I n the bar I had sat uncaring, watching the beautiful people meander past. Iwas feeling sorry for myself . My girlfriend had left me for another man.Well she had left me for a variety of reasons.

crossdresser bra

I was alone. About to be apartmentless. I was in no mood to talk. Thebartender had already asked me a thousand questions about my situation, but Ifigured that was her job. I wanted nothing to do with women that night.

But SHE sat down next to me, a beautiful girl wearing some incredibleshoes that I had been staring at. SHE said the words which would tie me toher tree:

"Wanna try these on?"

I thought I had misheard her. Maybe she meant seats. I stared at heruncomprehending. And she was so attractive-short dark hair in heavy bangs,a large pair of lips, and pale sharp features, enough to wake me up. She satin the stool easily, wearing a long leather coat, just a pair of legs andthose impressive heels sticking out the bottom.

"Excuse me?"

She said, "I think I know your problem, and I think I might have the answer."

I tried to laugh her off. I smiled stupidly. Shrugged. I felt hot withacute embarrassment.

She looked hard at me.

She said, "Maybe I am wrong."

I said something like, "About what?"

She said, "Never mind."

She stood up, she was tall, taller than me maybe. Even without the heels.

And her coat fell open. And I looked up at the most perfect pair of breasts,breasts that were stretching a tiny pink sweater to its limits. The sweatercurved around the breasts like a second skin, embossing her nipples. Thelight caught the fabric, mohair maybe, and she was framed in a halo of fuzz.

She watched me closely.

I was stuck in a mass of desire. She leaned closer. The heat overwhelmed me. Her dull brown lips were over my right ear, the sweater was right below mychin, the fabric tickling my senses.

"Come with me."

I followed her home, never questioning my directions.

She stopped in her hall way, smiled.

She said, "Close your eyes, I think you are going to like this."

I closed my eyes, as she opened her door.

She took one hand and led me forward.

The next thing I remember was a bright flourescent bulb and the sweater woman standing in front of me. All I could was the fuzzy light around her soft pink sweater. "What....?"

"You are here because you want to be here...because maybe this is what youwant."

She smiled down at me. Her breasts from the floor looked solarge, so beautiful under her tight pink sweater."Well", she said, "let me ask you this-do you like what I am wearing?"

I stared at her open mouthed, my throat suddenly dry. I nodded.

She squatted down in front of me-staring hard into my eyes.

A lock turned, and my wrists were free. She took my hands and placed one onher breast. I felt the soft fabric, and my penis grew hard. It was thateasy. She breathed in my ear. She said, "Do you like me?"

I nodded. She stood up slowly. I started to stand up, but she shook herhead, placing her hand lightly on my shoulder. Slowly she raised her skirt,stretched it out in front of her, pulled it up slightly. I watchedmesmerized. She twisted her body, arching her back. Her skirt lifted,revealing what I thought was a pink panty, but it was hersweater, it was a bodysuit, it fastened between her legs. She stretched theskirt away from her body, leaning in towards me, and then the skirt was overmy head, and I was in the darkness, next to her mohair crotch, the bare skinof her thighs touching my cheeks. I ran my hands up her legs feeling thestockings underneath my fingers. But she stopped me, shoving my face hardinto her crotch. I breathed deep and reached for the snaps of the bodysuit,but she stopped me, lifting her skirt and backing away, shaking her head. Iwas so hard it hurt. I started to get up to follow her, but again shestopped me, keeping me on my knees with her hand.

She bent forward, her breasts tugging at the weave of her sweater. Shesmiled.

"If you want to stay, you will have to obey all of my commands. Do youunderstand? Otherwise, just stand up and walk out of here."

I looked at her uncomprehendingly.

She straightened up, taking her hand off my shoulder. "Either stand up now,or accept everything"

I burned with fear, shame. I could no more rise than if I weighed two tons. My skin burned.

"This is your last chance. After this, you are mine"

My head dropped forward. I could not move, I...surrendered.

Looking back now, I realize that was the most sublime moment of this wholeexperience.

But the moment lasted just that long.

