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I travel a lot on business, and I'm almost always faithful to mywife the whole time I'm away. I mean, there are rules, and I tryto keep to them. This particular time I was away on an intensive three week sales trip, and I'd pretty much struck out, so I was incredibly horny when it ended, real eager to get home and beddown. So my last night out I phoned her and told her how much Imissed her, and I asked her to rent us a porno tape we could watchtogether when I got back, "to help establish the right mood" I toldher. As I always do.

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Usually she'd respond "Do we have to?" and I'd answer, "A littlefantasy adds spice and desire, honey! You like soft music andcandles, and I can understand that. I happen to like seeing otherpeople get it on! Same thing!" She'd then usually tell me thatthey are not at all the same thing, that a dirty movie doesn't inany way make for a romantic evening. But she'd do it if Iinsisted. Reluctantly.

This time when I asked there was merely a long silence and then shesaid, "Of course! That's just the thing! Have a safe trip home,honey!" Finally she's coming around, I thought.

I did need the spice. Debbie's as sexy-looking as they come, thekind of woman men stop and stare at when they see her on thestreet. I don't know how I ever sweet-talked her into marrying me. Maybe persistence. I never quit asking, and when she finally said'Yes!' no one could have been happier. But our sex turned out tobe as vanilla as it gets. The missionary way only, no others needapply. Straight fucking with me on top. At most. Just do it, andsometimes I'd bring her off and sometimes I couldn't, and sometimesshe seemed to want it and sometimes she seemed to want me to justget it over with. And often she didn't seem to care one way or theother. She'd been carefully brought up to believe sex wasunseemly, I suppose. She never did want to talk about it.

I mean, Debbie did finally decide to spread her legs under me whenI asked her to, so I could get into her, just barely. But shenever splayed them way out to let me get way into her as far as Icould penetrate, not that far but far enough I guess, and she neverwrapped them around me to pull me deeper. And not even once didshe ever feel some irresistible urge to kiss me while I was in her. Not even those few times when she seemed to be having an orgasm, orat least seemed more than usually interested in my moves on top ofher.

I'd asked her about that, how come she rarely even kissed me whenwe were having sex, why she rarely seemed to get into what we weredoing. She'd simply replied, "Sex is what two people want, honey. What you do just doesn't seem sexy to me." For Debbie, that wasthat. Sex isn't sexy? I'd ask her what she did want, but she'dnever answer that either. Too embarrassed maybe, or too annoyedthat I had to ask, thinking maybe that I should know the answerintuitively. Or, maybe her silence was her answer, that what shewanted was nothing. She'd rather we just cuddled? Who could tell?

So I'd park my dick elsewhere now and then, reluctantly, but it wasalways nice to feel appreciated. Inside secretaries or clients inthe companies I'd visit on the road, usually when there was alsosome business advantage. Only once with a woman near where welived, Marcie, and then only because she came on to me first, andshe lived way across town, and she was married and loved herhusband Gabriel and would never leave him, she said, so therecouldn't be any complications. It turned out he was so considerateand gentle and wimpy with her that now and then she felt she hadto fuck a real man. I obliged for a week, and then quit when shecalled a halt. I worried Debbie might find out, but she didn't. No big deal.

But you can understand why I'd taken to watching blue movies withDebbie for arousal, using the other couples' fucking as a warmup. I'd always ask Debbie to watch with me -- I never did give uphoping she'd get curious about some of the things they did in thosemovies. She was fascinated by all that XXX coupling when we firststarted out. In fact she couldn't take her eyes off the screen. She'd stare at it and mutter "Unbelievable!" and "O my God, lookwhat they're doing now!" over and over. But the novelty wore off,and after a while she just sat there with her eyes a little glazed,patient but glancing at her watch now and then. I'd ask her oftenif she'd want to try one of the positions we'd just seen, whateverthe couple on the tape did. Not a word. She'd just look at meinexpressively for a moment, then look away again. Not even sadly.

This particular Friday evening I arrived home, and we had ourromantic candlelight dinner, and then we each settled into our softchairs in the game room and I put on the tape she'd gotten for usto watch.

Bad move right off! She'd picked it, but apparently the way shesometimes buys groceries, looking across the aisle for the nextitem instead of checking the shelf and then reading the label to besure she was holding whatever it was she'd reached for. Or maybeshe'd grabbed the first thing closest on the "adults only" shelf,with eyes averted. Because the subject was, for Debbie, absolutelyhopeless. "Oral Sex for Women." A movie showing how girls can usetheir mouths to make their partners happy. How a girl can go downon a guy and love it. How to suck cock.

Oral sex was no way Debbie's thing! Way too big a step for her! A step in the right direction, sure, everything I'd wish for, Iloved the feel of a girl's warm, wet lips nursing on my dick. ButDebbie never went down on me, and never wanted me to go down onher. Even when we were engaged and I'd wanted into her pants theworst way, any which way, and she wanted us both to wait till wewere married, because our relationship was something special, eventhen when I was desperate to make out with her and my balls ached,the most she'd ever do for me was a hand job. "Your thing in mymouth just doesn't appeal," was her only explanation.

