Panty Education by Pinky

A story about a frivolous and playful English teacher who uses her panties to dominate and educate her students.

You might have thought my job teaching English at a boy's boarding school was rather boring and tedious. Especially for a woman of my obvious talent and ability.

That's exactly what I thought when I started. It was my firstteaching job out of college, and the only one I could get due to thepitiful job market. I had to work very hard to get it, though, and Iwanted to make the most of it. But yes, it certainly was boring.

In order to make it more interesting, I started wearing shorterskirts, higher heels, and sexier makeup from time to time, and watchingthe boys' reactions. The lustful looks on their faces, and watchingthem try to hide the bulges in their pants helped me get through theday. I would experiment with different makeup color schemes, perfumes, skirt styles and lengths, and shades of panties and pantyhose, to see what effectthey'd have on my young cadets. Over time, I found myself getting moreand more extreme in order to keep things interesting.

Eventually, I discovered that I could use my teasing to elicitcooperation and obedience from the more unruly types. If I sat at downin front of the class beside my desk, I would see almost everyone'seyes drawn to my legs, waiting for a peek up my skirt. If I croucheddown next to one of the boys and let my legs part just a little bit, Iwas effectively able to command his full attention. Often when I had aboy in detention, I would notice his attention would follow themovement of my ass and legs. And if I moved around the office, gettingfiles from cabinets and writing the next day's lessons on the chalkboard, his eyes would follow me, longing for a glimpse of my sacredpanty crotch.

One day I decided to play with a student one on one, by keepinghim after class and teasing him. I trained him methodically to obeyme, by subliminal means. I gave him instructions to follow, andwhenever I saw him carrying them out I would grant him peeks furtherand further up my skirt. When he stopped working, my panty show stopped. Eventually I had him working steadily for me, grading papers, doing myfiling and helping me with any other duties I saw fit to give him.

I tried my approach privately on every boy in the class, before Idecided to try it in prime time. I had discovered there were some boyswho didn't respond to my system of rewards. I quickly had themtransferred to other classes, as I had no room for rebels. I was leftwith a class full of obedient leg watchers, and went about educatingthem as no other teacher could. Now, at the beginning of everysemester I go through the same weeding process, after which I am ableto panty-manage my class extremely well.

I could even say I enjoy my job now, and that since discoveringthis new teaching method it has never been boring. When I have thewhole class in front of me, there is nothing like the power I feelrunning me. Power over these boys, who are almost men, and who areultimately bound to be leaders in our community. Power to addict themto my panties and my pussy, and to use my charms to bend their wills to mine. Power to teach them first hand what a woman with panties on can do, so they'll neveragain think of themselves as superior.

Yes, when they leave my class they know who's boss. They knowthey've been educated, by whom and for what purpose. They know whotheir favorite teacher is. They know why they enthusiastically breezedthrough my class and barely scraped through the others with yawns. They know, and they are happy, and they tell me so.

I take my role as an educator very seriously. If I didn't feelmy approach was working, I wouldn't keep using it. But the fact isthat it does work, and it works well; and there is ample proof outthere in our community, now that I've successfully taught five years ofboarding school graduates.

In my psychology classes in college, lots of lip service wasgiven to positive reinforcement as an educational tool. But so fewactually used it for anything meaningful. Now that I'm out of collegeand teaching students in the real world, I've hit pay dirt with one ofthe most powerful techniques to come along this century, and I'm lovingit!

I recently decided to see exactly how far I could go using my newtechnique to solve behavior problems, with one special student in mymost difficult class. I picked Sammy because he really seemed to needguidance more than the other boys. He was rowdier and morebelligerent, and others seemed to follow his lead. I figured that if Icould get his behavior under control and make an example of him, Iwould have an easier time managing the rest of the class.

One day I kept him after class to discuss his performance. Imade sure everyone else was gone, and I quietly closed and locked thedoor. I circled my prey and came up from behind him, putting my handgently on his shoulder.

"Sammy, there's something I need to talk with you about," Iopened. "I'm concerned that you've lost your focus in class, perhapseven in life."

"Don't be ridiculous!" he protested, as he turned his head aroundto face me.

"I'm not being ridiculous, young man, and face front when I'mtalking to you!" I snapped back.

He turned back around, to face front, only slightly ashamed bythe exchange.

"Now, I know how hard it's been for you to concentrate in class."

