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Phone Sessions

Mistress Alexa pushes your feminized, cuckolded, sissified body to the limit!! Get ready for a long, loinwrenching, addictive session with a mistress who forces your sex to speak.

Here is how it works:

Call 888-411-1230. Alexa will introduce you to the service, ask for your name and credit card number, and verify your card. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. All your information is strictly confidential.

Phonesex Mistress

30 minute special: $99.

20 minutes minimum: $70

Per minute rate: $3.50

Earlybird calls:

Between 1AM and 4:30AM: 30 minutes for $89.

You only pay for the minutes you talk. No more. No taxes. No add ons. No toll charges. No tricks.

Please call if and only if you are comfortable with our prices. Every call is guaranteed to please or your money back. Say goodbye within the first 5 minutes if you're not happy with the call and we will not bill you.

Comments? Criticism? Questions? Call Alexa any time at 888-411-1230 or email

Our clients never receive email, snail mail, phone calls or unsolicited messages. Enjoy your sessions and your privacy.

On Line Payments:

Clients who prefer to keep their credit card information private may use a prepaid Gift card, available at convenience stores everywhere.



Dear Mistress Alexa:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the attention that you gave me last night, for calling me, and for making me so confortable once I got over my initial nervousness

. -- A shy sissy


Dear Mistress Alexa:

I felt so comfortable telling you my desires and experiences. I feel like I could tell you anything about me and it would be okay. No matter what it was. My darkest, deepest desires and wants.

-- Your chastity maid


Dear Mistress Alexa:

Your voice puts me at ease, it sooths me, it settles something deep down inside of me.

-- Submissive Sammy


Dear Mistress Alexa:

Just the mere thought of our conversation sends chills up and down my spine, the thought of you asking me if I was turned on or hard gives me instant goosebumps.

--Phone Sex Sissy


Dear Mistress Alexa:

I awoke this morning still in an excited state from last night. Thank you for allowing me to give you a kiss goodnight, the opportunity to do so was more than I could ever ask for.

-- A Cuckold