Miss Lacey's School for Sissies

Imagine yourself tied up in the back of a van, hearing your Aunty and a Femdom Mistress giggle while they drive you against your will to the Lacy School for Ladies. Here, you will to be subject to a strict regime of enforced feminisation, by beautiful femdoms using ball gags, panty gags, anal plugs, leather collars, and psychological reconditioning techniques. The Sissy School transforms all its male students into demure, submissive, utterly convincing she-male maids.

Alan, soon to be Alice, lies face down on a leather bench bolted to the floor of the van. His slender, always girlish frame is sealed from neck to toe in a tight, skin hugging cocoon of pink rubber and thick leather straps hold his body in place at the ankles, thighs, back and neck. Beneath the rubber, he is naked, his arms lashed painfully behind his back at the elbows and wrists, his ankles also tied tightly together. Large, fearful tears trickle from his baby blue eyes, over his flushed, gag-expanded cheeks and across the thick strip of silver masking tape holding the panties firmly in place.

chastity training for shemales

Poor Alan's useless struggles are hidden from view by carefully blacked out rear windows and a thick metal partition that separates the storage area from the driver's seat. He knows that Miss Lord and his Aunt are sitting on the other side of the partition, and he also knows that they are taking him, completely against his will (yet with the absolute agreement of his mother), to the Lacy School for Ladies. Here, he is to be subject to a strict regime of enforced feminisation, to be transformed into a demure, submissive, utterly convincing she-male maidservant.

When, his training complete, he is to be returned to the care of his beautiful, long suffering mother, his Aunt Holly and his elder sister, Miriam. Alan will become Alice; his bold, brash and arrogant male self will be destroyed and replaced with the dainty, mincing and helplessly ultra-feminine personality of a sissy slave girl.

sissy school

This strange future had been described to him only an hour before by beautiful, determined Aunt Holly. Having awoken from the effects of a drugged cup of tea, he had discovered himself on the living room floor, naked, bound hand and foot and tightly panty gagged. As he struggled before his Aunt's high-heeled feet, she had revealed his fate with an amused detachment.

"Put simply, Alan, your mother and I have had enough of you. And this business with the police is truly the last straw. How a young man who has had your opportunities and privileges can end up spending a night in a police cell for being drunk and disorderly... well, it defies belief. It also exceeds the limits of your mother's patience. Since your fifteenth birthday, you've brought her nothing but trouble and embarrassment; she's had to put up with a years of masculine hormones, and she is done with it. First of course she will turn you into a sissy crossdresser, forcing you to dress for school in ruffled petticoated dresses . ."

As he had struggled, as tears had begun to pour from his eyes, Aunt Holly told him of her close friend Angeline Lacey, the headmistress of a very special and very secret School for Wayward Young Men; a strange, awful place where the delinquent sons of the rich and powerful were sent to undergo a radical and permanent transformation into pretty, subservient she-males, she-males who were in terms of their physical appearance, dress and manner ultra-female, yet who remained, in most cases, biologically male. Petticoated males, intricately feminised and carefully conditioned to look and act like the most extreme sissies imaginable. As a pupil at Miss Lacey's school, Alan would be transformed into Alice, a lovely, mincing maidservant whose only desires would be to revel in her extremely delicate and increasingly radical feminisation and to serve her mistresses in any way they required.

As Aunt Holly had revealed his terrible fate with a widening smile, Alan had tried to avoid staring at her long, black nylon sheathed legs towering above over him. As this gorgeous, brown eyed brunette who had haunted so many of his teenage fantasies pronounced his fate like a Greek goddess, he squealed his outrage and rolled over to face his mother, his eyes pleading for mercy and release.

His mother was slightly shorter than Aunt Holly, but most definitely possessed of her striking good looks. His only parent since a bitter divorce ten years previously, Alan had grown up loving her with an almost unnatural passion. Yet in the last year, this love had been ruined by a series of mindless acts, acts inspired by a group of very rowdy, aggressive friends. He had suddenly changed from a mild mannered mother's boy into a genuine terror, bringing shame and bitter disruption to the family home.

Following her grim revelation of his fate, Aunt Holly had, with his mother's disturbingly eager assistance, forced his bound body into the rubber bag, sealing him inside with a wicked, vengeful smile as had he squealed and cried. Then, to his horror and utter humiliation, as the bag was pulled over his long, girlish legs, his exposed penis had suddenly become erect.

"Well," Aunt Holly had whispered, "you're obviously not as upset as you sound. Maybe it's the taste of my soiled panties."

Once he had been tightly 'bagged up', Aunt Holly had left the living room. His mother had then knelt down at his side and used a scented hanky to swipe the sweat from his flushed, tear soaked face.

"It's for your own good, Alan. Holly assures me you'll be far happier as Alice. And it will be so nice to have a sweet, obedient daughter."

His squeals lessened as his had mother mopped his brow. Dressed in a beautiful cream silk blouse, black skirt and matching hose, her own high-heeled mules glistening in the bright summer daylight only inches room his tightly bound body, she had been a vision of mature beauty, another striking brunette with a superb figure which his guilty eyes had fought to avoid. Her strong, musk perfume had tickled his nostrils and brought back a hundred sinful memories of his helpless attraction to her. He knew it was this very attraction that had driven him into the hands of the police, that his behaviour over the past year had not just been the rage of a testosterone fuelled boy, but the reaction of a suddenly sexually aware youth to the simple fact that he desired his own mother. And as this attraction had returned, as he had wiggled helplessly before her, he had found himself thinking, if only briefly, that perhaps feminisation was the most suitable punishment for such a dark lust.

His eyes had then met hers and she had smiled. He had fallen still. She had taken his head in her hands. Suddenly, his bonds hadn't felt so terrible and he had found himself moaning with a weird girlish pleasure into the inescapable gag, a pleasure in his helplessness and in his intimate, complete possession by his lovely mother. Then Aunt Holly had suddenly strolled back into the room and Alan had almost immediately resumed his ballet of squeals and wiggles, for accompanying his Aunt was a very tall and very beautiful blonde woman, a complete stranger who regarded the naked, tormented Alan with a grim smile of contempt.

Dressed in a skin tight black sweater, equally tight Lycra leggings and a pair of running shoes, her striking blonde hair bound in a tight bun, she had seemed a particularly athletic figure and very much prepared for physical exercise.

"We'll get him into the van and be off," his Aunt had then announced. "It's best we don't hang around."

The blonde had then grabbed his cocooned feet and Aunt Holly had taken his shoulders. Despite his struggles, they had lifted his slight frame into the air with little effort and carried him squealing from the room.