"It has not!" he protested again, and jerked his head around toface me again.

"Well, it's obvious to me that you have problems rememberingsimple instructions," I insisted. "Now face front and KEEP facingfront!"

"Sorry, Ma'am," he said, and turned back around to face front.

I walked in front of him, keeping my miniskirted body very closeso he could almost smell me, and leaned over looking him straight inthe eye.

"I want to trust you. I want to learn to trust you. I want youto teach me that I can trust you. Can you do that for me?" I wastalking sweetly and gently now.

Trying not to look at my bosom, which was right in his face, hestammered "I-I'll t-t-try, Ma'am."

"Thank you, Sammy. I really appreciate that." And I meant it.

I sat down in a chair across from him, and let my legs parteverso slightly. I knew he couldn't see all the way up, but I alsoknew he could see far enough that it would draw his attention. It did.

"Sammy," I began, "I know you're a very smart boy, possibly oneof the brightest I've ever taught. Why is it that you have so muchtrouble concentrating in class?" As I said this, I leaned forward andlet my knees part just a little bit more. His eyes kept with theprogram.

"Well, I--" he tried to answer, catching himself and shifting hiseyes back up to meet mine.

I pretended to notice something was going on, but not to knowwhat. "Am I distracting you somehow without realizing it?"

"Huh?" he said, noticeably startled that I didn't seem to noticehis eyes on my legs a moment ago. "Distracting me?"

"Well, you seem uncomfortable around me right now," I said as Ishifted my position slightly, opening and then closing my kneesquickly, to see how well his eyes were trained to follow the display.

"I'm not, er, well I, uh..." he stammered. I knew his boyishresolve was weakening, and would be putty in my hands very soon.

"Well, some boys complain that my short skirts and pretty legsdistract them from my lessons," I said as I looked down at my own legsand motioned to them with my well-polished nails.

His eyes obediently followed.

"Is this what's happening with you? I really need to know," Iadded, looking back up at him, trying to make eye contact. As I did, Icasually swung one leg over the other, giving him another brief glimpseif his eyes were quick enough.

He tried not to look, of course, and when he couldn't helphimself he tried to conceal the rapid movement of his eyes to catch theglimpse. He replied sheepishly, looking away to avoid eye contact"N-no, of c-course not."

I spoke sweetly now, asking "My pretty legs don't distract youthen?"

"I said they don't, and I meant it," he said, garnering enoughstrength to look me in the eye this time.

"I'm not sure I believe you, Sammy," I said, sounding like Ireally wanted to. "I mean, when I do this," I went on inquisitively,slowly recrossing my legs to taunt him, "your eyes don't wander down tomy legs?"

He tried to hold his gaze.

"Or when I do this?" I asked, taunting him further by letting myuncrossing my legs and letting them fall open a bit more than before.

His eyes wandered just for an instant, but it was the irrefutablebreak in his armor I was maneuvering for.

"There, you see?" I insisted. "You ARE looking at my legs, justlike I said."

"B-but you just --"

"But I just WHAT?" I interrupted. "You're looking at my legs. Admit it!"

"N-no I'm not. You're just trying to confuse me."

"Oh, am I?" I asked playfully, as I slowly recrossed my legs,leaving my panty crotch in full view for a full second. He looked downat my legs again, and took in the whole view.

"Y-yes, you are. You're trying to trap me."

"I don't think that's so hard, young man, considering you'realready so eager to look at my lovely legs. You see, whenever I crossmy legs like this -" (which I did as I was speaking) "-your eyes justnaturally seem to gravitate toward them. It's no trap making you look,it's what you WANT to do, if you'd just stop fighting it." I made thissound almost like an invitation.

"I d-do not," he asserted in a meager attempt to protest. Icould tell his will was weakening.

"Here, Sammy," I said, offering a solution. "Let me see ifyou're right."

I uncrossed my legs again, letting my white panty crotch remainin plain view for a full second or more. I watched as his eyesobediently followed my lead. Then I very slowly began to stand,watching his eyes follow my legs, as I inched my skirt up slowly untilthe panty-seam of my pantyhose was visible. His eyes remained fixed,in a helplessly dead stare.

"What are you looking at, young man?" I asked teasingly, butaffectionately.

"I - uh," he stammered.

As I continued inching my skirt up right in front of his face, Ikept watching his eyes. "What are you looking at so intently, hmmm? What are you hoping to see?" I paused, unimaginably close to revealingthe nylon-encased white silk of my panty crotch. "Hmmmmm?"