I still had no idea how my thing in her mouth might feel. Guyswould tell me what their girlfriends and wives did for them, andI'd try not to look envious. I often asked Debbie if she'd changedher mind. She'd just look at me silently as usual, then look awayas usual. Sometimes in bed with her I'd just happen to end up ina position where my prick was right next to her face and her pussynext to my face. But even then, nothing. When I leaned forward tosmell that fermy smell and kiss her pussy and then try to movedeeper, maybe really go down on her for once, "I'm not clean," wasall she'd say, and she'd wriggle out of reach. Even just aftershe'd just soaked in her bath, and her skin was soft and moist andsmelled of that wonderful flowery bath oil she uses!

Well, the girl in this particular blue movie Debbie'd picked outhad no such problem! Her guy's thing really must have tastedgreat! It hardly ever left her mouth. For her, a cock in themouth was way better than two in the bush -- licking one was tastierthan a lollipop or a fast-melting ice cream cone.

As the tape began, we saw first what looked like one of thosegorgeous weather girls you always see on the news, those babes whostand in front of different maps and charts and stare out at youwith huge dark eyes and advise you to stay indoors on rainy days toavoid getting wet. And you think, "Whatever you say, honey! Anything!" This girl sat at a desk, and her short dark hairbrushed her ears as she shook her head earnestly, trying to besincerely helpful. She explained that there are many things a girlcan do for the boy she's with, if he's attractive, or if his cockis attractive, especially if she's practicing safe sex and notputting out, or if she's having her monthlies. "Here's Stacy toshow you," she said.

The scene cut to Stacy, an even more gorgeous girl with plump,pouty red lips a lot like Debbie's. She was wearing a frivolouslacy babydoll that didn't quite cover her pale blonde mound or thestunning globes of her ass. It hung from huge tits projecting wayahead of her. She must have trimmed her pussy hair -- it lookedhalf-naked, and I could see clearly where her slit began and thendisappeared between her legs. As she walked down some hallwaytoward the camera, with each step she rocked her hips up to give mea better view. I began to get stiff immediately!

She entered a bedroom, and there on the bed was some guy supposedto be asleep on his back, sheets and blankets tossed to one side,cock and balls out there for all to see. An impressive package, Ihad to admit. Stacy smiled slyly as she looked it over, and shelicked her lips while the first girl's voice continued on the soundtrack "Is he getting too eager, but you want to avoid gettingpregnant? Or you just can't help yourself, you have to go down onhim? Try this! A warning, though. Don't do this too often orhe'll never be able to get hard enough for regular sex. He won'tbe able to penetrate you. He won't mind one bit, but you might!"

The blonde approached this guy from the foot of the bed and creptup between his sprawled legs and lay down between them, thenstuffed the whole of his soft penis into her mouth. He opened hiseyes, then closed them again and threw his head back. He was gone!

My boner got so hard it began to hurt!

I glanced over at Debbie. She was watching carefully, I supposeonly just then realizing that she'd chosen the wrong tape, that itwould only give me those same old ideas again. Which is what itdid! I was thinking maybe this one would interest her in one ofthe things couples can do for each other, for once. But I wasn'thopeful. It was too much. Not a small step in the rightdirection, but the whole trip.

The man's cock grew to huge proportions, the way they all do inmovies like this one. Thick as the girl's wrist and almost as longas her forearm, or so it seemed! Certainly it put mine to shame. Mine isn't especially small, though it's nothing to boast about, soas always when we watched these movies I hoped Debbie didn'tnotice. Though I doubted she'd care even if she did notice. Thiskind of thing wasn't for her. It wasn't sex.

When that dong got to full-size it looked scary! Stacy kissed itstip, licked a pearly bead off it, and then got down to pleasuringit. Her puffed out red lips stretched wide and then slid over thewhole huge purple dome and then up and down it while both of herhands positioned that tool for her mouth and stroked and squeezedit, one hand gripping it above the other the way kids use abaseball bat to choose up sides, with a lot left over! She gotmore and more devoted to that cock head, more intenselyconcentrated, her cheeks hollowing on each up stroke. Soon hiships began to thrust into her face, and the length of that thingbegan to disappear into her head God knows where! They kept going,on and on, at it, the man grunting each time she bobbed down on himand he rose to meet her! I began to sweat! God, it was hot!

There came a shot looking at Stacy from the man's point of view,past his stomach to Stacy's face, though mostly what we saw was thehair piled high on her head out of the way. She was leaningcomfortably between his legs on her forearms, her head centered andframed by his upraised thighs, her deep, dark eyes staring intomine as if it were my cock and we were sharing some intimatesecret. His rod glistened, wet with her saliva, and I watchedentranced as the upper part appeared and disappeared inside herswollen mouth.

Then came a reverse shot from Stacy's point of view of the man. Auniverse of gleaming cock filled the whole screen, a high-rise oferect flesh! Then came a majestic ride down that purple-domedtower, from the royal crown down finally to the man's pubic hair,a jungle of vigorous undergrowth. Then back up again to the peak. Stacy licked that shaft from top to bottom and back. Then again. Every heavy vein in that tree trunk was visible. And as Stacylicked them, they pulsed! There, from his crotch, was Stacy's viewof the world. I could glimpse the man's face in the background inecstasy, chin up, head back, somewhere else! Then Stacy's tonguegot back to business again, and the entire viewing audience took anew lick down that cock from crown to jungle.