The sweater woman smiled andsomething snapped around my neck, a hard collar of leather, with some sort ofmetal locking device. Alexa yanked me to my feet. She hissed in my ear,"Take off your clothes."

I asked her if she meant all of my clothes. She lookedhard at me and told me that I was never to questionher commands, and at no time was I to address her without using the wordsMistress or Madame. She said that I would learn. And then Alexa slippedsomething over my head, a harness of some sort, with a rubber ball thatfilled my mouth, and would effectively keep me from talking. It was a ballgag, as I would learn, and it fastened behind my head, the straps travelinghorizontally and vertically across my face. I breathed through my nose,suddenly frightened, as Alexa cinched the gag tighter, spreading my moutharound the obscene red ball. The taste of rubber filled my mouth. Alexahissed at me again, and I quickly stripped.

When I stood naked except for the collarand the ball gag, she walked slowly around me, looking me over like shewere appraising a car. My penis was soft and she looked at it carefully,embarrassing me further.

Alexa manacled my wrists in front of me, and led me into thebathroom. The next thing I knew I was chained to the shower rod, my armsabove my head, and she was coating me in a rich, creamy gel. I triednot to breathe as she scraped their razors across my body, stripping meof all my hair.

I screamed Alexa grabbed my almost soft cock and gripped it hard. That silenced me,and the desperation of my situation sank in. I watched horrified as sheshaved away what little body hair I had. Even my balls were not leftuntouched, and she shaved my pubic hair into the form of a small triangle. Then I was rinsed.

Alexa removed the ball gag, and toweled off my smooth body. I felt theair in a new way, my skin expanded, goosebumping me. She reached my crotchand her cool dry hand shot out and attached itself to my penis. I stiffenedimmediately.

"You will change quickly ", she said, pulling on me abstractly. I feltmyself get harder. Alexa continued to look me over remarking onmy features, my slim frame, my large lips. She didn't seem to notice howhard I was, or the fact that I was breathing heavily. Alexa eventuallyreleased me, and the way she looked at me I could tell she really did knowwhat she was doing to me. She looked hard into my eyes. She whispered oneword to me, "Slave".

I was taken into the bedroom,still naked, where I was measured, inspected,forced to walk up and down, until she seem satisfied. Then Alexa opened acloset door, a huge closet full of clothes and a chest of drawers, and said,"Now get dressed."

Confused, I looked at each of them, then back to the closet. I pulled througha few of the hangers, and there was nothing but dresses. The chest ofdrawers also was full of women's clothes. I turned back to her, even moreconfused, but in the back of my mind I was beginning to understand.

Alexa asked me what was wrong. I said she only had clothes for a girl.She waited in silence. I stood there stupidly. Finally Alexa grewimpatient. She reached into the closet drawer and pulled out a pair of blacktights. She threw them at me and told me to put them on, and I could tellshe meant it. I drew them up my legs, stretching the weave over my newlyshaved legs. As I reached my crotch I felt myself growing hard. I grew hotagain with embarrassment, but there was nothing I could do. The materialpinned my hard penis to my stomach. I could hardly look up at her.

Alexa said, "Why do you think I chose you? I knew you enjoyed this, theseclothes. And you have been chosen for a worthy cause. Now tell me how youwant to dress, how you want to serve me."

She stood up, and ran a casual hand over my penis. Through the stretchedfabric it felt like a cool breeze. She leaned against me and the soft fabricof her sweater brushed my skin. I still could not look at her.

"Say it and I will make you very happy."

I swallowed, my throat suddenly very dry.

"Do you want to wear this?", she asked, "Do you want to wear my sweater?"

I nodded.

"Say it."

I whispered the words, "I want to wear your sweater."

"You will wear my clothes. You will be my slave."

I answered again, "I will wear your clothes. I will be your slave."

Another door closed.

The next few hours were a blur, she forced me in and out of a dozen outfits,pulling the clothes this way and that. she actually asked me what I liked,what turned me on. I rolled latex stockings up my bare legs, and felt themadhere to my smooth skin like glue. I tried on a dozen bras and false breastforms, and I was shown how to wear heels, and how to walk.