"I - uh" was his only reply. He was completely transfixed,unable to look away, and almost completely unable to form words.

"What are you hoping to see down there? I'll bet you couldn'tpull your eyes away even if you wanted to, and I'm not at all sure youeven want to."

I was speaking very softly at this point, very intimatelydirecting each word right into his brain. I paused to let him digestmy words.

"You don't want to stop now, do you?" I whispered. "Pleaseanswer me."

"No, I don't want to stop," was the barely audible reply.

"I didn't think so," I said, triumphant like a lawyer who justmade her most important point. I smiled broadly and took in the sightof my obedient young scholar.

"Now," I continued. "I want you to watch closely," I said as Iraised my skirt very gradually even higher. "When you see my panties,you will be completely unable to look away. Completely unable to lookaway. When you see my panties. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"You want more than anything to see my panties, don't you Sammy?"

"Yes, more than anything."

"That's right. You're a very good boy. Aren't you?"

"Yes, good."

"Yes, that's right. And you're also very obedient, aren't you?"

"Yes, obedient."

"And when you see my panties, do you know what will happen?"


"Let me tell you, Sammy. When you see my panties, you willbecome weaker, even weaker than you are right now. Do you understand,Sammy? You will become very, very weak."

"Yes, I understand."

"So weak, in fact, that you will remain unable to look away, nomatter what. Completely unable to look away from my pretty panties,unable and unwilling to think about anything else but my panties." Ipaused, to let the words sink in. "Now, what will happen when you seemy panties?" I asked, just to make sure my words were having the propereffect on him.

"I will become weaker."

"How weak will you become?"

"Too weak to look away."

"That's very good. But you are already too weak to look away,aren't you Sammy?"

"Yes, too weak."

"And when I show you my panties, you will become weaker still. So weak, so helplessly weak. My panties will own you then, won't theySammy?"

"Yes, your panties will own me."

"My panties will control your thoughts. All you can think about,even now, is my pretty panty crotch. You want to see it, to feel it'sawesome power. It feels very nice to think about my panties, and tolet their power control you. You want very badly to let my pantiescontrol you, don't you?"

"Yes, I want them to ..."

"And even though you can't see them, my panties are alreadycontrolling you right now, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are ..."

"Tell me, what are you thinking about right now?"

"Your panties."

"Can you think about anything else?"


Do you even want to try to think about anything else but mypanties?"

"No, I don't want to think ..."

"That's right, Sammy. You don't want to think, you just want mypanties to dominate all your thoughts. And that feels good to you. That feels just exactly as it should be. Thinking about my panties,letting them control you, giving in to their power over you." And as Isaid this last part, I raised my skirt just high enough to let mypanties peek out. He was totally enthralled, and totally mine. I wasloving this!

"Look at my panties, Sammy," I told him. "Concentrate on them,"I urged him. "Think about how pretty they are, how feminine. Thinkabout how soft they are, and how pleasant and calming they would feelrubbing against your nose and cheek. Think about how sweet they mustsmell. Can you imagine these things, Sammy?"

"Yes, I can imagine ..."

"Thank you, Sammy. You are indeed a very good student.," I saidas I revealed a tiny bit more, and inched everso slightly closer. "Iwant to reward you for your obedience. Can you think of a way for meto reward you?"

"Your panties," he said yearning, motionless, eyes still fixed onthem.

"My panties?" I pretended to be puzzled. "What would youpossibly want with my panties? You wouldn't want to touch them, wouldyou?"

"Yes, I --"

"Or even possibly kiss them gently, right here?" I asked, as Ipointed with my polished fingernail to the center of my panty crotch,and inched myself even closer to his face. "Don't you just want tolean forward the tiniest little bit and kiss my panties right here?"

"Yes, I do," he replied as expected.

"You do? Then please don't let me stop you. I give youpermission to kiss my panties. Please do so."

I made this last line sound like a gentle command, and hecouldn't hold back. He obeyed like a good boy (or a puppy dog!), andkissed me as softly and lovingly as I'd ever been kissed in my life.

"You are a very good student, Sammy. You have made your teachervery proud." I smiled broadly as I ran my fingers lightly through hishair.

He paused a moment, and looked up at me, smiling.

