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“Y ou have asked me what we have planned for you over the next year. Normally we would like these things to be a surprise. Some of them can be a little scary to the uninitiated, but as you have expressed such a strong desire to realize your dreams I think we can make an exception in your case. As you may or may not know, we possess techniques that are virtually unimaginable by the outside world. As someone once said, science taken to its highest level is indistinguishable from magic. We have reached that level and can do almost anything we want to both mind and body. In six months it will be impossible for anyone to tell that you were once a man.

forced feminization

We will narrow your waistline and enlarge your hips. We will soften and feminize your face. And of course we will give you large, impossible to ignore breasts - just as we discussed at our last interview. Finally, and most importantly, we will replace your hated male genitalia with a vagina and clitoris.

But the physical changes are in many ways the easiest part of our work. It would be of little to benefit to you or our customers if you simply remained a man in a woman’s body. I am not saying that you aren’t transexual -- all the tests we’ve given you over the past weeks indicate that you are -- but your mind has been damaged by years and years of having to behave like a man. Women benefit from the long apprenticeship of childhood, learning their femininity from their mothers and the other females in their lives. We must use faster and less gentle methods, and since we intend to profit from the completeness of your transformation, we must be sure to add to your femininity the submissive and dutiful qualities so admired in a maidservant. I can't begin to tell you how difficult this can be or how many transvestites, crossdressers, and crossdressing sissies were lost until we perfected the process. No, I can assure you that within a year you will be totally locked within the servile and ultra-feminine persona we have created for you.

Your new name will be _________. Let me tell you a little about who and what you will be.

Eventually _________ will be employed by one of our wealthy female clients. I can't tell you just exactly who She will be, but suffice it to say that in your eyes she will be the most beautiful woman you have ever known.

You will dedicate every waking moment to ensuring that she is happy, healthy and content. You will have no sexual feeling for her, of course, or for any woman for that matter; this would only compromise your role as a servant. You will admire her, though. In your heart of hearts, you will wish that you could be her.

Everything that she touches - her clothes, her undergarments, her makeup, her shoes, and her jewelry, even the furniture she sits upon will be dearer to you than your own life. You will be nothing. She will be God, the Universe, all that is good and beautiful and worthy of being loved. Your existence would have no meaning if it were not for Her. If she is in the least displeased with your behavior it will be as if someone were twisting a knife inside your chest. You will have no peace of mind until she restores you to her good graces. Even the slightest frown or look of disappointment can drive you to tears of despair for not having perfectly served her.

You will work very very hard, ________. Your days will be filled with cleaning, washing, vacuuming, cooking, ironing, sweeping, laying out clothes, picking up clothes, putting away clothes, dusting, emptying trash, doing dishes, mopping, brushing your mistress’s hair, serving meals, serving coffee, making snacks, scouring toilets, making beds, day after day after day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

What little time you have for yourself will be spent looking at the pictures in women's magazines or fussing with your appearance. You will keep yourself lean and trim. Your undergarments and uniforms will always be immaculate. Your makeup will always be fresh and perfectly applied.

And sometimes, _____________, when it is late at night and you are not too exhausted from your long day of service, you will pleasure yourself in a manner consistent with the abject feminine consciousness we have created for you. You will find yourself fantasizing exclusively about men: strong and powerful men who are as strong as you are weak, who are as hard and forceful as you are soft and submissive, men alone or men in groups who see you only as a sexual object, men who want to possess your body in every conceivable way again and again and again.

As time passes you will naturally want to make your fantasies real. Perhaps your mistress will give you a night off now and then. Perhaps she will have given you some of her precious, castaway clothing. Perhaps you will put on a tight dress and high heels and spend an evening looking for male companionship at a crossdressing bar. All will be possible once you are a woman.

I know that you have lived a cultured life and are well educated. You have read many books and perhaps speak several languages. You are accustomed to thinking deeply about things, to making decisions based on reason and analysis and your great storehouse of knowledge. All of this will change.

When we are done with you you will barely have the intellectual capacity of a six year old. Big words will be lost on you. Out of necessity your mistress will have to talk to you like a child. You will be smart enough to follow instructions and do your weekly chores, but no more than that. You will be able to read simple printed messages, but the morning newspaper will be as meaningless to you as if it were written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

I know this is very hard for you to imagine, and it might be more than a little frightening as well, but I assure you that we do this for very good reasons. You will simply be much happier if you donít have to think very much. How many college graduates are content to be maids? Being a maid will be the most important and treasured thing in your life, next to your mistress’s happiness, and we don’t want to complicate it with unnecessary thinking. And you shouldn’t be afraid. The process is gradual, somewhat in synchronization with the changes in your body.

As your breasts become bigger and bigger thanks to the massive injections of hormones, your mind will become smaller and smaller thanks to the other medication and treatments we will give you. Memories and experience will vanish like ghosts in the dark. In their place will appear simple concepts and feelings similar to those of a dame.

Have you ever noticed how much little girls worship their mothers? How they want to look and act like them? How they follow them around the house trying to be helpful? How they want to look pretty and be loved? Those are the feelings that you will soon have, first towards one of our crossdressing trainers and then towards the woman whom you will serve and adore for the rest of your life.

So there it is _____________. I would ask you if you still wanted to go through with it, but we both know that it is too late for second thoughts. You have been unhappy as a man, but now we are here for you to make things better. I look forward to seeing you next week. Please be sure to have your affairs in order, as you will never be returning to your present home or to your present life.

Signed by,

Mistress Alexa