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I am a professional dominatrix. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from exercising my wishes over those weak creatures who once called themselves ‘men’.

sissy rules

In the early days of my career (I am in my 30's now), I received a thorough education in the domination of submissive males. Most of that education came in my work with other dominas in a more or less standard model of female domination. That is, I would be assigned to work with clients for several hours at a time, subjecting them to the various textbook treatments (sometimes simple, sometimes sophisticated) which their submissive souls required. As my understanding of domination/submission themes progressed, I became more independent, relied less on my peers and developed my own style of dominance. I gained great skill and I learned about my own preferences and needs. After all, I did not choose this profession at random, the desire to bend a male to my will is a fundamental aspect of my being.


After some time in this apprenticeship it became clear that I had some special talents (and predilections) which put me great in demand. Speaking quite objectively, I am a very attractive woman. I stand five foot, ten inches tall in my stocking feet, my breasts are large and firm (I exercise religiously), my face is classic Mediterranean in both complexion and structure and my dark brown hair is long and full. When my legs have been displayed in public (a not infrequent occurrence), males have been seen to actually faint as I walked by. I encourage this kind of response with my choice of attire and especially with my choice of footwear. I have been known, on occasion, to approach such a male, who is otherwise unknown to me, and perform some ‘tricks’ for the amusement of my women friends and any bystanders who happen to be present.

To be clear about my romantic preferences, I am fundamentally lesbian but I also have a well developed interest in both the male anatomy and the male psyche and, as must be obvious by now, I can get very aroused when I have a victim male in a compromising position. I have been in a committed relationship with a woman, an attorney, for the last four years. While my lover (I’ll call her Grace) has no interest in the professional side of female domination she is often present while I work. She is also very attractive and is really quite a gifted amateur when it comes to inventing new predicaments for the submissive at hand. As such, she adds another dimension to my own (and my subjects’) experience.

Several years ago, my professional development reached the point where I was no longer interested in working with submissive males in the hourly/session format. Instead, I now take on one, or at the most two, very high paying individuals for an extended period of time, on my terms. It is typical that I would work with a single, submissive male for 6-8 months with a fee of $100,000, plus expenses (and there are expenses). The time allotment and the fee can vary to some degree depending on the male’s means and my interest in working with him. I might charge much more if the male is exceptionally well off or I may charge less if he presents some unique qualities. In any event all arrangements are by written contract with all payment in advance. In the five years during which I have been conducting my affairs in this manner I have never lacked for willing subjects with the means to meet my terms.

I come to a discussion of my method and purpose in presenting this ‘diary’. First, it is not strictly a diary since it does not represent a day to day or even chronologically ordered description of my experiences. Rather, it will be a series of vignettes which detail aspects of my professional life mostly (but not exclusively), from the time I began to take on single, long term slaves. On occasion, I will describe a more random encounter or some event from my earlier days as a professional. These sketches may recall the experiences of a single hour or day or perhaps it may relate one of the longer term aspects of my work.

My purpose, without apology, is to sexually stimulate the reader and then, to cause him to submit to me from afar. I seek no remuneration nor is this some method of advertising my in-person work. I want only to test my skill as a writer and I hope to discover if I can communicate, in some small way, the sense of control I exercise over the males in my presence. Oh, there may be some who find academic value to these writings and I am not insensible to a certain need for explicit discussion of these subjects but it is control of the male which I seek and which I will have.

Do you feel yourself begin to get hard little Miss Sissy, as you understand that all my slaves, eventually, are feminized, sissified and humiliated beyond their limits? Now, you may read no further if you are not wearing some article of distinctly female clothing.

Panties will do nicely for now but I do so like to see a sissy wearing shear stockings, garter belt and heels. A lacy bra would look very good on you dear and of course I would love to see you in your full make-up as well. Hair not quite right? A wig will do the job very well. There are many other details of course, just remember, you may not read this or any of my other offerings unless you are wearing something explicitly feminine. The more elaborate your costume, the more sissified your appearance, the better. Certainly I understand that some disadvantaged readers may be in no position to follow these orders but I know that most of you have the means and the inventiveness to obey. Will you cheat and fail to comply? Well, you will only be cheating yourself. Excuse yourself and don’t come back until you have something appropriate in place.

If you are properly dressed, you must now take that sissy clit out of your panties and stroke it very slowly. Make it as hard and as big as it gets. Imagine me measuring it and slapping it lightly with my crop. Is it nice and wet from pre-cum? Have you made a mess already? Think of all the ways I could use you and think of your helplessness. I know you would do what I ask of you, wouldn’t you pet? I think you would be quite cute, wearing only the skimpiest panties, with all your body hair shaved off and legs spread so that I can have easy and painful access to that throbbing penis. Nearly naked..., except perhaps for a pair of black patent pumps with 5 inch heels to add to dizziness you are probably already feeling. Mmmm...yes ....stroke it, show me how you please yourself.

frilly sissy

While you are allowed to masturbate as you read you may not have wanton orgasms. This leads to my second rule, as a sissy under my control you may only have an orgasm three times in any one calendar week and you may not have an orgasm on consecutive days. Yes, I know there are those of you who abuse yourselves far, far more frequently but think, if you cum without discipline then you devalue the experience and it thus has no more meaning than mere pissing or shitting. You must learn to treasure those times when you are allowed to climax. This is truly for your own good and your own satisfaction.

Rule number three follows to some extent from the previous rule. If you happen to cum while you are reading one of my chapters you must not then continue to read but instead you must return to the beginning of the chapter and start reading from that point. After an orgasm I understand that it is quite natural to set aside these materials for a time, but once you return, you must start the chapter from the beginning.

Be aware my sissy slut, that each chapter will begin with a short introduction (perhaps including a review of the rules set out here) and a task for you to perform before you commence reading. This task may be very simple or it may be more elaborate. In any event, each time you read a particular chapter you must perform the task anew.

It should be clear that my goal in developing these basic rules is to gently encourage you to submit your sissy self to my authority and to maximize the satisfaction you take from that submission. Be assured that sissies under my personal control are required to deal with a much more rigorous set of demands which evolve constantly.

Let’s review the rules (By the way, are you still pumping that thing between your legs? It would be a very good idea for you to pinch your titties while you stroke. Do it now.)

Rule #1: You are a sissy and when you read anything I have written you must be wearing at least one article of explicitly feminine attire, the more the better.

Rule #2: Each time you read about a feminine erotogenic surface, you must touch yourself there and close your eyes and feel it.

Rule # 3: If you feel yourself going femme while reading this little story, you must call me and let me name you as a woman.

Rule #4: To be whispered in your ear when you call 866-57-SISSY.


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