Femdom Mistress Alexa persuades a houseboy to look into her nipples, then hypnotises him to surrender to her Pussy...

pussy control
Attributed to "German Jim"

He nodded blankly as he walked through the hotel suite’s door. He was distracted by Mistress Alexa’s perfect appearance and hadn’t really been listening as she invited him in. Mistress Alexa was a striking woman. Her flawless skin and tight figure were that of a woman in her mid-twenties, but the air of confidence and authority in her voice suggested that she was a bit older. Mistress Alexa’s impressive cleavage was quite noticeable from his perspective. He had a decent view of her breasts, as she wore a black overcoat, he couldn’t help but wonder what was underneath. Her coat was tailor made purposely with a low cut that revealed the tops of her trance-inducing breasts. He absent-mindedly wondered if he would be able to resist her spell.

It was only a couple days earlier that she finally received photos of him. To her surprise, he was quite a muscular and handsome man. She thought to herself, “He could be a lot of fun.” Mistress Alexa knew he was successful and had always been a respectful client of hers, so she decided she wanted to meet him in person. Of course, there was a catch. She knew he wouldn’t say no to meeting her, so she also issued a challenge for him. If he could last just ten minutes without falling under her spell and, by free will, be able to walk out of the suite, he would have a year of free telephone sessions with her. However, should he fall under her irresistible spell, then he would become her slave, sign over his assets, and spend the next five years serving her and whomever she chooses to loan him out to. He foolishly thought it would be easy. After all, there was a difference between a phone conversation and an in-person meeting.

Mistress Alexa had him sit down on the black leather recliner. She reclined the chair and leaned over him for a moment giving him an excellent view of her mesmerizing cleavage as whispered to him that she was going to enjoy this.

Mistress Alexa began to unzip the coat and his eyes widened. She finished unzipping the coat and it fell open and hung loosely at her sides. Underneath he could make out something shiny and black, and his head was swimming.

"I haven’t even started yet and you can't resist, can you?" She shrugged her shoulders and the coat fell to the floor. He momentarily forgot to breathe. The magnificent body that had fascinated him for years was exposed to him in almost all its glory, covered only by the briefest black latex bikini which shimmered like polished glass against her perfect curves. The effect was amplified by her shiny skin, as she knew about his baby oil fetish.

She slowly started to grind her hips. Light danced on the black material and her reflective skin. She could see his eyes were starting to glaze over as he was falling under her spell of seduction. She turned around, still slowly moving her hips to some inaudible music. All of the blood was rushing out of his head and down to his groin as his cock was straining now. She had him right where she wanted him, in complete and total arousal and defenseless.

“I know what you really want.” She spoke as she moved back over towards him.

His heart skipped a beat at she slowly took off the bikini top and revealed her shiny hypnotic breasts to him.

“Look into my nipples. Look right into my nipples, not around the nipples but in the nipples. Good...that’s right. Relax, sink deeper for me. Look! Look at them bouncing, you like it, look at them jiggling, you love it!

His mind was spinning now.

Look into my nipples and relax. Relax, sink deeper down. You can't not look, sleep. Your eyes are heavy, but you want to keep them open. Perky nipples, sleep! Stare into my nipples, don’t close your eyes, too heavy, you have to close your eyes. Nipples are too much for your weakening mind. Relax, perky nipples, sleep, bouncing sleep, jiggling, sleep.” He fell deeply into a sleepy trance and slumped in the recliner.

“That’s a good boy. I know you like how I am making you feel. Continue to relax and let your mind go blank.” She quickly but gently removed his shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. As she slid off his underwear, his fully erect cock sprung free, throbbing and pointing straight up in anticipation. Mistress Alexa smiled, as this her favorite part of the new slave acquisition process, and her own arousal grew knowing she was mesmerizing him.

“Very good. My breasts have seduced your will away Say, ‘Yes, Mistress Alexa.”

Weakly, he muttered, “Yes, Miss.” She could see he was trapped in her spell, but wasn’t totally under her control yet. She knew from her years of phone sessions with him, he had strong resistance.

She thought to herself, I’m really going to enjoy breaking this one.

Mistress Alexa moved over and began to lightly stroke his erect cock. She was an expert at manipulating a man’s cock. It stiffened further and began to throb and drip precum. She continued to stroke at different speeds to coax out more precum, and his cock became more and more lubricated. As he began to moan with pleasure, she leaned over and wrapped her oily tits around his cock.

“As I wrap my breasts around your cock, you submit totally to me. My breasts own your body and your mind. With every stroke of your cock between my breasts, you give more and more of yourself to me. You want your cock to be even closer to my breasts; you want me to milk your cock. I am your mistress now and I own your cock. Say, ‘Yes, Mistress Alexa.”