"Say hello to Alice, Beverly," Aunt Holly had said to the blonde as they marched out into the sheltered forecourt of his mother's large, suburban house.

"Hello, Alice," the blonde had responded, her ice blue eyes filled with a wicked amusement. "I'm Beverly Lord, a teacher at Miss Lacey's."

Then they had carefully loaded him into the waiting transit van and carefully and very tightly strapped him down, his continued wiggles and squeals earning two very hard and painful slaps on his rubber-sheathed backside from Miss Lord. And as the rear doors had been closed and locked, plunging Alan into a shadowy, echoing darkness, a sense of absolute doom had washed over him.

Now, less than sixty minutes later, as the van progresses through city traffic and moves onto the main road out of the city, the taste of Aunt Holly's soiled panties, the pungent taste of her most intimate regions, fills his mouth and seems to seep from the tape sealing his lips and flood into his desperately flaring nostrils. Despite his fear and panic, he was still very erect, and visions of his lovely Aunt and her gorgeous sister frame every angry but useless struggle against this awful bondage. Yet despite this bizarre arousal and maybe because of it, his sense of doom is even stronger.


The journey to Miss Lacey's Academy takes maybe another two hours. In this time, poor Alan's struggles are whittled down to helpless, angry breathing through the fat, pungent gag and the odd futile attempt to strain against the straps holding him down so tightly. Throughout the journey, he finds himself recalling over and over his naked, tethered struggles before his lovely, teasing Aunt. Aunt Holly is a woman he has always found it much easier to desire. Her confident, dominant manner has always intimidated him, and also secretly excited him. His erection was therefore still in full effect by the time the van suddenly slows and stops. There is a brief pause and then, after a sharp left turn, the van is moving again, but this time down a much bumpier road. This second part of the journey takes maybe fifteen minutes. The quality of the road worsens and soon poor Alan is shaking uncomfortably in the leather restraints, then, quite suddenly, the bouncing stops. The van now seems to be on a much smoother roadway, and after only a few minutes it has stopped once again. The front doors were opened and then slammed shut. He heard voices. The rear doors were unlocked and afternoon light suddenly floods the rear compartment.

"Welcome to Miss Lacey's School for Ladies, Alice. Your new home."

This was Miss Lord's voice. He hears her climb into the van and then felts her hands set about removing the straps. Then somebody else enters the van. As she helps free Alan, it becomes clear this second person is Aunt Holly. And with her help, Miss Lord then turns Alan over and the two women carry him from the van and out onto a stone forecourt surrounded by a wood. He was then carried towards a very large, very old house rising out of the wood like some strange creation of nature, a vast mansion designed in the Victorian Gothic manner with a huge, arched entrance. And standing beneath the arch he can just about make out least three people.

As they move closer, Alan, now moaning fearfully into the gag (but no longer struggling), forces his head forward to try and make out exactly what was happening to him. It soon becomes apparent that the three figures under the arch are three women, two in very formal, dark business suits and one in a very striking French maid's uniform.

One, of the women, stepped forward as Alan is carried under the archway.

She is a tall, very beautiful redhead, in her early 40s. Her emerald green eyes peer down at helpless, fearful and now deeply embarrassed Alan, eyes filled with a very unsettling hostility towards the rubberised youth.

"She is to be taken to room 20," the redhead says, her clipped, Celtic voice failing to disguise her contempt for the expertly trussed male. "Beverley, Debra and Honey will deal with him from there. Holly, Miss Lacey would like to talk to you immediately."

The second suited woman, a smaller, plumper blonde then steps forward and relieves Aunt Holly of her burden. His Aunt and the redheaded woman then begin a whispered conversation as Miss Lord and the second suited blonde carry Alan into the house. Soon they are in a huge hallway, and the sound of the women's high heels echo against the marble floor, striking up a sharp, percussive rhythm that fills him with even greater dread.

He notices a huge winding staircase to his left, yet the women, closely followed by the maid, carry him off down a secluded and very dark corridor, at the end of which appears to be a large black metal doorway. As they approach the door, it suddenly slides open to reveal a lift car!

Amazed and appalled, Alan squeals fearfully into his fat panty gag as he is carried inside the car. The maid press enters behind them and then uses one of her white satin-gloved fingers to press a button on a wall panel and the metal door slides shut. A sickening feeling of giddiness fills Alan's stomach as the lift then suddenly begins a sharp descent.

They ride downward for only a few seconds before the car gently glides to a halt. The door then slides open once again and he is carried out into a very bright, white walled corridor. Now all he can see is the ceiling, along which runs a powerful white neon strip light. As he is carried down the corridor, he also notices that there is a numbered pink door every 10 feet each or so on each side.

Eventually, they arrive at room 20. His lovely bearers draw to a halt by the door and the maid minces forward to open it. Alan is then carried inside.

The room is surprisingly large. Each of the four walls are painted the same shade of pink as the door. A thick white carpet is spread across the floor. Against the nearest wall is a very large, very ornate white dressing table with a striking oval mirror. By the dressing table is a further, full sized mirror on a separate wooden pedestal, and next to the mirror is set of white wooden doors that seem to be the entrance to a walk-in closet. A little further down from this closet is a further, single white door.

Along the far wall there are bookshelves filled with books, a hi-fi unit, complete with a large number of CDs, and a few feet away from the hi-fi an exercise bike. Just beyond the exercise bike is a single bed covered in beautiful white silk sheets. The only seat in the room is a pink leather backed stool placed beneath the dressing table.

Alan squeals with fearful concern as the women then place him very carefully face down on the floor. His hot, flushed, tear stained cheeks press against the soft white carpet and the two bearers begin to remove the body bag. Soon, his sweat soaked and totally naked body is exposed to the relatively cool air of the room and a sense of infinite relief washes over him. Despite feeling numb all over, he is then pulled slowly to his bound feet and made to stand somewhat precariously in front of the smaller blonde.

"I am Miss Wilding," she announces, as Miss Lord leaves the room, her blue eyes sparkling with a cruel amusement, her large, firm breasts rising and falling with the effort of carrying Alan. "I will be your personal tutor, and as such will be in overall charge of your feminisation."

His only response to this strange announcement is an angry squeal into the gag and an equally outraged shake of his head.

"This is Honey," Miss Wilding continues, turning to the lovely maid, who then minces forward and performs a deep curtsey before Alan. "She is a newly qualified Graduate Maid and will act as my assistant. She will also be your Sissy Mentor."