Eventually there came a side view and we could see Stacy's headbending to do the man repeatedly, swallowing more and more of himwhile he face-fucked her, slow-pumping that pipe into her like someoil derrick. She paused now and then to kiss the tip of the penispassionately, her long lost love now finally found, and to pull onthe base with both her hands as if she were churning milk intobutter.

I got so stiff I had to shift my weight to free up my own painfullyhard-bound cock. Debbie glanced at me and for some reason smiledto herself.

Suddenly Stacy seemed to remember that this was an educationalfilm. She lifted her head, still milking him with both hands, athread of viscous pre-cum visible on those gleaming red lips as shesmiled straight at me. The weather girl's voice came back, saying,"Girls, here's where you get to choose! Remember the old nurseryrhyme? 'Cum in my face or cum in my tummy? Good for my skin, butalso tastes yummy!'" Stacy hesitated, torn, looking down at theman's cock with real affection!

The cock decided for her, as it always does in these movies. Itlurched a few times, then spurted white cum repeatedly onto hercheeks and chin and hair. She seemed rapturous. With aconfidential grin she scooped a fingerful off an eyebrow, tucked itinto her mouth, licked her finger, and mouthed "Yummy!" Then shekissed the tip of the man's prick again, her tongue wiping off apearly puddle of semen that had fallen back onto it.

His cock now well and truly appreciated, Stacy then seemed to gointo a frenzy of sucking, licking the softening prick and balls andkissing them both over and over. The weather girl's voice brokein. "Wasn't that wonderful? Aren't you eager to try thatyourself? Well, press "pause" now and if you like go right ahead! We'll resume whenever you're ready!"

The word "PAUSE" appeared on the screen. I pressed "pause" andlooked over at Debbie. It had been three weeks! Hell, for this,a lifetime! "How about it," I asked her. Ever hopeful!

"No way, Sam!"

"She enjoyed it! You saw!"

"She's an actress, a kind of actress anyway. If you're so eagerfor a blow job, do it yourself! Suck your own cock!"

"I would if I could," I said to encourage her, without evenconsidering whether I would if I could.

"Oh? You would? Really? You'd like to take a cock in your mouth? How interesting!"

"But I don't bend that far."

"Where there's a will there's always a way," she replied, obviouslyfor the sake of argument. "Maybe it's just that you're a littlebit inhibited, Sam? Could that be it? Maybe this video can helpyou break down those inhibitions? That's what you're hoping willhappen with me, aren't you? Wouldn't you love to have a cocksucking session like this one? Isn't that what you're thinking?"

"You bet I am! You bet I would!" I was desperate for one! Wastonight the night?

"I don't mean you getting one, baby. I mean you giving one ifyou're all that eager! Like Stacy! You saw her. Doesn't the ideaexcite you now that you've seen it? A long, fat prick like thatman's sliding in and out of your mouth, and then feel cum shootingand splashing all over your face? Or do you prefer your cum yummyin your tummy?"

"Debbie, there's no need for sarcasm. All I did was wonder whetherthe tape might've changed your mind! You chose it, I didn't. I'vebeen away for three weeks, remember?"

"You're always asking me!" she said, annoyed. "You're alwayshoping I'll go down on you! You're never satisfied with what we'vegot."

I wasn't going to fall into that trap! "We don't always have it! Not for the past three weeks, anyhow! And hope springs eternal. What's wrong with that?"

"Well, it's annoying. For one thing, I'm not persuaded there'sanything in it for me! For another, I suspect you're all take andno give! You wouldn't do it!"

"What do you mean, I wouldn't do it?" I asked her. "I've wanted togo down on you lots of times! You always say 'No!' You knowthat!"

"That's not what I mean, Sam," she said, still resentful.

"Well, what do you mean?"

"You know perfectly well what I mean!"

I didn't exactly, but was afraid I might if I gave it a moment'sthought. I also didn't like the direction this discussion wasgoing in, not at all, and I certainly didn't like the mood. "No Idon't know what you mean," I said, as innocently as I could.

She turned toward me. "Think about it this way. You're alwaysafter me to wrap my mouth around that tube of yours and lick it andfeel all those veins and bumps with my tongue, and purse my lips onthe edge of your cock head, and suck up whatever comes through yourpee hole. Taste the stuff that leaks out of the tip whenever youget excited. Suck on it, and sink your prick in and out of mymoist, hot, clinging mouth until finally you squirt straight downmy throat. Yours would fit completely in my mouth, wouldn't it? Maybe even stretched out full it wouldn't quite reach my throat, somy lips really could do it all! Isn't that what you want? Greatfor you, maybe, but why should I? What's in it for me?"

Now I had a boner that was unbelievably rigid! "God, you make itsound so attractive! Honey, lots of women do that for their men! You heard what the girl said! What's in it for you is knowing thatyou're giving me pleasure!"

