Mistress Alexa dominates, feminizes, controls

Alexa is very playful, very feminine, very sensual.She has a rich, sultry, enchanting voice with a slight accent that is impossible to pin down, and impossible to forget. She loves role playing and can concoct a sexual scene for your specific urges out of almost nothing....She can change you from fuck slut to dirty little maid, to the nympho next door in seconds.... She loves the sound of a not-man not-coming: “it is utterly intoxicating to have that specific control, to hear a man's desire, to strap him down and keep him hungry... ” Alexa was trained by the mistress of all mistresses -- Ava Taurel .... For the latest news and letters, read her erotic blog .... or call 888-411-1230 and ask for her directly

Lick Alexa's pretty bottom


Mistress Alexa,

Our trip to the wedding was absolutely fantastic. Without you, six hours driving each way by myself would have been terrible. I was apprehensive at first when you gave me my instructions for the trip; dildo in place, then a diaper, followed by a full length girdle. Our shopping trip made me very nervous, I've never been shopping for lingerie before, much less for myself. I think it was all the stares I received while reading labels for sizes and styles that made me so uncomfortable. After all, six hours driving non stop, one needs to be both comfortable and sexy. We finally settled on a creme colored full length, mid thigh with shoulder straps. Size 38C. For good measure you had me pick up a nice pair of lace bikini panties to wear while sleeping. I was really proud of myself as I walked out of the store. Although I didn't feel sexually aroused while I was shopping, I did notice a huge wetspot on my pants. The bag hid everything nicely. After work, I rushed home to try on my purchase. I thought I looked great: tight butt and small rounded breasts. Perfect. Honestly, I was glad the breasts were small, hoping noone would notice. Everything felt great. After about an hour, I looked down at my chest and saw the seat belt crossing between my breasts. I can't believe I thought they would be invisible. They were gorgeous. I kept feeling and touching them. I couldn't stop.


Prissy Sissy with Mistress Alexa

6 March 2008

Hello Mistress Alexa, I just wanted to thank you for my phonesex session today. It was everything I could ever dream of and more. With a few words, you had and have total control of my body. Your words made me feel weak, but at the same time somewhat impowered by hearing your words and rules, and knowing what my purpose is. With every word, my cock grew and grew, only to ulitmately have you take a hold of its very being, my very being, for your use and your use only. Allowing me to slip into a pair of panties at the end was mere icing on the cake, but very fitting. I still sit here, my cock straining against my panties, ever hard for the kind, firm words of my mistress.



the artist

1 March 2008

Dear Mistress Alexa,

I recently found a pair of my x girlfriends panties. Talking with you about her and the way she treated me brought back so many memories. After finding her panties, I smelled them.... they smelt just like she would, as if my head was firmly between her thighs right then and there. The particular item I was holding was a white thong that she would wear on "special occasions". Normally, if she was going to let me actually enter her, which was a very rare occasion. As I felt of the panties, I grew extremely excited. I dont know if I have ever seen my cock this big, well, with the exception of when I hear your voice. It was every bit of 8 inches. Purple. Inflated. Begging for attention. Something told me that I should try the panties on... and so I did. The material held back my member, straining to free itself from its white satin prison. I walked to the mirror, and looking at myself, I felt a sense of humiliation. I turned around to look at the thong as it went up my behind..... I must say, I have a very very girly ass.Smooth, hairless, with the right curves in the right places.... from behind, while wearing those panties, you would think that I was ready to bend over for a cock right there. I felt like such a sissy, less than a man, but at the same time I was extremely turned on. I have not wore them sense, waiting for my chance at a session with you. Just thinking about it makes me realize how much of a sissy boy I am. I just thought I would share all these new feelings with you,

the artist

Mistess Alexa

Dear Mistress Alexa:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the attention that you gave me last night, for calling me, and for making me so confortable once I got over my initial nervousness.

I felt so comfortable telling you my desires and experiences. I feel like I could tell you anything about me and it would be okay. No matter what it was. My darkest, deepest desires and wants.

Your voice puts me at ease, it sooths me, it settles something deep down inside of me.