It is only now that Alan begins, almost helplessly, to study his captors in more detail. Miss Wilding is maybe 25, of medium height, with a pleasantly plump, yet very shapely figure. Like Miss Lord, she wears her hair in a tight bun. Her suit, which appears to be some kind of instructor's uniform, consists of a dark blue jacket, a white blouse and a matching, dark blue mini-skirt, which displays her surprisingly long and black hosed legs to perfection. Black patent leather, high- heeled court shoes add a final touch of formal glamour.

Miss Wilding's assistant, Honey, is younger, surely no more than twenty, possibly younger still. A tall, very buxom brunette, she is simply stunning. Her thick, very long black hair has been tied in a pretty ponytail with a gleaming red silk ribbon and travels her perfect back down to the base of her spine. Her face is carefully and erotically made up. She has very long, curving eyebrows and equally long, helplessly fluttering eyelashes that perfectly complement her large brown eyes. Her full, pouting lips are painted a dark cherry red, which matches exactly her long glistening fingernails. Around her slender, pale neck is a simple black velvet choker with a glistening emerald centrepiece. Her maid's dress is cut from the finest black silk and is beautifully trimmed with expensive cream lace at the plunging neckline, long sleeves and very short skirt. Her large, pale rose breasts seem to be heaving with some considerable excitement beneath the tight folds of the dress, over which is positioned a lovely cream silk pinafore tied at the back in a fat bow. The very short skirt of the dress rests on a mountain of lace froufrou petticoating out of which emerge two perfectly shaped and very long legs sheathed in seamed black nylons and which led down to a pair of startling and very high stiletto heeled, open toed mules.

Alan stares at her in amazement and his sex is soon very obviously responding to this tremendously sexy dream girl.

Miss Lord giggles and Honey smiles shyly. Then her lovely brown eyes meet Alan's and he recognises an unmistakable look of desire.

"I'm glad you like Honey, Alice," Miss Wilding teases, suddenly stepping forward and grabbing Alan's exposed, erect sex, "because she's responsible for supervising all your dress and make up requirements, and for your body hygiene."

Alan squeals in horror as Miss Wilding's cool hand wraps around his sex. He struggles furiously, trying to pull himself free of Miss Wilding's tight, painful grasp. Her response to this resistance is to administer a very hard slap to his face and pull him forward by cock.

His ankles still tightly bound, his head spinning from the slap, he is forced to hop pathetically behind Miss Wilding. Honey then turns and opens the single white door just beyond the closet to reveal a small, pink and white tiled bathroom, which consists of a simple marble washbasin and a glass-paneled shower. Above the washbasin is a very large, mirrored medicine cabinet. On the wall opposite the shower there are rows of metal racks over which hang thick pink towels of various sizes.

He is dragged into the centre of the bathroom. Miss Wilding then releases her terrible grip on his sex and turns to face him.

"You will learn that any form of resistance, however minor, will be severely punished. I will administer a more appropriate punishment later, but now Honey will prepare you for your meeting with Miss Lacey and the other senior staff."

With this, Miss Wilding turns and walks from the bathroom, her heels clicking against the gleaming tiled floor, Alan's eyes helplessly following her long, black hosed legs in their confident, sexy stride. Then he finds himself turning back to face the gorgeous spectacle of Honey. The lovely maid unleashes another helplessly sexy, shy smile and minces on her very high heels towards him.

"I better untie you, first, Alice."

Her voice, so sweet, so gentle, the beautiful collision of a little girl's high pitched tones with the erotic cadence of a very sexy adult. Now he knows why she is called Honey.

As the gorgeous maid gently removes the bonds securing his body, he suddenly becomes acutely aware of his nakedness. For the first time since his arrival, embarrassment replaces fear and anger. As this beautiful young woman works his arms free, he blushes. As her large breasts press through the soft, teasing fabric of her beautiful, sexy dress against his back, he is overwhelmed with a bizarre mixture of humiliation and sexual excitement. And rather than try to escape once his arms and ankles are untied, he shyly covers his stiff sex with his hands.

"I'm going to remove the gag," Honey says. "If you scream out or try to run away, I will call for a mistress and you will be caught and severely punished. Escape is impossible anyway. We are in a sealed underground chamber with the door to your room is controlled by a digital lock. Also, as you may have noticed, you are naked." He nods his understanding and Honey carefully pulls the thick strip of tape from his lips. She then pulls the panty gag from his mouth and he gasps with relief. She smiles and drops the panties and tape into a pedal dustbin under the washbasin.

He says nothing as she then orders him to step into the shower. Indeed, he finds himself quite meekly obeying her, his hands still covering his erection, his face covered in a hood of embarrassed crimson. For now, he can see little point in resisting, and this beautiful girl has a manner about her that very easily dilutes any thought of resistance.

"Use this to wash," she says, handing him a plastic bottle containing a pink coloured liquid. "Cover every inch of your body, including your face, pubes, under arms and between your buttocks. But don't, under any circumstance, put it on your hair or get it in your eyes."

She leans forward and turns the shower controller clockwise. A gentle stream of warm water splashes against his naked body and, after a moment's hesitation, he pours a puddle of the pink liquid into his hands and begins to rub it carefully over his body. Soon he has worked up a thick lather and, as ordered, covered every inch of his body, including his pubes and between his legs. He then stands under the shower and lets the water wash away the thick, pink lather. As it does so, something totally unexpected happens: the thin layers of hair on his chest, arms and legs are washed away with the lather, and so, to his horror, is his pubic hair! Indeed, within a few very deeply disturbing seconds, Alan's body is completely hair free. Suddenly, he is as silky smooth as a newborn baby, the only memory of his body hair a strange, yet not unpleasant tingling sensation.

Amazed, he turns towards Honey. "What's happened? Where's all my hair gone?"

"Be quiet," Honey snaps. "Now wash your face as ordered and then use the soap in the dish to wash away any lingering cream."

Despite his astonishment, he follows her instructions, quickly discovering that the bar of gold coloured soap gives off a very powerful feminine scent that only serves to increase his sense of humiliation and general emasculation. Yet despite this and despite the fact that every hair on his body and face have now been removed, he remains quite fiercely erect.

Once his body has been thoroughly soaped and soaked, he is given a small glass bottle and told to use the blue liquid within it to wash his hair. When his hair had been washed and rinsed, he is ordered to step from the shower. Sweet scented water trickling down his smooth, hairless body, as Alan does as Honey instructs. The lovely maid then takes a large pink towel from one of the metal racks and wraps it tightly around his body. She then begins very gently to dry his body, her eyes darting shyly between the task in front of her and Alan's crimson face. As her hands massage him through the thick towel fabric, his eyes are drawn helplessly towards her splendid breasts. The maid's dress has been designed with a particularly plunging neckline and as Honey dries her charge, Alan receives a particularly fine view of these splendid pale rose orbs.