"Well then, if you think it's so attractive, if you think givingthat kind of pleasure is so wonderful, you do it! You do it! Youfirst!"

"I mean attractive for me! If the girl does it for me! To me!" I was getting confused. "I'd love for you to do it to me! It'sharmless, and it would give me great pleasure." Now that soundedpompous! Our last discussion of this subject had ended this waytoo, I remembered. And the previous!

Debbie was turning stubborn, as she always did when we argued. "OK, Sam! I heard you! You said it, I didn't. So you must meanit! Sucking cock is attractive and harmless, and it's pleasurablebecause it gives pleasure. And that's why you want me to go downon you!"

"Right!" Now I was also a little exasperated. "I mean, Debbie,why'd you bring this video home and get me all hot and botheredlike this? It's all about blow jobs! Which you don't do!"

She looked defiant, but said nothing.

For once I had the advantage, and I leaned in. "'Oral Sex forWomen'?" I asked, incredulous. "What could the title mean otherthan what it does mean? Cunt lapping? You don't do that! Cocksucking? You don't do that either! What else could it be about? Let's just go to bed and do some of the old things! It's beenthree weeks, and I'm feeling horny as hell!"

"That's a very romantic proposal, Sam! How can any girl resist it? I thought from the title that for once we'd be watching how womendo it with other women. You're always hoping I'll get ideas fromyour porn movies, so I thought maybe for once you could get someideas. About how to be gentle and considerate, the way women areI'm sure! About kissing me nicely, for openers, maybe! Otherthings too. It does have pointers for you, doesn't it?" "For me? A movie telling me how to suck a cock?" "Even that! Yes! So at the very least you'd know at first handwhat you're always asking me to do! So you'll know what you'retalking about. Besides, cocks aren't the only things people cansuck on. I've sometimes wondered how it might feel if you were alittle more ... ardent. I have fingers and toes as well asbreasts, you know. All you ever want in your mouth is my breasts. If those."

"Oh, God! Let's go to bed Debbie! Right now! I'd love to suck onyour fingers and toes and breasts, right now! And anything elseyou'd care to name!"

She looked over smugly, as if she'd just finally gained a point insome contest. "That's good! But first, let's watch some more ofthe tape."

"Why, hon? If you don't intend to use any of the information."

"You never know what might turn out to be useful, Sam!"

Elated by that concession, slight as it was, I pressed "Play" andthe tape resumed. Maybe there'd be something in this for me afterall?

The next segment was brief. The short-haired, dark-haired,dark-eyed weather girl looked out and said "Now we're all going tobreak down what you just saw into its basic elements, and we'llpractice each of them, and then practice everything together. Press 'Pause' again now, girls, and then go get your favorite man. Or if you don't have one, go get your favorite dildo." She smiled. "Or if you don't have one of those either, not yet anyhow, then abanana or a hot dog or a candle or a soda pop bottle will do justfine. Some girls like cucumbers. A little hand lotion will help,too. If you don't happen to have a man handy, plan to use yourimagination." She smiled encouragingly, just between us girls. "Take him in hand, and then we'll resume." She smiled again.

The word "PAUSE" came on the screen again.


I pressed "pause," and turned to ask Debbie whether she saw herfavorite man anywhere about. Without a word she got up abruptlyand went into the kitchen. She came back with two bananas.

"Here," she said. "Practice what you preach!"

Now I was puzzled. "Why a banana for me? This tape is for girls.

"Not necessarily." Then she relented a little. "It wasrecommended to me by my office manager, Bruce. He's ... you know. He's different, if you know what I mean. We all talk to him as ifhe were one of us, all the girls in our office. He knows lotsabout how to make men more ... responsive. What's attractive. What attracts. We're always curious whether men like Bruce feelthe way women do about ... some things." She paused, thencontinued. "I mentioned my fingers and toes, how I wishedsometimes you were a little more ... venturesome, and so on. Hethought a tape teaching more about oral sex might help."

"You talk about our private things at the office, Debbie? And aska gay man for advice?"

"Sam, it's Bruce, not just anyone! Women feel comfortableconfiding in him! He never takes advantage of what he knows, so itdoesn't matter what he knows! And he doesn't gossip -- who'd payattention to him? And he has the cutest dates calling on him afterwork, sometimes! Sometimes we're all a little jealous!"

I didn't like hearing that. Jealous of Bruce? Debbie and theother girls at her office size up the men who come through aspossible...partners? Even gay men calling on a gay man? I didn'tsay anything, but I must have looked a little solemn. Worried.

"I don't mean jealous of Bruce, honey. I mean we envy the way hisdates look. All prettied up for their night out on the town. Someof them are just gorgeous, and dressed beautifully too! Designerdresses, he likes that, and they all have the figures they need tocarry them off!"

"Bruce's dates? Gorgeous? Beautiful? And he's gay? They're men,aren't they?"

"I suppose. Some may be, technically. Bruce says lots of menthink they're really women, so they take hormones and get thesurgery they need to become women. And while they're at it, thesurgery they also need to become beautiful. Lots don't, they justwork at being beautiful the way women do. Whether they're thenwomen or men is all in the eye of the beholder. Bruce likes themthat way. His friends all look like women when they come to callon him. "

"Your Bruce likes guys who look like girls?"