Finally Alexabrought out an elaborate leather and lycra corset, with straps and buckles atthe waist and a strap that went between the legs. She fitted me into thepliant material and began to tighten it around me, cinching my waist in byseveral inches. Something cold and metal touched my sensitive nipples as shefit two enormous breast forms into the cups. My nipples hardened against thecold.

Then she asked me to bend over and she undid the strap between mylegs. First she slipped some sort goo onto my penis, and then fit it throughseveral loops in a fold in the fabric. And then she dribbled something wetand slippery on my exposed asshole. I was told that that hole should alwaysbe clean, extremely clean, and I would be punished if it was not. Thensomething thin and rubbery entered me, my cock stiffened, and Alexa snappedthe strap back into place.

Something was inside me, and the loops around mydick tightened as I stood up. She gave a another tug, and the buttplugpushed deeper. She attached garters to the rubber stockings on my legs, andthen fitted me into a pair of spiked heels. The heels, the corset and thebutt plug forced me to bend at an odd angle, forcing my fake breasts out infront of me.

"Walk", she said. And I stumbled around getting an encouraging word fromAlexa, an angry look from Alexa. I almost had it, and then Alexatightened a strap at the back of the corset, attached to the collar I woreand MY back was suddenly ramrod straight. The buttplug nestled inside of meanother few inches, and my penis slipped back and forth, always half hard. Iturned around and caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror, and I wasastounded. I looked like a model getting dressed, a leggy model, or morelike a prostitute walking the street, even more so when Alexa fitted a brightblond wig on my head, cut in a pageboy. It fit snugly against my croppedhair, and when I tilted my head down and looked out, I resembled a coyhooker looking for a date.

Alexa handed me a red red lipstick, and I painted it on in a trance. Shesmiled at that, my unconscious feminine reaction. Then she dabbed some light green eyeshadow across my eyelids, and patted my face with powder,and I watched the mirror, as I emerged each second as a beautiful woman.

"She's almost ready" she confered behind me. I stood mesmerized by myreflection. she whispered, giggling. Then Alexa told me to raise my arms,and I saw her bring a soft sweater forward, pale angora, the worm on my hook.She dropped the sweater over my arms, carefully pulling it past my wig andmakeup. It was darkness, and the sweet smell of the angora, and then I wasstaring into the eyes of this beautiful blond, wearing a soft sweater over aslightly angular but very feminine body. The sweater was tight and ended atmy waist, just the bottom of the corset was visible. I was in ecstasy. I reached down to touch my stiff penis, in bondage beneaththis corset, and as I ran my hands down the sweater I thought I would cum. In fact the sensations sweeping over me were tremendously powerful, likenothing I had ever felt. I reeled backwards towards the bed, trying to sitdown. She laughed.

I fell back, grinding my ass against the bed,trying to get the butt plug deeper inside me. I could not bend forward tosee the picture I must have made, but it did not matter. My hands ran backand forth over my body, my every cell concentrated on this sexual feeling. Belatedly I realized that something electric was stimulating my penis, mynipples too, some sort of low current. Maybe even the buttplug, but thethought vanished as I bucked my whole body forward trying to fuck myself. Ifelt an orgasm building, until something tightened around my cock, and thewaves of pleasure stopped. I looked up dazed, at the woman standing overme. She wore a pleased grin, and I noticed that Alexa had some sort ofcontrol in her hand. I was in agony suddenly, the sudden cessation ofpleasure was more than I could stand.

I begged. I asked her, "please." Alexa rolled me over, and spanked mehard on my ass, driving the buttplug deep inside of me. I Screamed, moaning,"please, please." She hit me again, and pointed out that I shouldspeak with a woman's voice as I was now a woman, and without hesitation Imoaned a high pitched "please." she laughed, and asked me what I wanted. Ianswered again in this humiliating voice that I wanted to cum, that I wantedto feel the pleasure.

"Do you want to be fucked?"