Just the mere thought of our conversation sends chills up and down my spine, the thought of you asking me if I was turned on or hard gives me instant goosebumps.

I awoke this morning still in an excited state from last night. Thank you for allowing me to give you a kiss goodnight, the opprotunity to do so was more than I could ever ask for.

I can not wait to talk more, discuss my desires with you, dive into my fantasies, and fully serve you to the best of my abilites. The most promenant thing on my mind is making you happy and proud of me as a houseboy/servant to you. With each syllable I become more intrapped with your ideal, your thoughts of how boys like myself should be. I eagerly await our next section Mistress Alexa.I long to hear your voice, I long to serve you and only you. Thank you for your time and attention Mistress Alexa,

15 February 2007

Dear Mistress Alexa;

I am writing to you again in hopes of being inbetween you legs. I know you focus on phone, and you do an awesome job, but let me know if there is any chance of learning the finer arts of P.W. (Pussy Control) ... ...I would love to be at your feet. I would cherish the opportunity to clean you. I would so love to kneel before you, and present in real life, how I did over the phone, by cock on the palm of my open hand acknowledging the true ownership. I have never licked any ass, but would love to try for you if you desired. Whatever the cost, to be between your legs, worshipping at your clitoris, paying homage to your supreme pussy would be my dream come true. ...And my next kiss with her would have traces of you on my lips so we both could enjoy and pay tribute to your pussy (although unknown to her). I could even bring a pair of her panties and perhaps moisten them lightly with your sweetness, so that after I see you, I could enjoy you again mixed with my wife. I hunger for you. If you dont want me to orally worship you, would it be possible to masterbate in front of you as you talk me through an orgasm. Your voice, your calmness, the intricate control you have over me. I would love for you to masterbate me into my mouth or do whatever pleases you. A chance to worship at the pussy of one as great as you would be an awesome thing for me. I will comply with your wishes. Your Neighbour

10 February 2007

Dear Mistress Alexa:

i have been a really naughty boy lately and was interested when you would be available to baby-sit a bad little 'girl' hottie that is in need of a loving it's for your own good type sitter for at least an hour how does say 90 min. to teach her what it's like to be a tourtred young slut. i enjoy almost all aspects of this type of play and very interactive while with my sitter. i have many toys for you to use to give me all the strict discipline that a very naughty 'girl' like myself needs. i am into, golden showers/drinking, cum milking/eating, spankings, dildo/anal training, crossdressing,nipple tourte(mine are pierced w/ rings) CBT, domestic punishments, enemas, and any other severe punishment that my sitter feels necessary. A quick list of toys for your use would be cloths pins, butt plugs, popcicles, nipple clamps & suction cups, leather shoe laces, yardstick, 'big red bag', dildos (s-m-l),viberating anal beads, belt, hairbrush etc. i will be calling from home so you have all those things also at your disposal. I have attached a pic this is what i'll be wearing this evening when i call. i just went and bought something very flirty and sexie plus a new dildo of some sort that we can use.

Your servant, [name expurgated by ed.]

P.S.S love the site! love your pix (i imagine my hair like Yours)! love Your Pussy!

25 March 2008

Dear Mistress Alexa;

It is the morning after and i wish to thank you for the time you took with me last night.

It gave me a very good feeling to know that you are training me to be your slut. i assure you that i will do my very best to live up to your expectations and learn to perform as per your wishes.

i get very excited with the thought of dressing to your instructions and to perform the work of being your slut whore sucking and fucking do you bidding. i hope you continue to work on improving my skills and look forward to being put to the test that i can perform for you when the time comes. i plan on getting the chasitie device you informed me of ASAP so the next time you have me before you you i will be prepared for your requests.

PS i have enclosed a photo of me recently for your enjoyment. There are someother issues that we have to talk about concerning my wife. She likes the idea of me wearing a device like this. Also please do not E-mail me back do to a person other than my wife who has access to this computer

Your willing slut Joanna

23 March 2008

Good Morning My Lady

Thank You so much for the session and the enjoyable phone conservation. I was up early this morning both me and my cock. After the first morning exercise masturbation, I had a hard time not coming for I really wanted to. Lots of pre-cum. I did not cum though.