"He likes girls who were once guys, honey, for sure! And the girlswho visit him like his kind of man, too. We all do. He'ssomething! A real man. Lean and graceful, but with solid, hardmuscles, like a dancer. Handsome, chiseled face, high cheekbones,deep eyes. Very dramatic! He did dance professionally for a whilebefore he got his M.B.A. Why do you ask?"

"No reason. Just trying to understand." The way she'd describedBruce was disturbing me. She sounded ready to go to bed with himeven though he was gay. Debbie must have sensed it.

"Understand what, honey? Does it matter to you? Do you have somespecial feeling about effeminate men I don't know about? Wouldyou like to date him too? A handsome, hard-bodied man? Does the idea that some men look like gorgeous women give you afunny feeling inside? Do you secretly envy them? We were talkingabout how nice it is to suck cock. Do you ever wonder whata pretty man's cock might feel like, say, in your own mouth? Or ahandsome man's, pushed into you maybe somewhere even more private? Do you have strange feelings about all this you don't want to admitto me, maybe? Maybe not even to yourself?"

There was that sarcasm again. I was already losing round two,and I hadn't even left my corner. I said nothing. Then, "Thistape teaches the wrong kind of sucking, Debbie. It's your Bruce'skind of sucking. Cock sucking! That's what gay men do with eachother. And girls do with men. Real men don't suck cock or dressup to look like girls. That's all I meant!"

"That's what you think you meant! I heard something else! No morediscussion! You said before that you'd suck on anything I'd careto name! Well, right now I'm naming a banana! Is that too muchfor you to handle?"

"No," I said, trying now to be conciliatory. "Of course I'll suckon your banana!"

She saw that I was trying to appease her, and she tried toappreciate it. "That's my dear! Let's just watch some more of thetape, shall we? Maybe we'll both learn a few things!"

Again, faint hope rose up in my heart from that remark. Maybe shewould change her mind about blowing me? Maybe this mis-chosen tapewould prove a godsend? I looked at the way she was holding herbanana. Cradling it in both hands. Caressing it with herfingertips! A woman's fingertips, long, slender, manicured in deepred. Grasping her phallic banana at the base with one hand, andstroking its underside absent-mindedly with the other. Again Ifound I was rock hard! I pressed "play."

There was Stacy again, still wearing full lips and babydolls, butthis time seen from the rear on her knees, facing a different manseated on a plain chair. Another man with an incredible endowment-- his erection rose from his crotch higher than two bananasplanted end to end! Or so it seemed. Stacy looked over hershoulder, seemed to notice us watching, smiled, and then liftedher ass and waved 'Hi!' at us with it, swishing its exposed roundcheeks. My prick lurched.

The dark-haired girl's voice again addressed us. "Now, we're goingto take this topic up one part at a time, and then put all theparts together. The lessons are first, how to hold a man's cock. Then how to kiss it. Then in quick succession, because we're alleager to get down to it, aren't we, how to lick it, suck it, slidelips up and down on it, and then as a special treat how to deepthroat it. Finally, cum-swallowing. Then, girls, you're on yourown. But if you'd like to know even more, there are all sorts of"Special Project" lessons included on this tape for afterward, andyou can watch them at your leisure. Meanwhile just listen andwatch closely while Stacy demonstrates everything I describe.Ready?"

I glanced at Debbie, and saw that she was looking at me. Strictlyspeaking, at my banana, which I was holding at my side in one handlike, well, like a banana. While she was cradling hers like someprecious, fragile thing to be cherished. Her eyes flicked up tomine, and I saw she was rebuking me. I quickly held my banana infront of me like hers, like a baby, in both hands. Satisfied, hereyes returned to the screen.

"As we all already know I'm sure, guys come in many differentsizes. Some are weenies. Most are only average, but that's OK,some girls are satisfied with only average, maybe they have aproblem of self-esteem, or maybe the man's good with what he's got. Chuck as you can see is not average! His is a prize-winner -- morethan two hands tall! So Stacy has begun by grasping it gently butfirmly at its base with one hand, and inclining it to a morecomfortable angle for her mouth with her other."

A close-up followed of Stacy's long fingers with their long redmanicured nails doing just that. Like Debbie's. I grasped mybanana by the base and bent it toward me, and looked again atDebbie. I sensed that she'd just checked to see if I was now beingdutiful and minding my lessons, but her eyes were on the screen,and she was holding her banana exactly the way Stacy was holdingChuck's cock, feminine delicacy implied by her little finger heldapart from the rest, just a bit, as if cocks and bananas were teacups. I did the same thing.

"Even when it's swollen and erect, a penis's skin is loose. Liftand lower the skin down at the base so it slides a little on thecock shaft as you grasp it. Pump it a few times. Then take holdof the cock with your right hand too, and lift and lower the skinthere. Then with both hands together. Do this a few times. Mencall what you're doing jerking off, but be languorous about it,girls. Real slow. He'll appreciate it later that you were in nohurry. And it'll give him more time to surrender his body and hisdesires to you for the rest of the session. That's what you want. To melt his brain into his cock so he becomes putty in your hands. You know the old rule -- make them want you, then decide laterwhether you want them."