It was as if she were playing a game, and I squirmed on the bed, saying yesI wanted to be fucked, then begging for her to fuck me. Something releasedinside of me, and I felt my whole body shake with desire. Alexa releasedthe rod from my collar, and told me to stand up. I did, trying not to shakeon my heels. She barked at me get on my knees, and I did without hesitation. Every time I followed her instructions another wave of pleasure washed overme. She smiled, fixing a harness around her waist. When she turned aroundagain, she had a huge realistic dildo hanging off her flat plastic waist. What do you want to do, she asked, and I hesitated as she waved the hugedildo in front of me. Instead of pleasure, the loops around my penistightened. I looked at the obscene cock head swaying in front of me, andthen I opened my lips and took it in. The pain immediately stopped to bereplaced by pleasure, and the faster I sucked the better I felt. The nextthing I knew I was eagerly using my hands to guide the penis into my mouth,it was the best thing I could do. Alexa finally pulled it away, and Imewled in disappointment. It was all I wanted, to please her. Alexa came upbehind me, and swiveled her crotch into my face. The sweater bodysuit wasunbuttoned, and her dark pubic hair was staring straight at me. She smelledso much like sex already, I lunged forward my hands groping for her ass. Again the pleasure stopped, and Alexa stepped forward to reprimand me, butAlexa stopped her. She pointed to her shoe and I fell to kissing it,anything to maintain the pleasure. Alexa pulled my hands behind my backand wrapped something soft around my wrists. I moaned, as I kissed my way upAlexas ankles. She allowed me to kiss her thighs, then pointed at the darkspot beneath her vagina, where her juices and sweat had gathered, to hang offher long pubic hair.

Without any hesitation I rimmed her, tonguing her asshole, never herclitoris, opening my mouth to her grinding motions. Finally she had me pinnedon the bed and was taking all of her pleasure from my mouth. Alexa wasbusy strapping my ankles to the corners of the bed, then my wrists until Iwas spread eagled, unable to move. Alexa finally stood up, breathingheavily, and the pleasure was almost too much for me. I looked up at herbreasts heaving under the tight gray sweater, and I think I may have cum, butthe bonds around my penis kept me from feeling it. Then Alexa fitted asort of VR helmet over my head, two monitors right in my eyes. One monitorshowed me spread eagled, a beautiful blond in a tight fuzzy sweater, writhingin pleasure. The other monitor flashed images of oral sex, tantric sex, analsex, all sorts of sexual congress, couples and more, having sex in anincredible variety of positions. The images sped up and as she did thepleasure increased. Headphones suddenly cut out the sounds of my own moans. And then a penis shaped gag was thrust into my mouth and I immediately beganto suck on it with all my might. Something was actually oozing out of it,something salty and sweet. I felt the buttplug swell, the tingling in mygroin increased, and suddenly I was bucking with the most incredibleorgasm...I have always exploded whenever I finished, but this was unreal, myass tightened around the buttplug, I screamed. And the most incredible thingwas that it did not seem to stop. I still felt the sexual urges, I stillwanted to suck the cock in my mouth, coaxing drops of what I thought was cuminto my mouth.

I dont really know how long I lay there, squirming with pleasure, pushing,pulling, trying to free my hands. Once or twice the penis gag was removedand I lapped at a dildo or someone's butthole. I think now that I may havebeen like that for a day. Maybe more. The most incredible part of it, andthe most important, was that after a while I started to hear words beneaththe heavy silence in the headphones, and slowly a long set of sentencesformed, a litany, about pleasure, and service, and servitude. I did morethan memorize it, it was embedded in my brain. It was long set of commands,what I should and should not do, and most importantly what would bring mepleasure. I was being told that my one purpose would be to serve thosearound me, sexually and otherwise. Keywords were fed into my brain, wordsthat would trigger responses in me. Some of those commands were so bizarre,and I know that some were inserted by Alexa, some by Alexa. For instance, the sight of any sweater, the sound of the words angora, cashmere, had theimmediate response of making me sexually active, which generally meantoffering myself to someone. Alexa it turned out was a sweater fetishist, orshe perceived that aberration in me; Alexa inserted the commandsassociated with bondage, with absolute servitude, and a couple others that Iwould learn about later. It was like those words soaked into my brain,dripping with pherohormones and testosterone, to become organic switches, andI could do little to stop her. I must have finally fallen into sleep, asleep so full of sexual dreams it was almost indistinguishable from my wakingmoments.