Very weakly he spoke,“Yes, Mistress...”

She anticipated this would be harder than a phone session and was well prepared. She was actually quite entertained by him, but knew he would be hers soon.

His mind was mush, but he was still holding on to the last bit of will and strength.

“That’s alright, my pet, I know you are almost mine. I’m going to have to restrain you so that no unexpected movements will interrupt our next procedure. Let me just tie your arms with these leather straps. Good, and now your legs. Very good, now that you are unable to move I will proceed and drain you of your will.”

She began to lightly stroke his cock again and positioned her mouth next to his right ear.

“I know you’re going to taste delicious.” She softly whispered in his ear.

Then, she slipped her long serpent tongue all the way in his right ear and started to feed on his remaining will. A blank and dreamy smile grew on his face.

She wrapped her tongue around and began stroking the pleasure centers of his mind. Simultaneously, she secreted her venom into his brain. It wasn’t enough to hurt him; just enough to temporarily numb his mind and bypass any resistance he had left. His mouth dropped open and he slumped even further down in the recliner as she fed on him. Despite his body being completely limp, his cock was now a full two inches larger than it had ever been.

She continued for a few minutes feeding on his brain and milking his cock, but was careful not to do too much as she needed enough of his mind to remain so he could still function. She took her hand away from his cock and slid her tongue back out of his ear.

“Say, ‘Yes, Mistress Alexa.”

Weakly, but firmly he responded “Yes, Mistress Alexa”

“That’s a very good pet. It’s time to wake up from your dream.”

Slowly he opened his eyes and gazed upon his goddess.

She looked down right into his swirly eyes.

“I’ve successfully conditioned you under my control. You’re mine now. You feel only submission, pleasure, and obedience. However, your conditioning is not yet complete. Unless you are drained properly, you may retain some of your will power, and we just can’t have that now, can we? I’m going to make sure that the effects have taken a complete hold. I’m going to place you under ‘Pussy Control”.

He was in such a deep trance that he was too weak to respond, but she knew her trance-inducing seduction had him completely brainwashed.

“You didn’t expect this, for me to have such control over you. Now it'll be alright. Not only are you now my obedient slave, your cock is going become to a slave to my pussy. Pussy will drain your cock of the last of your mind. You’ll soon be my mindless pet. Your only thoughts will be the ones I tell you to think.“

He couldn’t think clearly, he had been beaten.

“I know you’re weak, just lay there. I've got you down the just the way I want. She took off her black bikini bottom and guided his large cock into her sweet wet pussy.

“Pussy has your prick, your cock is going under ‘Pussy Control" she said sliding his cock deeper up into her pussy.

"All you have to do is close your eyes and let pussy take control. You like the way pussy has swallowed your cock, don't you? You like it when she slides up and down. ... Up and down on your cock. Pussy is washing your cock with her sweet pussy juice. Washing away your mind, sliding up and down, brainwashing your mind. Pussy Control surrendering your mind, you are mine, washing your cock, up and down. She’s milking your cock and washing, brainwashing up and down. She makes you feel so good. You are min. Pussy controls your cock. Surrender to me. All you need to do stay relaxed. You are becoming very sleepy, floating in a sea of pleasure as pussy washes away your mind...”

Through careful muscular contraction she controlled his stimulation and thus, how much pleasure he was receiving while she rode his cock. She expertly kept him within a hair's breath from orgasm, she continued to speak in a low, sing-song voice as she continued her psychological conditioning, using a combination of her pussy’s stimulation of his cock and her carefully-worded siren song in his ear. Deeper and deeper she sent him until he was ready to explode inside her.

“When you cum, you will release any and all remaining resistance. I will be your world. You will transfer all assets into my name, you will do as I command. You will leave your former life behind. I will consume your days and nights. You will worship me. You will have no will of your own. My will is your will. Pussy controls your cock. Surrender to me. Up and down, Pussy Control. Surrender to me. Up and down, Pussy Control. Surrender to me. Pussy Controls you. CUM”

He came, harder than he had ever cum in his life. His body shook, and she wouldn't let him stop. She continued to use her well-trained strong muscles to continue milking him. Until his cock went limp. She extracted every last drop of his milk.

He collapsed exhausted, and dissipated. The woman he had dreamed about and masturbated to hundreds of times had taken total control of his life.

This was his last thought as he sank into unconsciousness under her. She got up and looked at his beautiful body and smiled. He was one of her better looking slaves, and could not wait to show him off.

She was so pleased; she loved breaking men like this.

She went into the closet and looked at a selection of French maid outfits, schoolgirl skirts, and catsuits she had brought along with her. She though to herself, “I wonder what I should have him wear out tonight.”