Pantyhose Sissy Crossdresser

.....That was until I rediscovered my love of pantyhose and have felt once again the pleasure of nylon on my legs and when dressed these girlie feelings only intensify more and are now becoming increasingly pleasurable. I enjoy listening to your recordings especially when I've just finished work it helps me connect with my sissy side and this allows this side of me to become more accentuated, which usually means doing some housework, cooking and even going out to the shops whilst wearing panty's & pantyhose... this is usually at the start of the evening... at some point later I might even call you Alexa and of course by that time I'm so horny and I'm acting like a slut... it just so overwhelming!
I recently had an experience of seeing a woman I didn't know.. and couldn't help thinking I'd like to be to look like her; with her beautifully styled hair that framed a round face; her dress was short and she was wearing boots & pantyhose.. I found myself watching her to see how she behaved and her mannerisms.... is this quite normal?-----Your girl Nikki

I have been wearing pantyhose and panties under my male clothes at work for several months now. It does make me feel so hot and horny all day long and keeps me in touch with my feminized sissy slut side and constantly reminds me of my status as a lowly sissy maid. I also love the feel of the nylon on my legs, feet and crotch and I often do not wear any socks in order not to lose any of that great feeling. I choose longer pants in order to hide the pantyhose and not let anyone see that I'm wearing nylons underneath.

shoe worship

About 3 weeks ago a new girl was hired at work and I was supposed to train her on how to use the computer software that we have at work. She pulled a chair and sat next to me and I started the training. She was a really tall girl, almost 6' tall with long blond hair and big almond shaped brown eyes dressed in a grey business suit matched with grey stockings and grey 4" heels. Underneath she had on a white blouse that seemed to have one extra button that was unbuttoned and this allowed me to take a peek through her blouse and into her also grey bra. Her breasts seemed so firm and very big, probably in the D cup. She seemed very happy that she had gotten this job and was almost all the time smiling while I was explaining to her about the software. I constantly took peeks into her blouse and at her legs as her skirt was well above her knee and showed plenty of her well shaped legs.

About an hour into the day and she seemed to have started getting uncomfortable sitting on that chair. She moved her chair back a little bit and crossed her legs. She was sitting on my left side and crossed her left leg over the right one thus bringing the high heel shoe next to my left leg. The moment she crossed her legs, her shoe brushed against my legs and I immediately looked down at it, as if to see what it was that was brushing against my leg and then looked her right in the eyes before continuing to further explain about the software. I kind of lost my train of thought and paused for a second, coughed and started to turn red a little bit. That's I think when she first started realizing how excited I was to have her sitting near me and how much more it turned me on to see her cross her legs while sitting so close to me.

She smiled slightly and turned her attention to the computer screen waiting for me to go on and I continued with the training. Several minutes later I again felt a brush on my leg but this time I tried not to look down. It did continue to go on though and she suddenly leaned down reaching her foot saying "I have an itch down here" I looked down and saw that her shoe was dangling from her big toe almost ready to fall off her foot. She started scratching the heel of her foot with her long red nails. Just the sound of her nails against the nylon was such a turn on. That's when I realized that it was not pantyhose she had on but most probably stockings as they were so thin and sheer I could clearly see her white feet through them and both the heel and the toes of it were reinforced. Her toe nails did not match her finger nails but instead they were painted black. She continued scratching her foot for a few more seconds and then put her shoe back on and slowly raised her head and sat back to her chair. I did noticed that she paused near my crotch and took a peek towards me.

Pantyhose Mistress

I took a deep breath and tried to go on as if nothing was going on. She immediately interrupted me and said. "You know, while I was leaning down there I couldn't help notice that our stockings are the same color. And why is your cock so hard? Do my feet and stockings excite you?" I froze and couldn't say anything. What excuse could I find? Both things were true. I was wearing my grey pair of pantyhose and my cock was as hard as a rock and I couldn't hide it. I just turned red and bowed my head in embarrassment waiting to hear what she was going to say next. She then said "If I close the door will anyone suspect anything?" "No, I often close the door. And everybody knocks before coming in if they want me for something.", I said. She got up and closed the door, came back and once she sat down she again crossed her legs but only this time she crossed them like men do so that her foot was much higher and it landed on the top of my thigh. She pushed my keyboard about a foot away from me and said "Take my shoe off". I was still embarrassed but extremely turned on and obeyed her. I took her shoe off and she told me to place it on the desk right were my keyboard was and to lean forward and put my face in it and make sure my nose was buried deep in the shoe. "Good boy. Stay there, breathe normally through my shoe and savour my foot aroma while you listen very carefully."

savour my foot aroma

Her voice tone changed to a very authoritative one and she began to set the grounds for my enslavement to her. "I always dreamt of having a sissy slave at work" she said. I can see that you are already broken in, in some way. I mean you are already wearing female underwear and it is so obvious that my feet turn you on so much. I'm going to use my feet as a means of keeping you under my command. Now, without lifting your head from my shoe take my foot into your hands, hold it tightly and whisper. "I'm enslaved to your feet. I worship your feet and I will do anything you command me in order to be near your feet and able to worship them"

I repeated the words and she was pleased to see that I was already so obedient to her. "Tomorrow I will bring a polaroid camera to work and I will take photos of you sitting at your desk wearing pantyhose and breathing through my shoe and kissing my feet. This will serve as a security for me. If you ever think of disobeying me they will go to your boss immediately and to all of your coworkers."