"You're very beautiful," he mumbles, helplessly brave words that seem to escape his mouth against his will.

She smiles briefly, girlishly, obviously delighted. "You mustn't talk, Alice. No maid can talk without a mistresses permission."

"But you're talking."

"As a mentor, I am allowed the privilege of free speech, but only with my charge. And you must obey me. Now be quiet or I will gag you."

He obeyed her, even as her long, elegant hands reach the part of the towel covering his rigid sex, and even as she quite deliberately caresses his sex through the towel.

"You've got a very big cock, Alice. But Mistress Holly tells me you've probably never used it."

As she teases him with these words, he fights to keep silent, despite the waves of anger and sexual hunger that crash over his body.

The towel was then removed and he was led from the bathroom back into the main bedroom area. Here he is made to stand before the closet doors and watch as Honey takes from inside it a bizarre and disturbing collection of feminine attire, laying each item out carefully on the bed with an aroused smile.

His eyes flash between the clothes and Honey, eyes stretched wide by the terrible implications of the clothes and the incredible sexual beauty of this perfect maid.

"You will begin, as we all begin, as a Novice Maid. And this will be your uniform."

He looks at the clothes and then at Honey.

"Wear this? You expect me to wear this!?" his voice rose, anger flooding his eyes, and he steps away from the bed.

"Of course," Honey replies sternly. "This is why you're here: To be feminised and trained as a maidservant! To become Alice! You have no choice. Now be quiet and put your hands behind your back."

It was at this point that he knows her words are terribly, painfully true: He has no choice. He is naked, he is trapped in some kind of underground chamber, his mother has allowed him to be brought here against his will. Tears return to his eyes and he places his hands behind his back.

"The first lesson for a Novice is restraint," Honey says, walking from the bed to the dressing table. "You will not be expected to control your male desire: the mistresses know this is impossible. But you will be constantly restrained by order of the mistresses and you will learn to function as an obedient servant while restrained. Then, over time, your desire itself will become the most effective weapon of restraint."

From the dressing table, she takes a very sheer, black nylon stocking. She then minces back towards him, her lovely blue eyes filled with a wicked amusement, her hands carefully bunching the stocking into a ball, her steps tiny and quick, her large breast bouncing with great enthusiasm. His eyes are pinned with a mixture of fear and arousal to the stocking and her breasts, and they widen considerably as draws up before him, steps forward and then carefully begins to roll the soft, scented stocking over his rock hard sex. Moans of helpless pleasure escape from his mouth as the stocking is eased gently along the hot, rigid shaft of his tormented sex. As she slides the stocking down over his testicles and pulls it tightly into place, her eyes lock onto his and her lovely cherry red lips curve into the sweetest and sexiest of smiles.

"It's nice, isn't it? We all have to wear sex stockings. Miss Lacey sees it as the most potent symbol of our feminisation."

Her words take a while to sink in. Wiggling in a state of intense physical pleasure, it is only as she ties the stocking in place around his testicles with a pink silk ribbon that the words, "We all have to wear sex stockings," set off alarm bells in his mind.

"We?" he gasps. "What do you mean 'we'?"

"Miss Lacey's maids, the she-males. You, me... all of us."

He steps back instinctively. A look of shock replaces the hungry gaze. "You? You're a... male?"

"Of course, silly! I'm a Graduate maid, in the final stage of my training. I'm to be returned home at the end of this quarter. You're my novice charge. I have to supervise the Novice Stage of a feminisation successfully before I leave; and that's you."

Honey's smile then broadens. "You thought I was a real girl, didn't you! That makes me feel so good, Alice: to know I can pass so easily."

"But you are so... real. I mean, your... your... "

His eyes fall onto her gorgeous, large breasts and Honey laughs even louder.

"Part of the treatment is a fundamental physical alteration. I have all the outward physical traits of a woman, except one. We're all on a constant diet of hormone pills and injections. You'll undergo quite significant plastic surgery early on in the Novice Stage."

His erection is suddenly dead, the stocking now an absurdly drooping piece of nylon between his silky smooth legs. Honey is a boy, a beautiful, sexy she-boy. She is also the mirror through which his feminine future is suddenly, shockingly revealed.

"Now, enough chat. I want you to spread your legs wide apart and bend over."

Tears return to his eyes, yet he obeys, spreading his legs wide and then bending over, pressing the clammy palms of his hands into the soft white carpet and exposing himself in the most intimate of ways to this stunning she-male beauty, a creature who, to his deep unease, he still finds incredibly attractive.

Once he is in the required position, there is a brief pause. Then, to his even greater horror, something hard and sticky is being pushed into his backside! Panicking, he tries to push himself up, but a hand suddenly lodges itself in his lower back, a strong hand that holds him firmly in this terribly exposed and helpless position.

"Just relax, Alice. It'll hurt a bit at first, but you'll soon get used to it. We all do."

But he can't relax. How can he! Here he is, stripped naked, in the hands of a beautiful she-male, undergoing a most intimate and outrageous violation.

The object is long and curved and seems especially designed to penetrate deep into his back passage. At first, as Honey predicted, its progress is slow and painful and he yelps as Honey pushes it deeper.

"Every maid must wear a stocking and be fitted with an anal plug. At each stage of your training, the size of the plug will be increased.'

Alan listens to these dreadful words and wants to scream out his disgust and horror. But what good would it do him? There is nowhere to run, no one to ask for help. He has been sentenced to this by his own stupidity and, more importantly, by his own mother. Yet even as he despairs, he knows deep down there is another terrible, simple reason why he was not fighting harder: this whole bizarre adventure is exciting him! And as Honey pushes the plug home, his erection begins, once again, to fill the teasing nylon folds of the stocking. And by the time he is helped upright, his stockinged sex stands before him like a terrible confession of the darkest masochistic desire.

Honey looks down at his re-born erection and smiles. "The plug tends to have that effect."

He blushes furiously, but cannot disagree. As his buttocks tighten around the plug and push it a little deeper, he feels a sudden, very intense pleasure and his sex strains a little harder against its sweet nylon prison.

"Remember, Alice," Honey says, smiling, her lovely eyes filled with her own arousal, "restraint."

She then minces back to the dressing table and takes from within it a strange metal device consisting of two metal rings connected by a slender silver bar. Returning to her charge, she clicks open the rings and then, to Alan's utter horror, takes his straining, stockinged erection in her free hand. He gasps and fights another bout of tears, watching in helpless horror as Honey slides the opened rings over the rigid shaft of his sex and very carefully clicks them shut, thus locking his sex tightly and rather painfully in this very odd device.