When I woke up I was naked on the bed, naked and undressed. I stretchedlazily. Immediately I felt the urge to get up and get dressed, and withouteven thinking twice I climbed into an incredible costume: a waist cincherthat pulled my waist in seven inches, a set of patterned tights, like a wideweave fishnet, a fake training bra, and then a dress that was so tight andshiny I looked like a feminine eel. I easily fit my feet into the waitingfour inch heels, and then pulled a hood over my face that secured at my chinand neck, and had a long blonde ponytail attached to the top. I fixed mymakeup like a pro and I swayed into the other room, to find Alexa sittingat the table drinking coffee. She smiled at my appearance. A voice spoke, ahigh beautiful voice, and it was mine: "Mistress."

Alexa was happy, so happy with me that she donned a silver cat suit withan attached dildo and fucked me right there.

My life had changed to say the least. I was fucked, but more often I wasforced to service the Mistress in a variety of measures, or simply todress in bizarre and often humiliating costumes and walk in front of her. Ishopped with her, through the mail, and finally outdoors, in seedy lingerieshops, and dark little fetish stores. I was still not passing, that is tosay I still looked like a transvestite more than I looked like a woman, butwhatever it was I was being fed was definitely changing my body. My hairgrew back slower and slower, and my skin had taken on a soft roundedappearance. I was still strapped into the pleasure corset every night, andthe images danced in front of my eyes: soft penises, hard penises, menmoaning in ecstasy, and I sucked away at the penis shaped gag in my mouth,bucking with orgasmic energy.

I rarely even felt the ability to question her instructions, and only oncedid I get in any trouble. Alexa brought a man home one night, an averagelooking guy, and I was told to suck him off.I was dressed in this crazy latex outfit that made me look like some sort ofanimal, and I could tell the guy was getting off on how I looked, but thelook in his eye reminded me too much of the look in my eyes before I hadchanged,and I faltered. Alexa immediately raised her hand to smack me, butAlexa stopped her. She turned to me and said, "Go put on something else, puton the sweater dress." And I followed her orders, she followed me intothe bedroom, and when I pulled the soft sweater dress down over my curves,some of which were me, some of which were padding, I could do very little tostop myself from sucking this stranger's penis. I wanted him to fuck me butshe stopped the whole thing, and Alexa buckled me into a pair of elbowstraps, and a bondage helmet, and left me on the floor for the night.

Finally my mistress packed allthe clothes I was forced to wear. My bank account was closed,papers were signed, jobs were notified. I was too busy teasing my shorthair, fixing my make-up to notice. And then it was time to go. Only Iwouldn't be walking. She dressed me in an elaborate bodystocking, and theninjected me with several new drugs, as always, in my butt. Then she draggeda huge man shaped case out of the back room, a sort of cello case on wheels. I began to feel woozy, and as I lost focus I realized she were going to putme in that case - the foam was cut into a curved feminine shape. I wasstrapped in, bound tightly in a cocoon of silicate fabric. I felt somethinginserted up in side of me, and something fixed over my penis, which began tothrob immediately. I felt the lid close, as I was already blind under apunishment hood. The gag in my mouth dripped liquids, sweet and salty, andjust as I felt myself lifted upright, I felt the faint prick of needles invarious places in my body.

I am happy to say I was unconscious for however long the trip took, but I amsure that I was alternately injected and fed a strange series of chemicalsfor at least a fortnight. The case that I was in kept me immobile, while anautomated series of injections pricked me in my hips, my ass, my legs, mychest, even my penis. It was not painful, it was more like being bitten byan endless and methodical swarm of mosquitoes. Anyway I was oblivious as Isucked unconsciously on the tube in my mouth.

