissy Maid

Usually, sissy maids in training are dressed in very womanly clothes like frilly panties, lacy teddies, silky slips, tight-tight corsets, stuffed bras, and of course, high heels. Little ankle socks with Mary Jane shoes are also popular. Pink ballet tights and tutus are permitted for sissy-maids, crotchless panties, short leather skirts, and thigh high garters for sluts.

I usually dress the sissy myself after her morning spanking, prepare her enema, insert her butt plug, and/or dildo, and schedule her next penis milking. or her morning milking. My strict and uncompromising standards turn out the best and most desirable of maids, endlessly humiliated and ridiculed in public and therefore, extremely submissive and ready-to-serve. They make excellent whores, maids, and pets.


Before going any further do please fill out Mistress Alexa's Maid questionnaire.