"A double cock ring re-strainer," Honey says. "It makes orgasm or any form of masturbation impossible. It also ensures that an erection is a very uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, you will probably be erect a great deal. But this too is quite deliberate: to be erect is to be under the most intense discipline."

Sure enough, poor Alan soon discovers that the pain, a considerable irritation rather than real pain, does not lessen. And with the constant caress of the plug, it is very unlikely to!

"Now we can dress you," Honey continues.

She minces over to the bed. Alan's eyes traverse the erotic lines of her black nylon sheathed legs with eyes that know the truth yet can still only see a fantastically sexy, beautiful young woman.

"We'll start with the training corselette; the fundamental undergarment of the Novice maid."

From the bed, Honey picks up what looks like a white basque. Yet it has shoulder straps and a panty section. Alan also notices that its bra cups are padded in some way and that more padding seems to have been added to the hip sections. He also notices that the corselette has two white satin panels built into the sides and the lacing of a conventional corset sown into its back.

Honey then returns to her poor, sex confused charge and holds the corselette before him.

"Step into it," she says, parting the two surprisingly thin shoulder straps.

Alan does as he is ordered, gingerly placing his left foot into the corselette and through the matching, heavily frilled leg space at the bottom. He then repeats this process carefully with his right foot and Honey proceeds to pull the corselette up over his body. The elastine material that makes up the basic fabric of the corselette is very soft yet also very tight and he finds his torso is quickly and tautly restrained. He is then made to place his rather girlish arms at his sides so that Honey can draw the straps up over his arms and then position them over his shoulders. As she does so, he immediately notices the weight associated with the padding in the bra section pull at his chest. As far as he can tell, this part of the corselette is padded to give the impression of a rather considerable bosom and he immediately experiences a strange sense of being pulled towards the floor.

"The rubber tits take some getting used to," Honey comments. "You'll be shown a special back strengthening exercise in deportment class to deal with them."

As the corselette is positioned, he looks down to see the effect his painfully restrained but still rampant sex has against this tight, strangely erotic material. Yet he can see nothing! He gasps in surprise and Honey bursts into girlish laughter. Satisfied with the straps, she moves around to the front of her charge and points at the panty area.

"The panty is carefully padded at the hips and crotch area with a very special foam. It gives you the shape of a woman and also hides your sex. And as you can see, it has a special opening for those little emergencies."

As she speaks, she leans forward and runs a hand along a row of pearl buttons that cross his lower stomach. It is clear this row mark out a flap, which can be pulled free to expose his restrained sex.

Honey then minces back behind him and takes up the loose ends of the satin ribbons criss-crossing the back of the corselette. She then pulls very tightly on the ribbons and the mid-section suddenly contracts around his waist and upper chest, forcing the air from his lungs and his artificial chest to jut forward. The tightening of the corset section also immediately improves his posture, making him stand bolt upright.

"The corselette is an amazing creation. It fulfils the function of virtually every item of feminine foundation wear, and also creates the perfect she-male form."

"With my real breasts will they be this big?" Alan asks, still amazed by the strange but now far from unpleasant sensations inspired by the padded bra.

"It all depends on what the person who sent you here asked for. Mummy was very keen for me to have the biggest boobies my body structure could take, to help me truly understand what it felt like to be a woman. Most of the maids end up with very big boobs."

As Honey speaks, poor Alan can't help become excited, and as he does, the dreadful effect of the re-strainer becomes terribly apparent and he releases a gasp and wiggle of discomfort.

"I can see all this is turning you on, Alice. That's a very good sign."

As Honey teases him, she minces back to the bed and soon returns with a new bundle of feminine clothing. This is placed on the bed before Alan's fascinated and appalled eyes. She then takes up a pair of very sheer, cream coloured tights and holds them teasingly before him.

"I'm sure you'll love the feel of sheer hose against your smooth, hairless skin."

Under her instruction, he then sits on the bed and watches as she carefully rolls the tights up into two soft nylon bowls and then slips them over his feet. He is then made to stand up and guide the tights up his legs. He takes the delicate, sensual fabric in his hands and fearfully pulls it upward, a leg at a time. The sensations imparted by the sheer nylon fabric as it covers his freshly denuded legs are, as Honey has promised, intensely pleasurable. Not only that, but as he pulls the tights up over his thighs and around his tightly restricted waist, he notices the tremendous effect they seem to have on the shape of his legs. Suddenly he is staring at the long, curvy legs of a young woman and, to his amazement, he is intensely aroused.

The tights were followed by a pair of incredibly frilly, white silk panties, which Honey positions around her charge's hosed waist with a naughty little smile.

"You look fabulous already, Alice," she teases, her eyes filled with an obvious sexual excitement. "I can't wait to see you by the time the dressing is complete. But now let's get you made up."

Alan, now lost in a whirlpool of contradictory feelings and emotions, is then led across the bedroom to the dressing table. As he steps forward, he becomes immediately aware of the intrusive but far from unpleasant effect of the anal plug. Suddenly waves of very powerful physical pleasure are traversing his lower body and forcing his erection to protest even more painfully against its wicked re-strainer. The effect of the soft nylon caressing his thighs as they brush together is also undeniably exciting, and as he is placed on the leather-backed stool by the dressing table's large oval mirror, he is forced to stifle yet another moan of pleasure.

The face that stares back at him from this mirror is very obviously his own, yet beneath it is a body he doesn't recognise. The well-padded corselette has an amazing and very immediate transformative effect, and as he beholds this strange reflection, a surprisingly powerful sense of femininity seizes him, a sense that is quickly and disturbingly increased as the lovely Honey, her eyes ignited by an obvious and thus deeply worrying sexual attraction, begins to apply make up to Alan's ambiguously pretty face.

He can only watch with fascinated, even hypnotised eyes, as Honey works on his face with foundation cream, with a light blue eye shadow, with highlighter and an eye brow pencil, a peach coloured rouge, with a powder puff and, finally, with a blood red lipstick, which she glides so very gently across his very effeminate mouth. And as she does this, he feels his poor, tormented sex strain even harder against the intricate, wicked re-strainer and the layers of feminine underwear so effectively imprisoning it.

"Eventually," Honey says, "you'll be required to do this yourself, and to a very high standard. You will receive very detailed training in make up technique, so it should eventually become second nature."

After completing the make up, she takes up an ivory handled hairbrush and begins to tease his long hair into a sculpture of particularly feminine locks. As she does so, poor Alan's heart sinks, for the reflection he now faces is a terrible revelation. In a few, careful minutes, Honey has transformed him from an undoubtedly attractive male into a very pretty female, a blue eyed blonde with thick, wavy hair and soft, helplessly pouting lips, with soft, curving cheeks and a long, swan's neck. The sense of despair this brings is made much worse by the sense of a deeper, darker excitement that this profound transformation seems to create in him. Despite all his apparent resistance, there is clearly something lodged in the core of his personality that finds this forced feminisation highly erotic!