Stacy was pulling on Chuck with a tantalizing slowness, and Chuckwas already lost in his bliss. I have never envied anyone as muchas I envied Chuck at that moment.

"If you're using a dildo or banana as a cock, pump with your righthand while the other steadies it. If you've got both hands full ofa man, especially a man with a prick like Chuck's, count yourblessings. And use the hand lotion or some other mild lubricant togive your hand a slick feeling."

I was now holding my banana like a flagpole on top of my ownpent-up, raging prick. Stacy poured pink lotion onto her palmsfrom a pink plastic bottle and then rubbed them togethervigorously, like some ditch digger who'd spits on them beforepicking up his shovel. Then with sinuous, deft movements of thosemarvelous slim hands and fingers she spread the rest of the lotiononto the backs and wrists of both her hands. Debbie handed me anidentical pink plastic bottle. It smelled of flowers -- her usualskin lotion. She watched me. I set the banana down for a momentand spread the lotion onto my own hands and wrists with a closeimitation, I thought, of Stacy's seductive dexterity. Then cuppedthem and sniffed deeply. Now my hand also smelled of flowers, andit was like sniffing Debbie herself! Debbie smiled encouraginglyand turned back to the screen. Slowly, with softened hands, likethe blonde in the video, I masturbated my banana.

Our weather girl's voice returned. "Now bend over and kiss thetip, girls. Delicately." That's just what Stacy did to Chuck. "Then again. Lick off any drops of pre-cum. Now kiss the edge ofthe crown, and lick that. You're driving him wild, darlings!"

What Stacy was doing to Chuck was driving me wild too, but I didn'tdare reach for my own dong, which was performing a full court pressin my pants, trapped, weeping in frustration. Instead, I bent tomy own kissing and licking after a quick glimpse at Debbie doingthe same. She looked so sexy! Why wouldn't she do me that way!? Her eyes rose to meet mine with an almost sisterly affection, as ifwe were two girls double-dating two bananas. I turned my attentionentirely to my man of the hour, Mr. Banana, and I kissed and lickedhim passionately, devotedly.

"Make him wait before you take him into your mouth. Make him alittle crazy! Now kiss and lick his cock along its whole length,bottom to peak. Especially on the underside, girls. It'sextremely sensitive. Take your time. But don't forget to keeppumping the base with your hands! A few gentle squeezes now andthen will help too. So he can't possibly guess what you'll take itinto your pretty little head to do next. Then he'll be so gratefulwhen you actually do take it into your pretty little head!"

That's exactly what my pretty little head did. I looked over fora moment, and saw that Debbie had stopped with her bananaaltogether, and was just watching me. She looked pleased, not atall angry.

"No fair!" I said to her in between licks and kisses. "You have todo this too! It was your idea!"

"Yes it was," she replied. "You look so sexy right now, honey! Sovery dear! But may I make a suggestion? You're nowhere neargentle enough. Maybe you're feeling too passionate? Try to bemore ladylike! Daintier! Maybe peel back the banana so yourimitation cock will be a lot more fragile? Then you'll respect thedelicacy of what you're doing! "

She's the expert? I did that, and found that from then on I didindeed have to be extremely careful not to bite or break it. Thevideo instructor explained how the ridge below the crown of a penisprovides a natural seal for the lips for sucking, and added that itisn't the sucking that brings a man off, it's the vacuum sealedpressure of a woman's lips sliding up and down on an erect penis,lubricated by her saliva, slippery and yet sweet, snug as avirgin's pussy. She discussed how to open the back of your throat,and advised novices how to practice defeating the gag reflex so aman can literally feel your throat swallowing him.

She informed us that a male orgasm produces usually less than twoteaspoons of cum, but he can squirt it as far as six feet. "Menlove to think it's gallons, and they love for us to swallow itall," the voice informed us confidentially. "So do try! If yourman is healthy it's a nourishing source of protein, a little sweet,a little salty, slick on the tongue like tapioca or an egg white,lightly flavored sometimes by whatever he's eaten recently. You'llhave plenty of time to get accustomed to his distinctive flavorwhile you seduce him, because if you've done your cock sucking right,he's been leaking pre-cum from his cock-tip all along. He can'thelp but. The poor dear!"

I tried diligently to do everything she advised. It was quite arepertory. Stacy demonstrated different lip, tongue, head, andhand movements, ways to play a man the way musicians play theirinstruments. Then she began freely improvising her melodies.Riffing! It was an art form!

My naked banana was ready to climax, I was sure, when I heard ourinstructor say, "If you aren't blowing a real man right now, girls,you'll want to taste your reward anyhow. So while Stacy's bringingChuck to the edge, go get a gravy baster and fill it with thewhites of a raw egg. Then squeeze the bulb into your mouth tosimulate the ejaculations of a live cock finally gone wild andspewing cum for all it's worth! That's every girl's reward, theevidence of things hoped for."

