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M’ Lady, per your orders, here is my report from my most recent educational excursion:

On Friday evening, M'Lady ordered me out on an especially challenging assignment. I was to go to a local bookstore and service dominant and well hung gay men (blacks preferred). As if my anxiety wasn't severe enough, she also expressly required that I look as available and compliant as possible.

To this end, she dictated that I wear ONLY a long jacket that barely covered the lacey white panties that would tightly hug my firm ass cheeks and tiny little penis-package and absolutely no other garment covering my lower half. Besides this, tennis shoes were my only other articles of clothing.

Just when I thought the humiliation requirements were sufficient, however, I was told to complete my preparations by both wearing a humiliating sign around my neck that read "Sissy for your use...make me your bitch" and to take my digital camera to record the event. Fortunately, Ms. Alexa was generous enough to allow me to leave the sign under my jacket until after I'd entered the store.

Thrilled to please M'Lady, I stole out of my apartment as inconspiculously as possible and into my car. I felt like SUCH a little pansy. My was beating madly as I drove to the store. The whole way there, I couldn't help squirming in the seat in my tight little panties.

Upon arriving, I had the very difficult task of forcing myself to walk into the very well lit lobby of the store. Numerous men were in the lobby looking at magazines and other adult paraphernalia. Many of them stopped what the were doing and looked up at me. Several grins and snickers ensued as they noticed how provactatively I was dressed.

I felt quite naked, especially since I'd never been so scantilly dressed in public. I saw a few of them lean towards eachother while looking at me with grins and exchanging some kind of comments - probably about what a slut I must be. The clerk took my $6 and gave me a pass to the video booth room and told me to be back out by 11:30. I quickly took my pass and made for the room with the video booths as there was a welcome dramatic reduction in the ambient light. There were two hallways loaded with booths. Many of the booths had glory holes between them. That had been my downfall: I'd told Ms. Alexa that I had been here before and observed the layout - which gave her ammunition for this evening's assignment.

Men of all ages, sizes and races lined the walls. Most had eyes that followed me as I passed them and walked to the end of the hall to the right. There, I found a dark little spot in the corner where I stood, as I contemplated my next move. One bald man with bulging muscles walked by me and whispered under his breath, "Damn you're hot!" Another walked behind me and stayed there.

Trying to be a good little slut, I pretended to need to adjust my panties as if they'd ridden up in my bottom (which was in fact the case) and in so doing, lifted the tail of my jacket to allow the on-looker a good view of my sissy-fanny. I think he took it as a queue, becaus he worked his way up behind me and soon thereafter, I felt a few fingers exploring my bottom's cheeks through the silk of the panties. My rate of breathing increased dramatically and I found myself bobbing and thrusting my hiney around the stranger's hands.

Unfortunately, as soon as there was another passer-by, my fondler stopped his ruminations and promptly disappeared *sigh*. I realized that M'Lady knew my only too well, I was loathe to admit that I was utterly thrilled with being felt up like some cheap whore by an anonymous man in a semi-public setting. It was time to try for something more dramatic. I moved into one of the booths with a glory hole. Peering through, I saw that there were three men engaged in all sorts of manual and oral pleasures in the booth next to me.

Feeling a bit nervous and unsure of what I should do, I decided to ask M'Lady Alexa for instructions and guidance so I dialed her on my cell phone. After giving her a quick update of what I was seeing I informed her that one of the men in the next booth must have heard me because all of a sudden a VERY long penis grew from the glory hole.

M'Lady ordered me to suck it and to hold the phone so that she could hear it. I did as ordered for several seconds until the man on the other side pulled it back through. Ms. Alexa then ordered me to hand the phone through the glory hole to the men on the other side. I did as ordered.

Nearing a state between panic and exhilaration a pair of lips appeared near the glory hole ordering me to come next door. I quickly complied, as they had my phone. What else was a little sissy to do? Upon entering, I noticed that one of the three men had left. It was very cramped - barely enough room for the 3 of us to stand.