And even Honey is very impressed by the success of her first efforts.

"Well, Alice, you really are very pretty! No wonder your mummy wanted you put into panties and hose."

In her soft, teasing feminine voice there is a very real sexual edge and in her lovely eyes there is the most obvious desire. And, to his horror, the deeper feminine self that is now emerging from this strange transformation seems to find Honey's attentions very exciting.

Alan is then helped from the seat and led back to the bed, each step a teasing sexual torment induced by the wicked anal plug and the counter efforts of the terrible re-strainer. He is then made to stand by the bed while Honey minces over to the wardrobe, returning a few seconds later with a beautiful pink dress that she proceeds to hold before her charge with a teasing, amused smile.

The dress is made from pure pink coloured silk, an elaborate baby girl's costume with puffed sleeves, a very high collar and thick lace fringes at the neck, sleeves and very short hem. Attached to the bottom of the skirt area is a sea of lace froufrou petticoating. Alan watches in astonishment and undeniable arousal as Honey carefully loosens the pearl buttons that run the entire length of the back panel and then steps forward with the dress.

"Hold your arms up and slide them into the dress," she orders, gently pulling the dress over his shaking arms as he warily obeys.

Then he is submerged in a sea of the softest silk as the dress is drawn very slowly over his slender body and carefully pulled into place. As Honey re-secures the back panel buttons, poor Alan releases a helpless moan of absolute defeat, a moan made worse by the fact that the dress is a perfect fit. He also notices that it is extremely short, its petticoated skirt barely reaching the tops of his hosed thighs. It is also very tight around the waist and covers his expertly padded chest like a sweet silken second skin. The frilled sleeves brush against his thin, girlish wrists and the lace frills of the high neck tickle his dimpled chin.

Yet this is only the beginning. For a few seconds after securing the dress, Honey produces a gorgeous white silk pinafore, which she proceeds to slip over the dress and secure tightly in a very fat bow at the base of his spine, immediately giving him the appearance of a very sissy maid. And as if this wasn't enough, a pair of cream glace gloves are then stretched tightly over his hands and buttoned firmly into place.

After this spectacular dressing, Honey produces a bright red box from beneath the bed and places it before Alan.

"Open it," she says, her voice filled with teasing expectation.

He obeys and finds himself facing a pair of beautiful pink, patent leather ankle boots with frighteningly high stiletto heels and thick silk ribbon laces. She tells him to remove the shoes from the box and sit on the bed. Once he has done so, she gently takes the shoes from his shaking hands and he watches in stunned silence as the lovely she- male maid then carefully kneels before him and slips the incredible shoes over his delicately hosed feet. As she tightly laces up the shoes, he fights a sense of almost transcendent physical excitement. There is now no way he can resist the simple fact that he is thoroughly aroused by this forced feminisation and that a deep core of masochism and fetishism has been revealed by its strange progress.

Satisfied that the shoes are adequately secured, Honey delicately rises to her own high-heeled feet and takes her charge by the hand. Encouraged by Honey, Alan steps fearfully onto his beautifully attired feet. Almost immediately, he is elevated an extra five inches into the air and an immediate sense of panic washes over him as he sways precariously before his gorgeous she-male captor.

"Relax, Alice. Let the heels find their own point of balance. Don't fight them."

Alan tried to follow these rather obscure instructions as Honey took one of his gloved hands and leads him forward. Moaning fearfully, he tottered towards her, the heels turning his walk into an embarrassing ultra-sissy mince that make his be-frilled buttocks sway with a helpless provocation and seem to push the anal plug even deeper into his backside. Yet even after just a few seconds, he finds himself becoming more comfortable with the shoes and beginning to understand the careful, delicate mince that is demanded by them. Within ten minutes, he is mincing with some ease before a clearly impressed Honey.

"You're a natural, Alice! Well done!!"

And, to his amazement, her words fill him with a deeply perverse, contradictory pride. But this pride quickly disappears when Honey returns to the dressing table and took from within its many drawers two lengths of pink silk ribbon and a very large, pink rubber ball gag.

"Now that you're ready to meet Miss Lacey and the other mistresses, we just need to secure you for the journey to her office."

His eyes widen with fear and outrage as Honey ordered him to open his pretty mouth wide and then quickly fills it with the fat ball, securing the gag tightly in place at the back of his neck using the white leather straps attached to the curved sides. He moans angrily into this mouth-filling monstrosity as his arms are then pulled behind his back and tied very tightly together at the wrists and elbows. Yet even this humiliating bondage is not the end. For as soon as he is securely bound and gagged, Honey produced a thick white leather collar, which she proceeds to secure around his silk encased neck. She then attached a long, silver link chain leash to a metal hook built into the front of the collar and tugs playfully upon it, causing poor Alan to totter forward desperately.

The hapless captive is then led by his beautiful tormentor back to the full-length mirror and cruelly paraded before it. Alan found himself staring at a genuinely beautiful young woman wrapped in a startling baby maid's costume, her blue eyes wide with fear and arousal, her long, very shapely legs balancing precariously in the high heeled boots, her well padded chest rising and falling desperately against the tight material of the splendid dress.

"You're one of the best we've had for a long time, Alice. How did you ever manage to pass as a boy?"

Honey's question had a terrible ring of truth. He stares at his reflection and wonders how this gorgeous sissy creature, this bound and gagged and very beautiful damsel in distress could ever have truly been a male. Alan disappearing before his astounded eyes and Alice is well and truly born. Indeed, he is now having difficulty perceiving anything about this startling image as Alan. She is most surely Alice. And as Honey leads her out of the room and into the corridor to meet the mysterious Miss Lacey, out into a new and most bizarre life, as she wiggle minces behind this sexy she-male so convincingly, her mother's words return to haunt her: yes, perhaps it would be for her own good, perhaps she would be far happier as Alice.

Chapter Two

As she minces out of the room behind the lovely Honey, Alice becomes Aware of a commotion. She looks up from the teasing sight of Honey's long, black nylon sheathed legs to see, further down the corridor, a tall, redheaded woman in exactly the same 'uniform' as Miss Wilding. The woman is tugging angrily on a long silver leash. High-pitched squeals of pain and outrage flood from the room. Then, to Alice's surprise, a second Novice Maid is dragged into the corridor. Dressed in exactly the same intricate sissy pink outfit and also tightly trussed, the poor victim totters desperately forward on high heels.