I looked up. There was Debbie standing over me and my banana,holding a gravy baster erect in front of my face with an almosttriumphant look! She really was getting off on this! I couldn'tdisappoint her! Like a starved whore I abandoned my banana, lungedat the gravy baster pointed straight at my mouth, and began tonurse on it frantically. I slid my lips back and forth over thenarrow tip, up and down, while Debbie held it in position againsther crotch as if it were her penis. I was vaguely thinking thatsize does matter, that bananas are really fatter, better endowed,more satisfying in the mouth than gravy basters. But just then thegravy baster rewarded me by pumping something warm, salty, andslick into my mouth. The warmth puzzled me -- I knew that we keepour eggs refrigerated. A faint fishy flavor puzzled me too. Butthen this whole previously prepared gravy baster puzzled me. HadDebbie seen this tape before? She must have. Why show it to me? She did intend to do me, somehow, but I had to leap some hurdlesfirst?

I closed my eyes to concentrate on swallowing the viscous stuff --all at once seemed the only way. I gulped several times, but stillfelt it coating my mouth and tongue. It stayed there, a film overeverything that even my own saliva couldn't penetrate! It didn'tlet you forget! "Congratulations, girls! Now you've sucked cock!" the voice on the tube concluded. "This ends our demonstration ofthe essentials. You are now capable cock suckers, and your menwill love you for it. But to learn more advanced techniques,continue watching!" I opened my eyes just in time to see Stacylifting her mouth up off the hair at the base of Chuck's prick. She'd deep throated that whole tower! That tool of his keptleaving her mouth, on and on -- it seemed to take forever untilfinally the peak passed out from between her lips. Had Chuck cumdirectly into Stacy's stomach? Was his dong two feet long? Longer? How did that cute girl ever learn to swallow a thing likethat?

There were more advisory lessons further along, our guide remindedus, detailed re-examinations of the fundamentals and quite a fewingenious tricks of the trade. But we might just as well view themanother time, I thought. I stopped the video -- my banana hadgotten mangled anyhow by my repeated failed attempts to deep throatit. The idea that Debbie was at last interested in oral sexexcited me. But sucking on a banana was not my idea of aneducational evening, nor an entertaining one either when I'd beenaway for three weeks. Maybe Debbie would look at the rest of thetape by herself, and maybe be persuaded by it? She seemedpreoccupied. Had the video finally turned her on? I asked herthat question.

"No," she replied seriously. "What turned me on was the sight ofmy own husband's lips sliding up and down on that banana. You didseem to be enjoying it, honey. If a job is worth doing, it's worthdoing well, is that how you felt? Or were you really beginning toget turned on? I hope so. When you were bestowing those littlenibbling kisses on the tip I felt very strange inside. Veryexcited, just as I'd hoped I would be. That was unforgettable. You did seem to be deeply in love with that banana! Next time Iwant you to have a manicure like mine to wrap around the thing, andwear some lipstick to enhance the effect. I'll love seeing that!Promise! Did you enjoy sucking off that banana? Please say yes!"

This wasn't the excitement I'd hoped to find, but it was something,maybe something I could work with. "Sure, whatever -- it was OK,"I said. No more answer was needed than that. She sounded serious,but I figured she was still teasing me. At least she wasn't beingsardonic, nor disgusted. She seemed more intrigued by my newlydiscovered talent. "What do you mean, next time?"

She took a deep breath. "Well, I have to tell you, Sam, and Irealize people can differ on this. I loved watching you do it.Even though I've always thought the whole thing was littledemeaning for a woman, insulting even. Asking a woman to bowdown to worship the almighty male phallus? It's humiliating! That's why whenever you've asked me to lower myself that way, tosubmit myself to you, I get angry and answer 'No way!' And tonightwhen you were asking me again all I could think was 'Oh? You wantthat? You first! You do it!' And you did it! I loved watching youdoing it. It's obviously a man's thing. A kind of phallicself-celebration. A vision of a man honoring the symbol of his ownmanliness. I found it strweekly storyy exciting!"

"Honey," I had to reply. "You miss the point. It's an act ofaffection. It's meant to make someone feel good. It's not in theleast humiliating, I shouldn't think!"

"That's what I'm saying! Why don't men do their friends? Makethem feel good, if it's like a good-natured slap on the back?"

I paid scant attention. "For men it's demeaning, Debbie. Submission to another man. But you heard that woman say that forwomen it isn't submissive at all, rather the reverse. Good oralsex can reduce a man to a gibbering simpleton who will agree toanything a woman wants. Its a way for a woman to control him, evendominate him." Maybe that argument will work, I was thinking.

"That's what you want? For me to control you? Dominate you?"

I had to choose my answer carefully, or I'd also lose round three! "For you to persuade me to please you in any way I can, yes, bytrying to please me. Yes, I'd love that! And I'd want to pleaseyou too, Debbie. I really would!"

"That's the kind of relationship we've got? That's what love is? A tradeoff? Tit for tat? No tit, no tat?"

"Debbie, that's not what I said!"