My private play can be as simple as just a small butt plug, and pantyhose with shoes to full on bondage and the sluttish outfit I can come up with. I have make ankles cuffs that will lock my ankles to gather and the step size will depend on the length of chain lock on between them. I usually use a 3 link chain which allows for about a 6 inch step. I have at times just used a big padlock witch keeps my step at about 1 inch. I have 3 pairs of shoe. 4.5 inch heels, black sandal with ankle straps, open toe. These are my most comfortable pair. A, pair of 5 inch heel, black pumps, and 6 inch heel pumps black,with ankle straps. These last two will make my feet talk to me very loudly after an hour or two.

One of the more humiliation plays I have done is to fantasies that my Mistress will lock me in shoes and ankles together, grader belt, black seemed stockings, I have a string of purple butt perils that are shove up my ass with just one ball left hanging out, and a bright flag will be tight to that.

I have a leather parachute that you can hang weights to my balls that snaps around them. I will hang some things from them that will pull on my balls all the time and bang together as I move and make noise so my Mistress will know where I am at all times. My hand will be handcuff together and locked to a chain to my lock on slave collar.

The chain is long enough that I can work and get things done but its very hard and slow. They will be short enough that I can't remove the snap on the parachute around my balls. My Mistress will spank and laugh and entertain herself by asking me to get things for her well I doing my other duties and I will be punish for being to slow.

Being gag and with a pair of old back pantyhose pull over my head for a hood, that I can see though but not well, adds to my poor preferment's. I have done lots of private plays and do not wish to keep you with a too long a letter. Thank again for talking to me last night I really did enjoy opening up to you. I will get over my shyness. Maybe someday you will wish for the old shy me back. Let me know if you wish any thing of me.

Your Shy Sissy

19 March 2008

Yes, I still have the vibrator in my ass and yes it is turn on as well as myself. I want to cum very badly but I will try to be good. I have a lot of question for you but, the point I would like to make now is that you have very good insight into my wants and needs and it hard for me to believe that I have found someone that understand this side of me so well. Thank again talking with me tonight.

Your Shy Sissy

15 March 2008

I am, of course, an unreformed total masochist. I wear the chastity tube whenever I am away from Mistress and at home except when she desires the use of her cock and balls. There is a great joy when released to pleasure her - as long as that lasts. But there is also a great joy in being locked up again. There is a feeling of safety and security in knowing that Mistress' property is protected. We do not use chastity for behavior modification. Even before the chastity device I did not have any difficulty controlling masturbation which was strictly forbidden to me. I enjoyed preserving the cock and balls for Mistress' exclusive use.

Above all chastity, and all the sensations connected with it - emotional, tactile and otherwise - is for me about my Mistress' control of me. She owns this cock and these balls and when I am in chastity, her property is securely locked up and preserved for her exclusive use. Of course, when I am not in chastity, it is still for her exclusive use - just not locked up securely! I contemplate my Mistress and her total control of me every time I sit down to pee because of it, or feel a chafe, or feel the pressure of her cock pushing against the end of the tube in an erection, or feel the balls under pressure from the tube, or feel an itch that can't be scratched, or feel a tingling in the balls, or feel a pinch of the balls...

There are pleasurable tactile sensations and there are irritating tactile sensations and there are occasionally painful sensations. The most painful occurs during the night when I typically get a large erection whereby the cock presses against the end of the tube which causes the whole assembly to attempt to move forward. This forward movement is arrested by the balls and the resulting irresistible pressure is quite painful. It typically results in a reduction of the erection within a few minutes - but in the meantime I am treated to a delightfully painful reminder of my Mistress total control of me.

We are very happy with the chastity tube for it does not appear likely that it will break. The key is proper sizing. The tube itself comes in a regular and large size. The retaining ring that goes behind the balls is the real key to successful security. It must be tight enough around the back of the balls and cock to prevent slippage but it must not be so tight as to restrict blood flow. Our first measurement turned out to be too large but the vendor exchanged it for us with a smaller one (you get two). As I sit here at my desk in the office, I can feel her cock slide up and down in the tube with the tip pressing hard against end of the tube, the balls starting to hurt from the pressure of the assembly attempting to be pushed off by the erect cock.... I am hard as a rock...but of course I am only allowed to come for my Mistress, and even then, only once a month so I must sit here and wait for the day my Mistress will unlock my cock...