And when the lid finally was opened and I emerged sweaty and weak, my bodyhad changed completely. My breasts had grown, I mean my own breasts, to34D's, and my hips had swollen out. Even my hair had grown, I barelyrecognized myself. Alexa was also surprised; evidently thecocoon had never been tested before, and the results were better than shehad hoped. Or maybe it just worked well on me. My breasts were larger thanshe had ever hoped, and felt taut with all of the skin stretched firm aroundmy big nipples. I stared down at her, dizzy and nauseous. Below the globesof flesh, at my crotch, my penis swayed, half hard from the journey. Then Ithink I fainted. With the combination of hormones and psychoactive drugsracing through my body it is a wonder I awoke at all.

When awareness returned I was lying in a bed with clean white sheets, and Iwas naked. I lifted the sheets and stared at my body. Ifanything my breasts had grown since I emerged from my chrysalis. They lolledagainst my chest like huge water balloons. The swelling had affected mynipples too; they looked like small brown corks. I reached for my penis andfelt its reassuring weight in my hands. Had it grown as well? It certainlyfelt big. I looked around the dim room, all white walls and wood furniture. It smelled like a clinic, or a health spa.I got dressed in the plain clothes I found in the closets, not what I wasused to after my training, but I enjoyed pulling the plain white sweater downover my enormous breasts, feeling her stretch the cotton knit. The tanshorts were too baggy to be exciting.

But then Alexa walked in, took one look at me, and burst out laughing. Inseconds she had me dressed like a Hollywood hooker, and I was SO eager toplease her, to please anyone, especially a man. I wondered, as Alexadragged me down the corridor, if that meant I was now a woman.

Unfortunately it seemed like everyone in this place was a woman. All I sawwere females, dressed in the plain sort of clothes I had just tried on. Theystared at me in horror, but laughed when Alexa twisted my miniskirt abovemy crotch. Every time she showed the world my cock I felt miserable, like Iwas only half a person. And here especially, where everyone was the same, Ihad to stand out.

My boobs strained against the sheer bodysuit Alexa had chosen as I waspushed along the hallway. My heels clattered on the hard floors, and Istumbled a time or two. Alexa did not care. We passed any number of rooms,some sleeping quarters, some laboratories, and no where did I see a man. Until we finally came to a large red door. Two impressively-large womenstood in front of the door, and both wore uniforms, military type uniforms,and she carried guns. What was this place, it was like an entire world,ruled by women?

After a moment, Alexa had to work to get the cuffs off my wrists, I waspushed through the red door, and onto my knees. This room was different, itwas a sort of throne room, the floors were covered in plush carpeting, andthe walls were lined with television monitors. And there, sitting on a bigchair, was a man, a very handsome man, wearing only gym shorts. He lookeddown at me with curiosity.

Alexa spoke up, keeping me on my knees with her boot:

"This is a woman for you Arthur. We all decided your desires wouldultimately bring down the colony, you know destroy the great experiment, and,as we need you, this was our solution."

Arthur smiled. He said, "Thank you sister. That is...thoughtful."

I looked up at him. He was Amerasian, maybe forty, hard to tell his age, andhe seemed completely at ease with his surroundings. As if he was neversurprised. Somehow I knew that he was in charge here, but he was also theonly male in the...colony, and that was a dangerous situation.

Alexa stood me up and pointed me at Arthur. She whispered in my ear, "Goon, you'll have fun. Arthur's crazy about sweaters too."Then she was gone.

And the word burnt into my brain, through my spine, down, filling my loins. My cock stiffened under the miniskirt, in the little pouch formed by thebodysuit. I wondered if that would surprise Arthur, as I clawed my way up tohis chair, feel at his feet, and began to kiss his thighs. I felt him hardenas he entered my mouth, and then he was moaning with pleasure as I showed himeverything Alexa had taught me.

I imagined he would be surprised, by my cock. Somehow I knew it was thereto remind him that I was not a woman, he was fucking another man, not one ofwomankind. But my desire would keep him interested. It was what I wastrained for. I felt him twitch and moan under my touch. Especially if heliked sweaters.

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