I remained silent. She expected me to say "Yes Mistress" and my silence upset her. She grabbed my ear and twisted it very hard saying: "You will always say Yes Mistress whenever I give you a command". I whispered "Yes Mistress".

I have more instructions for you sissy slave. Listen good and make sure you get everything because I do not tolerate any disobedience or any mistakes. "I want you wearing female underwear to work every day but you will wear my underwear. Every day I will bring you, in a nylon sealed bag, the stockings and panties that I was wearing the previous day, unwashed. You will take them home at the end of the day so that you can wear them the next day without washing them. In the morning before you put them on you will smell the feet of the stockings and kiss them several times before putting them on. You will do the same with my panties. You will smell the crotch, then lick and suck on it for several minutes before putting them on.

The next day I will give you another set to wear the following day and you will hand wash the ones you wore and return them to me. This will continue in a cycle every single day. Weekends will be special. You will wear the set that I give you on Friday morning throughout the weekend and you will be spending weekends at my house, cleaning my house, and serving me in any way I want wearing only my dirty stockings and stained panties. I may sometimes make you wear very high heels while serving to further humiliate you and make your cleaning duties harder to perform. Together with the underwear I will be giving you a small plastic bottle that I will explain later on, what you are supposed to do with it.

It's almost lunch time. We will wait for everyone to go out for lunch and then you will follow me into the ladies room very carefully making sure that no one sees you going in. When you go in, if by any chance there's any other women in there you will find some excuse for going in by mistake and leave and wait until they are out and you will then return and get into the same booth that I will be in". In a few minutes the office was almost empty and we got on with the plan. I followed several feet behind her and into the ladies room to more of my embarrassment. Luckily we were the only ones in there and I entered the booth that she was in. She was standing in the middle of it and commanded me to get on my knees in front of her. "Keep your head bowed at all times she said. You must definitely not look up unless I specifically command you to do so. Do you understand sissy boy?" "Yes Mistress". With that she sat down on the toilet and commanded me to take off her shoe. "Now take my foot and put all five toes in your mouth and lick and suck on them through my stockings. Continue to do so non stop until I tell you to stop"

I stuck her whole foot in my mouth and started worshipping her foot as she commanded, never daring to look up. To ensure this she placed her other foot on my head pressing it down firmly. I heard a light continuous noise and I figured she was playing with herself, perhaps she had a finger in her pussy. Several minutes went by with me sucking on her succulent toes when suddenly she commanded: "Look at my crotch slave, right now" As I looked up I saw her huge cock begin to shoot massive amounts of cum right in my face. I was in shock. I could never believe that this beautiful feminine woman was a transsexual, but there she was, spraying cum all over my face. She grabbed me by my hair making sure I wouldn't move and avoid the cum. She virtually bathed my face in her cum.

When she was finished she laid back and told me to take her cum off my face with my fingers and lick it off and swallow it. I was no stranger to eating cum and I obeyed instantly. When I was finished eating her cum she told me to begin jerking off and cum all over her cock and balls. I was still in shock but it didn't take me long to shoot a big load all over cock. She was pleased that she had turned me on that much that in all my embarrassment and shock I was able to cum so fast and so much. She again grabbed my hair and pulled me forward and on to her crotch.

"Lick me clean slut". Clean my cock and balls off your cum and off mine. Worship my transsexual clit. Show me how much you like it. You worship it as much as you worship my feet, don't you sissy girl?"
"Yes Mistress I worship your cock"

I managed to mumble while my mouth was filled with her semi hard cock. Once she was satisfied that I had cleaned her well she flipped my head back and told me to open my mouth. She then proceeded to spit in my mouth several times and told me to swallow her spit. "You have now gotten a taste of your daily drink", she said. "The little plastic bottle that I mentioned before that I will be giving you every day will contain my cum mixed with my spit. Every day at work I will find some excuse to walk into your office in order to watch you empty its contents in a glass of water and drink it down. You will do this every single day as I cum on a daily basis at least twice and I will save all my cum for you to drink. You will become so addicted to my cum and spit that you will not be able to live without having some to drink. You will be so enslaved to it that you will beg me to give you some cum and spit. I will of course take advantage of you and will take over your life and make you my complete slave to use and abuse on a daily basis. You will be enslaved to me, my feet, and my cum for the rest of your life.

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