UTM (Unreformed Total Masochist)

27 Feb 2008

Dear Mistress -

Thanks so much for spending time on the phone with me Monday. I realize that I will always be just a sissy hairdresser, making women beautiful for their real men. Yesterday I designed my own chastity belt, take a 1/12 velcro roller, saran wrap and a thin white belt. and lots of tape. Love it.

your little fag beautican

13 Feb 2008

hi Miss Alexa, I was pretty embarassed when you told me to stroke and I had an accident! This, not surprisingly, also has its roots in the past... Simply put, I don't have much luck with condoms. Feels like I'm fucking a plastic bag. More often than not, I go limp in condoms which has led to humiliation in the presence of waiting company. i trust that you get my drift....

With a clitty that normally shines at 7 inch length, it can be quite hard on the libido and the ego, for that matter.

Attached are some pictures of me, so you can see my physical stature and how I look all done up in panties and hose:) Please disreguard the poor quality of the pics, as I took them myself and it's hard to balance a camera at such odd angles and poor lighting...

By the way.. .I couldnt help myself and had to masturbate again in front of your pictures... I actually started cumming but gripped my naughty clit tightly and stopped. Lets see if this can be done for five days...

-sissy sara

(I picked up the name 'Sara' as a sissy name from this very hot girl in high school who wouldn't give me the time of day.)


Mistress Alexa,

Thank you for spending your time on the phone for me. I humbly wish to enter your service as a mere male that needs total feminisation. I know how to get hold of various feminising hormone treatments, and have been applying "breast development cream" to my chest and am starting to develop breasts as a result. I am in fear of them being noticed at work as they get larger, but I think that mere males should be Feminised. I can also get "hip, bum and thigh" cream to develop my feminine figure. I will humbly supply you with any information about myself that you ask for, to enable you to blackmail me into becoming completely Female, including surgery to replace my penis with Female genitals.

I will be eager and obedient. Women are far, far superior to men, and I would love to serve you.....I look forward to being your obedient Female.

Total Respect,



Mistress Alexa,

You asked me to write you and describe my orgasm last night. I have always masterbated regularly most of my life, very often daily.

When I first spoke to you and you told me to use the candles and stroke myself 5 times daily without having an orgasm, i thought it would be impossible. But, knowing that I need a mistress, I told myself I would obey your every demand to the fullest degree. The first day was a new sensation, 5 times the first day, getting so close and having to quit. The part that excited me the most was knowing I was owned by you and I had no choice but to do as told.

The second day was rough, my mind trying to convince me that this wasn't what I wanted, what i wanted was to have an orgasm, but, when i went to the next town and bought the panties, i realized I was under your control.

The third day, putting on the panties in the morning, doing my daily exercise, I wanted to be your slave. Wearing them under my jeans on the farm, all the other men working around me, i felt ashamed and aroused, but, it was worth it knowing i was pleasing you. I was worried someone was going to notice that i had a hard on most of the work day.

When we spoke the third night, I was so happy to hear your voice. Deep inside i was hoping you would let me cum, but, i assumed i would not be allowed to. As i knelt in my bedroom with my candle and closed my eyes and saw you holding me as i was used, i knew how much you loved me, you knew what was best. I was so hard, 3 days of no release, i could barely touch myself. When you told me i could cum while watching you getting serviced a rush filled my body. I almost didn't feel worthy but at the same time i wanted you to see what i had saved for you. i knew i didn't deserve to be inside you, but, i knew you would be so pleased to see how much i came. as i watched and stroked i couldn't hold back, the cum covered my thigh. large amounts fell on my leg, the warmth spread throughout my body and the warmth on my leg was like a gift to you. now as i shower and wash my pussy i can actually feel it getting looser, more accustomed to being used. I hope i've pleased you with this letter and that i can please you more often.