I noticed that the man talking to Ms. Alexa was the proud owner of the very large cock which I could only envy. His partner was stroking an average size cock which was still larger than mine. He looked at me as he continued to talk to her. He grinned and agreed with whatever she was telling him. Then without any warning, he pulled open the top of my jacket exposing the humiliating sign. He read it and said something to the effect of, "...yes, he seems to have followed your orders...oh, really? Well, let me have a look..."

Then like a piece of meat, I was turned by the shoulders and pushed against the video monitor which showed some very lovely young ladies getting properly fucked by very large cocks. Almost as quickly a hand had pulled up my jacket and another was feeling the tight silkiness of my panties. "Yes, he wore his pretty panties too. Oh, yes, I'm sure he'll do a good job. You have a nice evening too," the large-dicked stranger said as I heard my phone being clicked off. I was spun around again to face him and was handed my phone. I gingerly replaced it in my pocket and before I knew it, his hand was on top of my head pushing me down to me knees.

The real-man's large phallus was pushed at my lips as his hands took my head from behind, assertively showing me what was expected. It was too big. I was trying my hardest to please him, but I was constantly fighting the gag reflex. Over it all he told me to give his partner the camera! She'd told him about that too! I had hoped I could get away with saying I simply forgot to take the pictures. Why was I so stupid to actually bring the thing along? I played dumb and just tried to suck better. Unfortunately, my pathetic attempt at deception was unsuccessful.

The large-dicked stranger's friend bent over and began rummaging through my jacket pockets until he fished out the camera. Before I knew it, flashes were going off as I sucked on this stranger's cock. What a faggot I must look like. I was then told to switch dicks and I sucked on the stranger's cock for a while.

Alas, before either could cum, they told me that they had to depart because their time was up. My camera was returned to me and the men left. However, before I could leave myself, an enormous black man entered the booth. Still on my knees, he held my shoulder with one hand and took my neck-sign in his other hand. He read it and snickered with a wide grin. Quickly his cock came out. A black monster snake. The kind that all white men fear because they know if their wives ever tried one, they'd be resigned to providing their wives pleasure through oral means exclusively.

My lips and cheeks were slapped a few times with the wonderful superior black cock. Then it was forced between my lips. I relented and did my best to pleasure him with my mouth and tongue. The gag reflex was even stronger this time because when this stud got into a rhythm, the back of my throat was tested with his cock-head.

Feeling so proud of exceeding at Ms. Alexa's orders, I meekly pulled the camera out of my pocket and handed it to my black master. He gladly took it and snapped a few pictures of his latest conquest, a white sissy-bitch. Truly, I was no man. Definitely not a man that any woman would ever want. Was this my lot in life? As his breaths came quicker and quicker I knew he was getting close. For whatever reason, he started jacking himself, though he never quit pointing his monster at my face.

Trying to show how obedient I could be, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. My Master took advantage of my offer and as his cock came out of his fist on each stroke, the head and sensitive under-shaft crossed over my tongue and into my mouth. This seemed to excite my stud even more and quite soon he came. He came, not in my mouth, but all over my face, snapping off several pictures of my degradation as his thick cum streaked and dripped from my cheeks, nose, tongue lips and chin. He grinned at me, thanked me and returned my camera.

I thanked him profusely as I looked up and smiled like a puppy dog with my cum-drenched face. He grinned and watched as I pulled a tissue from my pocket and attempted to clean myself. Much to my surprise, he sweetly helped me ensure that all the cum was removed from visibility, then hugged me and left. I returned home that evening with the most incriminating photographs ever taken of me. I had only myself to blame. I was as much a slave to my desires as I was to my Mistress; and Mistress Alexa knew this all to well.

p.s. - attached please find a picture of me in the required outfit and one of me being a little more frilly prior to leaving the apartment, but please don't share it with your site, at least not yet :))