"It's what I heard." She was silent for a long moment. I wasabout to suggest again that we just get to bed and try to pleaseeach other in our customary old fashioned ways -- I was desperatefor any kind of sex after three weeks away and alone. Foraffection. Just for acceptance! Then suddenly she seemed to cometo a decision. "Let's be reasonable, Sam. Put down that banana,or else eat it and let's talk."

"All right." Outwardly I was calm, but now inwardly wild withhope! Was it possible that this very night my wife meant finallyto favor me with her virgin mouth?! Finally?

She settled in. "Now let me understand this. You want me to dosomething I think of as unnatural, distasteful, demeaning, even alittle perverse, because it would please you. Is that right?"

"I'm sorry you feel that way about it. But essentially, yes. I'mnot insisting, mind."

"I appreciate that, honey. So neither am I."

"Neither are you what? Insisting on what?"

"Insisting that you do it first. Something you'd think of asunnatural, distasteful, and even a little perverse. To show yourgood faith. So you'll fully appreciate what my pleasing you couldbe costing me. To show me even before I attempt it that you'vebeen there and done that, and survived it, maybe even enjoyed it! Isn't that a principle of male leadership? Never ask anyone to doanything you haven't done first and done better?"

"Done what, Debbie?" It was getting late, and I was getting tootired and addled for these mind games.

"What you want me to do. Suck cock!"

"You mean I should go down on myself? I told you, I can't! Idon't bend far enough!"

"But you did tell me you would if you could!"

"I said that, yes." And I'd regretted it instantly!

"So why not do it to a cock you can reach?"

"Where's that, baby?"

"Why not do some other man's cock?"


She continued in a straightforward, reasonable tone of voice. "That seems only fair. And I'll give you good odds! Here's whatI'm thinking. You suck on another man's cock. All the way. Bringhim off at least once, to show your good faith, maybe more if youfeel like it to prove to me it's enjoyable. Then I'll suck onyours whenever you want, for all the rest of our married lives. But you first! Because I need to know that you've overcome thesame distaste I've got at the prospect of it. That you understandhow I feel! That you've overcome that distaste in order to pleaseme! As an act of love. That you've set an example for me toadmire and try to emulate!"

She smiled encouragingly at me.

I stared back. Had that video driven her mad? I tried to reachher. "Honey, for openers think of the humiliation! Men don't givesexual pleasure to other men. Not unless they're gay. Why do youwant me to...?"

"You just said it wasn't in the least humiliating, that to do it isan act of affection! Where's your affection for me? And besides,you promised me you would. You said you'd suck anything I'd careto name. I named a banana and you did that job beautifully. NowI'm naming something else. Another man's cock."

She really meant it! She was serious!

"You're always telling me you're a man of your word, that's why allyour clients trust you!"

That was true. I valued my word. What was it I'd promised her?

"So be a man of your word! But even more, be a leader! Here'syour opportunity to lead the way! You do it, maybe I'll watch, andwho knows, maybe I'll even pick up a few pointers. But certainly,then I'll feel obliged to do it for you."

She nodded, affirming that she agreed with what she'd just heardherself say. I just stared.

"It's that simple. You lead, I'll follow. You do it as payment inadvance, or as a sacrificial act, or to set the right example, orout of curiosity, whatever reasons you think adequate, and I'll doit for you. In gratitude, out of renewed devotion to you. Whoknows, maybe I'll get to like the feel of a man's cock in my mouth-- lots of girls do. Maybe you'll get to like the feel too. I sawyou with that banana."

I still couldn't say anything!

She went into her closing argument. The one that cinches a dealand gets a customer to sign. I was reminded that she's asuccessful real estate saleswoman. "Think about it, Sam! Thinkabout what it costs you, and what it gets you! Only maybe fifteenminutes of a little discomfort, a half hour at most, out of a wholelifetime. It can't be that unpleasant -- the video certainlydoesn't think so, and you've never implied to me that it might be. You do that and you can get in return weeks and months and years ofblow jobs if you want them. Weeks and months of my mouth wrappedsnug around your prick and slipping up and down on it. Weeks ofyou feeling exalted while your loving wife gives you head. All forgiving me fifteen minutes of your time. Showing me the way. Fifteen minutes you might not much enjoy, but then again you justmight. Stacy certainly does! Less than fifteen minutes if you canget into it and bring him off quickly."

She waited for my reaction. I tried to speak, but only splutterscame out. Was that a faintly amused smile at the edge of her lips? "Hello?" she called out to me.

"Debbie," I finally managed to say. "You don't mean it!"

"Do you mean it when you say you want me to go down on you? Whenyou imply that I don't love you because I won't go down on you?"

"I've never said that! Never!" But saying it that way only seemedto confirm for her that I'd felt it. She merely nodded, hersuspicion confirmed, a glint of anger now suddenly visible in hereyes.

She stood up abruptly. "Think about it, Sam. That's the deal. You do what you must. I'm going to bed!" And the next second shewas gone. Nowhere in the room. A second after that I heard ourbedroom door slam shut. I was familiar with that sequence -- manyof our quarrels ended that way. When I came in she'd be asleep. There'd be no lovemaking between us! I wouldn't dare wake her. She was now unapproachable.

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