Your slave


Mistress ALEXA,

I was talking to you tonite to explain all the true feelings I have. I want you to know, I realize you are very busy and I don't deserve to be with you.

I have never been so completely consumed with my thoughts of a Mistress as much as I have with you.

I beg you to let me serve you and be used by you. If you choose to pass my on to another Mistress, I will obey you and serve another. Please tell me your wishes.

Subservient, [name expurgated. --ed.]


Dear Mistress Alexa:

thank you again for allowing me to serve the wonderful mistress jane.

last night she gave me instrucions to but a dog dish with my name daphne on it

i also have to send you pictures of me.i was then instructed to shit in the toilet then

remove it and put it in my aroma casket,put the gas mask. i had to continue wearing

my pink maids outfit and tighten my corset all the way. the humiliation gets worse she made

me jump rope in my 5 inch pink pumps while singing mary had a little lamb wearing the gad mask

so i would breathe in the smell of the shit more. after that i was instructed to put on my latex hood with the blow up penis gag and blow it up.It is hard to explain how difficult it is to sleep

completely gaged, plus i had to wear a but plug all night and everytime i woke up i had to

replace it with a bigger one(of course i woke up 3 times and ended up with the biggest one in.

it was a very long night and i thank my mistress for all the time she puts into training me.


27 Jan 2008 21:13:02.0994

Dear Mistress Alexa:

thank you for allowing me to train with mistress jane.she is the best.

last night i had to put on my latex stockings and gloves pink corset parachucute collar with spikes my spreader bar and pumps. then i was instructed to drink 10 glasses of water

in 10 minutes(that was very hard ). i was the told to put on my texas catheter(a latex tube that

slides of my clitty like a condom and has a hose attached, i had to hook a hose up to my ball

gag that had a hole in it. I tried to hold it as long as i could because i knew as soon as i peed it

would be once every hour, I didn't sleep much i spent most of the night pissing in to my mouth. It would be impossiabe for me to count how many time i drank my piss (8-10 maybe)

i have not cum in a week and i have along time left until she allows me to cum, mistress

jane does not allow me to even ask to cum, because if is her clitty now. I thank mistress jane

so much for taking the time to train me to be her little wet noodle chasitised fart sniffing piss drinking shiteating cock sucking cum lapping pathetic sissy wimp whore.

26 Jan 2008 13:05:30.0745

Dear Mistress Alexa:

thank you again for allowing me to serve the wonderful mistress jane.last night she had me

in my cotton little girls outfit panties pumps collar and of course chasity tube. she made me fuck my pusssy and play with my breast, i then had to crawl to the toilet (that she did not alow me to flush) and put my head into it while i fucked my pussy some more. later my instructions were to put on my 19 blk corset, it is very uncomfortable(its so long that i cannot

sit when wearing it)my white 8inch pumps blk frilly panties stockings. then i had to put toothpaste

on my large butt plug and put it in my pusssy so that in the morning when i brushed my teeth

i would not smell like shit. the toothpaste burned up in my pussy for over an hour,it

is very hard to sleep in a tight corset and your pussy pluged and burning with toothpaste.

i ate my oatmeal off the floor next to the toilet this morning as instructed.

p.s. i am afraid to find out what she has planed next

25 Jan 2008 19:50:38.0628

Dear Mistress Alexa:

Thank you again for allowing me to serve mistress jane she is so wonderful.i have know idea what i would do without her. last night she made me play with my clitty lick my pre cum fuck

my pussy with a huge dildo and lick it clean,i was then instructed to slap my clitty until it went down and put back on my chasisty tube that she always makes me wear.After she fininshed

humiliating me i was instructed to boil 2 eggs shove then up my pusssy along with my tooth

brush and go to bed. in the morning i had to eat the eggs off the floor next to the toliet and

brush my teeth with the tooth brush that was up my pussy all night.

OriginalArrivalTime: 23 Jan 2008 13:50:09.0814

Dear Mistress Alexa:

thank you again for giving me to mistress jane she is so awsome, last night i had

to wear my pantoolons red corset make up wig pumps and corset, then jump rope 15 times

singing mary had a little lamb, tighten my corset and reapeat it 3 more times. mistress jane is

so good to me.