Yet it is immediately obvious that this she-male is far more reluctant to accept her feminine future; for not only is she squealing furiously into her gag, but the chain pulling her forward leads not to her collared neck, but beneath her sea of pretty, billowing petticoating and between her legs! On top of this, her head is covered by a black silk hood.

"Use the paddle, Pansy!" the redhead shouts, tugging even more aggressively on the chain. "On her thighs!"

A hand then emerges from the door behind the unfortunate Novice, a delicate, feminine hand with long, blood red fingernails clutching a long leather paddle. The paddle is brought down in one hard, angry slap against her victim's very shapely, white-hosed thighs and an even louder squeal of fury escapes the hood. The Novice is then finally forced completely out of the door and begins very reluctantly to totter down the corridor.

The Novice is followed out of the room by another very beautiful, very sexy Graduate Maid, dressed exactly as Honey, yet slightly taller, her hair a stunning sea of thick, strawberry blonde waves, her figure heavenly, Pansy minces out into the corridor continuing to apply the paddle with a bitter enthusiasm to the Novice's statuesque legs.

"Keep still, Alice," Honey orders, an obvious excitement filling her little girl voice and lovely, arousal widened eyes. "Let Miss Leigh and Pansy deal with Nancy."

Miss Leigh and Pansy, through a combination of further angry tugging and paddling, eventually manage to get the rebellious Novice to the end of the corridor and into the lift. As the doors close, Pansy turns to face Honey and the two gorgeous Graduates exchange a look of very deep and sensual love, a look that, to Alice's utter horror, inspires a feeling of immediate and shockingly intense jealousy!

Once the lift doors have closed, Honey steps in front of Alice and eads her down the corridor.

"Some of our Novice's lack your reasonable manner, Alice. They resist feminisation, some quite aggressively, A complete waste of effort, of course. Unfortunately, it appears that Nancy will be a problem. But Miss Leigh is a specialist in difficult cases, and I'm sure she'll make the silly sissy see the error of her ways."

Alice whimpers into her gag and meekly follows her beautiful mentor down the corridor, the plug turning every step into an intricate sexual torment, her mind replaying the bizarre spectacle of Nancy's fierce resistance and, in particular, the fact that the chain had been quite clearly attached to her sex, a thought that the Novice finds both terrifying and deeply exciting, an excitement framed by the pleasure of the plug and the pain of the cock ring.

Soon, Honey and Alice are inside the now empty lift, which is filled with the powerful sweet perfume that all seem required to wear in this bizarre house of feminisation. Within a few minutes, Alice is being led back down the dark corridor of the first floor and into the main entrance hall of the large and very mysterious house that is home to the Lacey Academy.

The she-males cross the hallway. Alice's pretty blue, disbelieving eyes take in the incredible spectacle of the vast, circular entrance hall, which is dominated by a startling white marble statute of a beautiful warrior woman clutching a bloodied spear. Then they are standing before two tall doors. Honey very gently knocks on one of the doors and they slide open with a ghostly automation. Alice is then led into a large and ornate library, at one end of which is a long, elegant mahogany table. Sitting behind the table is a tall, gray haired woman. At her left side stand Aunt Holly and Miss Wilding, and to her right, Miss Lord and the third woman who had been present when Alice arrived at the house. Already standing a little way to the left of the table are Miss Leigh, Pansy and a still hooded and struggling Nancy.

Honey leads Alice over to the wiggling, squealing figure of Nancy, where she is made to stand to attention besides the very agitated and still defiant Novice. The gray haired woman then rises from the table and walks with a soul destroying authority up to the she-males, halting a few feet from the two new arrivals.

Dressed in a long, tight, very simple black dress, black hose, and modestly heeled shoes, Miss Lacey is probably in her mid-fifties, nearly six feet in height, with the voluptuous figure of a woman twenty years younger. Despite her gray hair, which is worn in a very stern bun, her long, regal face is relatively wrinkle free. Her eyes are a bright emerald green and the gaze, which shines from them, is one of utter conviction and confidence, a gaze Alice finds herself fearfully avoiding. The woman's cherry red lips bend into a rather cruel smile at the sight of Alice's shyness.

"I am Angeline Lacey, the Head Mistress," she announces in a firm, deep, highly cultured voice. "Welcome to the Lacey Academy for Young Ladies."

As she begins to speak, Miss Leigh steps forward and pulls the hood from Nancy's head to reveal a very pretty, brown haired she-male, her blue eyes filled with tears, her make-up stained with the tracks these tears have cut across her very red, gag expanded cheeks. The poor sissy shakes her head angrily and blinks violently against the power of the mid-day sunlight. As soon as she sees Miss Lacey, she begins once again to squeal angrily into the fat ball gag. Pansy then steps forward and administers three very hard slaps to Nancy's hosed thighs and the reluctant she-males squeals are reduced to gagged mumbles of anger.

"You are our latest recruits," Miss Lacey continues, turning directly to face Alice. "You, like many of our sissies, have both been committed to the Academy by your mothers. Alice, it appears, has been a particularly naughty little girl. Her mother quite rightly wishes her behaviour to be modified, and she feels the most effective way to ensure this happens is by transforming Alice into a sweet, obedient and completely submissive daughter."

Alice's eyes widen, her own anger becoming apparent.

"Nancy, on the other hand, has been sent to us to solve a different problem. It seems that, in her former life, she was the sole heir to a rather large fortune, a fortune bequeathed to her when she was a 'he' by her father. He, unfortunately, has recently passed away, and now her stepmother feels the fortune is rightly hers. Our task is therefore not just to create a suitably obedient and useful stepdaughter, but to ensure that this stepdaughter submits totally to her remaining parent's will and signs over her considerable assets to their rightful owner."

Alice listens to this wicked story in utter amazement as more tears flood from Nancy's eyes and her squeals of protest again increase in volume. Pansy steps forward and administers yet more slaps. Silenced, Nancy then listens angrily as Miss Lacey continues.

"I have been running the Academy for 5 years. In that time I, and my specially chosen staff, have created nearly one hundred utterly submissive sissy maidservants, all of them once young men, none of them younger than 15 or older than 18, nearly all of them have been referred to me by mothers or other responsible female relations.

We specialise in taking any young male, never mind where from or for whatever reason, and transforming them completely, both physically and mentally. I guarantee to all our clients successful feminisation within one year of arrival at the Academy.

Today you will join the other students currently on the road to a new and far more productive life. You will immediately be subject to the proven methods of intricate feminisation, constant, firm discipline and psychological restructuring designed to ensure that you will become the daintiest, sissiest and most beautiful she-male slaves imaginable.