"Please don't stop though, dear. Your lesson is only justbeginning." And as I said that, I gently guided his face back down tomy panties. "My panties want your lips. They need your lips. Youwon't disappoint my pretty panties, now, will you?"

"He shook his head slightly and uttered a muffled "uh-uh" as hewent to his sacred task.

After a few minutes feeling his lips and nose caress me throughmy pantyhose and panties, I decided to make my next move.

"As you kiss and smell my panties, Sammy, you find yourselfforgetting about everything else. All you know are my panties, all youwant are my panties, all you can think about are my panties, and allyou ever WANT to think about are my panties." I instructed him. "Nodif you understand and agree with me."

He nodded.

My panties are everything to you, and you like it that way. Itfeels good to you. My panties are your universe. They give your lifemeaning, don't they Sammy?"

"Yes," was the muffled reply, "meaning ... "

"You cannot forget about them, ever. Every day you will thinkabout them, every hour, and every minute. My panties are the oneconstant in your life, from this moment on. Thinking about them makesyou feel good, seeing them gives your mind focus, and smelling themrelaxes you and gives you a deep, deep feeling of well-being. Do youunderstand me, Sammy?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good. You enjoy these feelings very much, don't you?"

"Yes, I enjoy the feelings."

"Yes, you do enjoy the feelings you get from letting my pantiesdominate all your thoughts. In fact, you enjoy these wonderfulfeelings so much that you never want to lose them, do you?"

"No. I never want to lose them."

"No, you certainly don't want to lose them, Sammy. You enjoygiving up your will to me, and letting my panties dominate yourthoughts so much now, that you'll do anything to INCREASE their powerover you, won't you?"

"I'll do anything ..."

"That's right, dear. You'll do anything to increase the hold mypanties have over you, and to ensure that these wonderful feelings willnever go away. You want to submit to me more and more, at everyopportunity, so that these feelings will continually deepen andstrengthen. You cannot refuse any opportunity to submit to my panties,and you never even want to try. Can you ever hope to resist mypanties, Sammy?"

"No, never."

"And you don't ever want to try to resist them, even to theslightest extent, do you?"

"No, I don't want to resist."

"That's right, Sammy. You are indeed a very good student." Andas I said this, I gently pulled his face against my panty crotch again,as a reward.

"And if I ever show you even the tiniest glimpse of my panties,ever again, you will find yourself completely unable to look away, andunable to think about anything else. You will find yourself becomingweak and helpless, lost under the influence of my pretty panties. Asyou look at my panties, you will obey me totally, completely unwillingand unable to resist. You will find yourself relaxing more and moredeeply, the longer you look at my panties. You will find yourselfobeying my wishes automatically, as though it was the most naturalthing to do, as though you were born to do it. You will want nothingmore than to obey me and please me, and your happiness depends on howwell you satisfy me.

"You are now my panty slave, Sammy. You will always be my pantyslave. You were born to be my panty slave. It fulfills you verydeeply that I allow you to be my panty slave, and you are very gratefulto me. Don't you love being my panty slave, Sammy my dear?"

"Yes, I love being your panty slave."

"You feel a strong desire to share your joy and fulfillment withothers, so they may also know the true bliss you have attained byserving me. You want to share this deep feeling of satisfaction withyour friends, so that they might also experience the same ecstasy. Youwill try to find ways to share this experience with others, wont you?"

"Yes, I will try to share ..."

"Very good. But how will you teach them? Do you think you canconvince them just be telling them about my panties, and the joy theybring into your life?"


"That's right, you'd have to SHOW them. I will be glad to helpyou share this joy with others, by showing them first hand what it canbe like for them, if you don't mind me getting involved. Would youlike my help with that?"

"Yes, please help me."

"I would be glad to," I replied, as if doing him a big favor. "Thank you for asking me so kindly. We can work together, to showother boys how happy they can be as my panty slaves. We can be a team,can't we?"

"Yes, a team."

"I'm so glad to have you on my team, Sammy. You are such a goodstudent, and a fine panty slave. I am very happy with your progresshere this afternoon, and I'd like to reward you."

"Reward me?"

"Yes, of course. You may now continue kissing and smelling mypanties, if you so desire." And with this, I turned around, pulled mydress all the way up over my hips, and bent over slightly to give himaccess to my panty-covered ass. He began kissing and sniffing like itwas the most important thing he's ever done in his life. Fortunatelyfor me, it was.