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Read about a husband who learns to like his wife cheating on him with other men...Call Mistress Alexa when you get excited:

Being married for a second time can certainly be a very frightful thought, especially, when your new wife is 15 years your junior. It not only becomes frightful but extremely challenging and if she looks like Erica its also good work if you can find it! At 33 years of age, a physical appearance of 23, and a face that would easily grace the pages of any glamour magazine -- the dangers were apparent. Most people would perceive this as a grasp at mid-life crisis. Then again, how many times is the brass ring going to be within reach? Damn the torpedoes!

cuckold confessions

The first time I heard the word cuckold I thought is was some kind of fish, served cold with rice. The question was posed to me by my wife as I sat in a living room of our house one evening. The conversation had been on going for about 30 minutes by the time I was asked if I knew what a cuckold was. Well, I didn't know and didnít care as I was too busy contemplating why my wife was in our bed with another man no more than 45 minutes prior.

A cuckold is one who permits and enjoys their spouse with other partners. A husband whose wife cheats with other men is cuckolded. When a wife fucks a man with a bigger dick than her husband, she is cuckolding him. Did you ever hear of this? My reaction to her statement was utter fear and terror. Besides, how could I ever admit that the sight of them engaged in such animal lust would have been even remotely stimulating to me other husband? I've never heard of such a thing and if you think that for one minute that Iím going to go along with such an excuse youíre obviously out of your mind

One thing I admired about Erica is she always knew how to handle herself in any situation, always calm and collective. That is why when I heard the words, this is a lifestyle that I want to live and you need to get use to the idea that your wife will be having sex with other men on a regular basis I just froze in my chair. Erica went on to describe the feelings of her enjoyment of being with other men and how much it excited her. I tried to interject with the notion that you're a married woman only to be interrupted with: Just because I'm married does not mean I have to stop doing the things I enjoy most. And, if you are not comfortable with this arrangement I do not need to be your wife!

My God, I'm thinking to myself we've only been married 4 months, how can this be happening? Erica kept right on going with the follow up. I thought I was being sold some real estate in south Florida. You will get used to the idea and youíll learn to enjoy this life need to trust your wife. Believe me, I promise you that in less than 6 months youíll be begging your wife to have sex with other men.

I was certain my wife had lost touch with all reality.What I didnít know that day was that my cuckolding wife had planned for this event to take place. She wanted to get caught . It was all part of her strategic plan. When I walked in the house and went upstairs, I heard the sounds that were eminating from the bedroom, my heart raced and began to pound so loud I thought I would have to hold it in with my hand. As I turned the corner and stood in the doorway my wife's figure came into focus, her face flush, her mouth parted and sounds of pure guttural lust coming from her lips. She was facing the door and riding the man below her , like her life depended on it. Looking back on it with her knowing that her husband was coming up the stairs , it could have depended on it.Our eyes locked onto each other and I clearly remember everything slowing down like a movie , sound becoming muffled and muted. I stood in disbelief as my gorgeous wife of 4 months was giving this man an experience of a life time. There was absolutely no break in her stride, movement of her hips or rhythm of their sex.

I expected an ugly scene or some immediate panic to be forthcoming, but there was none .Only the sound of my wife's pleasure filling the room and the constant rhythmic pounding of her lover's body into hers. Seconds felt like hours as I watched, in awe of my cuckolding wife's pleasure which was quickly reaching a point of monumental climax. She trembled with a passion Iíve not quite seen before .and with her head slowly falling back I saw the first wave wash over her, listening to sounds that can only come from very deep inside a woman. Then as her back arched forward I watched the second wave sweep over her as her lover reached for her breasts. I swallowed hard, turned and left the room without my disappearance being noticed.

Sitting in the chair in the living room waiting for my cuckolding wife to come down stairs was, I thought, going to be very brief and I needed to think quickly about what I was going to say. I expected her to come right down , .the guy would leave and we would get into it. I didnít think I would have almost an hour to think about my choice of words. Apparently, my wife was not working on my schedule and decided to have some more fun while I waited and listened to their lust for each other.

When they both came downstairs I was sure there was going to be a confrontation of some sort. However, Erica quickly kissed him goodbye and let him out the door. I watched her walk directly towards me with nothing on but a pair of very high heels and saying ìhi like it was a new day.Can you please explain to me what it was I just saw you doing? Were you cuckolding me? in the most demanding tone I could manage at the time.

"Sure, we were fucking. What part of that donít you understand?" she said. Erica was as calm as could be.

Well, as I said earlier thatís when I was informed about her enjoyment of this lifestyle and the word cuckold, as explained to me was going to be a new way of life, if, I wanted keep my wife. Not an easy word to swallow as I learned on day one.As I sat in my chair and listened to my wife she stood up and began to pick up her clothes that were lying around the room apparently that is where the days frolicking had started. Watching her do this I could not help but being made aware of what she had just done as you could clearly see the residue of her lover starting to spill from her body. Erica had turned and saw me staring intently at the process that was taking place between her legs.

Cuckolding Wife

Laughingly, Erica cooed. I know what you need and walking towards my chair she placed one heeled foot onto the arm and reached forward grabbing me by the hair and pulling me towards the spot my eyes had been focused right between her legs. Go ahead and lick your wife she commanded. Looking up at her, I said that I didn't think I could do that right now. Again she laughed you act like it's the first time you have done it. I looked at her very puzzled and she continued to laugh. That's right its not the first time my little cuckold!

Letter From A Cuckold:

I am seeking to have you hypnotize and control me so that I can fully embrace my desire to submit to a dominant woman.

I was a uniquely vulnerable young man when I was discharged from the army many years ago and found myself in a relationship with a dominant woman who quickly assessed my vulnerability to her desires and needs. I know now that I fit the psychological profile that allowed me to accept and indeed grow to need o accept and fullfil her sexual desires which became my own. I was without family and had been neglected e as a child befre landing homeless on the streets.

She took me under her wing and before long she was straddling me and playing with my niples, telling me that she wished that I had "titties" for her. I wished that I had them for her too, and soon she was mounting me and thrusting against my willing and receptive hips. As she entered me with first her finger and then a dildo, penetration became a condiction for fulfillment of the sexual act. When she then shaved my legs and then slipped off her panties for me to wear as a prelude to entering me while she pinned my wrists against the carpeted floor. I came as a girl and reveled in her being my man as I submitted to her wonderful thrusts as her demanding pelvis ground into my hips and I found myself transported to an ecstasy of which I had only hitherto dreamed.

When she was done and was stll panting with lust she demanded, and I was ony too happy to acquiesce, thatI shave my legs on a weekly basis and wear women's panties from then on.


Soon I discovered that she had routinely been sleeping with other men. Instead of angering me, my anger soon gave way to a sexual excitement that I had never suspected existed. I found myself encouraging her to pick up a man so that I could surreptitiously their lovemaking. She willingly did so, but first bound me to an arm chair so I "couldn't spoil her fun", and I found myself watching a man so much better endowed than me that it took my breath away entering my wife. I came repeatedly and spontaneously, while he gave her a through fucking. After he was done and departed, my wife came over, drew her finger through her sopping vagina and held it outward from her groin asa surrogate penis which I willing sucked into my mouth. She unbound me and climbed atop my mouth, holding my head still by my hair as she rocked to and fro as she lowered her foam flecked genitals gently to my waiting mouth.

Now, years later, I reailze that I need this and that I was fully and successfully indoctrinated by her as a willing cuckold. I would willingly suck cock for a woman and for her husband or would love to be in a cuckold relationship with another woman.