At first you will resist, you will dream of escape, you will look for a way back into your redundant male lives. But soon, very soon, you will come to realise the futility of any fantasy of salvation and accept that there is no escape other than acceptance.

You will spend the first four months as Novice Maids. During this period, we will concentrate on the removal of your masculine cravings and physical traits. This will involve intense humiliation and bondage therapy, regression treatment, movement and deportment training and surgical intervention. The Novice Period will be followed by four months as a Junior Maid. Here, having established your feminine personality and physique, you will undergo training in the domestic arts, much more detailed training in clothing and etiquette. You will also begin a course in feminine culture, which will include training in dance, music and art. The Junior Period will be followed by four months as a Graduate Maid. During this time, you will be allowed to apply what you have leant. This will be done by placing you on a work attachment for one month, by allowing you weekend visits to your home, and by allowing you to teach the Juniors in what we will identify as your specialist area of femininity. You will also be required to co- supervise the overall training of a Novice. Novice supervision is the most vital part of the Graduate Period, as it acts as an examination of all the skills you have learnt during the previous eight months. During this final phase, you will be assessed by your personal tutor, and it is she who will say whether or not you are ready to be returned to your parent or other guardian to act as their fully trained maidservant."

Alice listens to this detailed description of her fate in utter astonishment and tears of despair begin to well up in her eyes. It is perhaps only now she that she realises there is absolutely no way back to her former life, that here Alan will be completely destroyed and replaced with a simpering, busty, ultra-sissy whose sole purpose is to serve her mistresses without question. Yet even as she considers this dreadful fate, her sex is stiffening and once more biting into its relentless metal re-strainer.

Nancy, however, is far less philosophical about her fate, and is now not only squealing desperately, but tossing her head from side to side and actually trying to kick out at Miss Lacey!

Miss Leigh then steps forward and slaps the wayward sissy violently across the face. The poor she-male staggers backward and then falls into the arms of Pansy.

"Sedate her," Miss Lacey orders.

Alice watches as Miss Lord, following Miss Lacey's instructions, takes a small, rectangular metal box from the table and brings it over to the struggling, weeping Nancy, who is now being held firmly by Miss Leigh and Pansy.

The poor she-male's tormented eyes widen even further as Miss Lord opens the box and takes from inside an evil looking hypodermic syringe. Pansy then hauls up the petticoating of the she-male's lovely pink dress to reveal a firm, muscular, delicately hosed thigh. Miss Lord then tests the syringe with a wicked smile and the poor Nancy's ball gagged squeals rises to an ear splitting octave as the lovely mistress leans forward and carefully pushes the fierce, gleaming needle through the sheer white nylon and into her freshly denuded skin. As the drug is administered, Nancy's eyes begin slowly but surely to glaze over and her struggles decrease significantly.

"The drug contains a rather powerful sex enhancer," Miss Lacey explains, now directly facing a quickly fading Nancy. "As well as subduing you, it will significantly increase the production of the hormones that produce sexual excitation. You should feel the effects almost immediately."

Sure enough, Nancy's wiggles of protest slowly mutate into a strange snake dance of desire and her squeals of outrage transform into low moans of pleasure.

"The initial impact can be quite dramatic,"Miss Lacey continues. "You'll be as hard as a rock for at least 12 hours.'

Amazed and appalled, her heart pounding with fear and excitement, Alice watches this transformation with wide eyes and a sense of her own impending subjection to the drug's teasing effects.

"Yes, Alice," Miss Lacey says, now concentrating her soul withering gaze on the more passive she-male. "You will be treated with the drug soon enough, but as you seem to be able to control yourself more effectively, we'll leave it until a more appropriate part of your induction."

Alice stares at the tall, imposing, attractive woman in utter horror, a horror made even more unsettling by the already powerful sense of sexual attraction she feels towards the regal, unforgiving headmistress.

"Now, to continue," Miss Lacey purrs, as Miss Lord returns to the table and Pansy is left to support a seemingly entranced Nancy. "Honey and Pansy have been identified as your mentors. They are both recently qualified Graduate Maids and will be responsible to your personal tutors for this first phase of your feminisation. Both sissies have satisfied their tutors that they are now able to function independently as she-male slave girls. You will treat them with the respect you would show a Mistress. You should also note that they have the power to punish you as they see fit, so your complete and absolute obedience is advised.

There are twelve mistresses. Each is an expert in a particular area of the curriculum that is taught at the Academy. Each mistress has two personal tutees. As you have probably noticed, Nancy's personal tutor is Miss Leigh; Alice's, Miss Wilding. There are a total of twenty-four maids in training at any one time. Training progresses through bi- monthly rotations, this means that there every two months, four maids graduate and four new maids are admitted to the Academy. The waiting list for admittance currently stands at over two hundred.

Tomorrow, we will admit the other two new maids on your rotation, which, as you may have guessed, we call the January rotation. The other rotations begin in March, May, July, September and November. The four maids in your rotation will be trained together throughout the next twelve months. Tomorrow will also see the graduation of the four maids who started on the January rotation twelve months ago."

Despite the terrible implications of Miss Lacey's words for Alice's future, the recently created she-male cannot help but be impressed by this systematic approach to sissification. Basically, she is about to be placed on a production line, that seems capable of mass producing she-male maids at the rate of four every four months!

"Your personal tutors will explain the curriculum timetable in more detail later in the week. You will spend the rest of the day being introduced to the Academy by your personal tutors and maid mentors. You will also begin regression therapy. My advice to both of you is to accept what has happened as a unique opportunity for personal salvation. By a stroke of very good fortune, you have been given the opportunity to escape the dreadful bonds of your sex and the terrible evil that dwells in its grim, black heart, the evil of violence and graven desire. Regard what is about to happen to you as a genuine rebirth from a life of illness into a life of health through absolute servitude to womankind."

Alice listens to this coda to Miss Lacey's introduction and stares with some puzzlement into her cold, yet angry eyes. These are obviously the words of a woman who has had a bitter experience of men and masculinity.

"Oh, and one more thing," Miss Lacey says, her shark eyes consuming the two unfortunate sissies with a glance of sudden, pure contempt. "If you should fail here, either to make the status of graduate maid or reach a level of performance that will allow you to be returned to your mothers, you will undergo a permanent sex change. Not only that, but you will also undergo a special brain operation to ensure your permanent acceptance of your transformed state. Remember this when the doubts about your destiny torment your sissy minds. And you should also remember that, one way or another, at the end of the training period, your mothers will receive a well trained, utterly convincing and absolutely obedient maidservant."